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Sangbum ParkPOLI 120AProf. Victor MagagnaFeb, 14, 2014Causes of changing demand in atomic number 63There are many causes of changing demand in atomic number 63 focusing on the incremental change demanded and how rulers responded. The early modern westward Europe has been developed by institutional variations in state. Basically in the book Birth of the Leviathan by Thomas Ertman, he does not reckon on the traditional view of the state. He views states in two dimensions which are the regime types and the state apparatus. The two political regimes are the absolute monarchy and the primitive monarchy. The two state apparatus was either patrimonial or bureaucratic. short before the absolutism was established and built, the feudalism was the political system in the Europe. It was essentially the few rulers ruled everything and only those few rulers had power to jibe anything. The feudal system started to regrets when the power of the monarchs in France started to rise. Also the p lenty from burgess class, which was the majority of the people in the feudalism, emerged along the rise of t haves. whiz other reason was the increase of communication mingled with the burgess classes. The decline and destroy of feudalism led the patrimonial absolutism to rise in the Europe during the early middle ages in Europe. During the early middle ages in Latin Europe, the centralized states of those countries were declining. This declination of the centralized states brought the new dynamism to the economies and the religions curiously the Church which led the growing of economy. The absolute monarchy started to rise back in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In Western and Eastern Europe, many monarchs such as kings or emperors tried to increase their ... ...ich basically combined England, Scotland, and Ireland into the bulky Britain. The glorious revolution was the final incident which stopped the struggles and conflicts of power between the monarchs and the pa rliament. William and Mary agreed to sign the Bill of Rights offered by the parliament. This Bill of Rights was basically the monarchs, William and Mary will not be able to make their own decision without the permission of the parliament. This is basically how the absolutism is changed to a constitutionalism in England afterwards this incident. The Glorious Revolution brought the power balance between the monarchs and the parliament favors to a greater extent to parliament as time passed. As the parliament had more powers later, the governance became more like democracy because it was the elected people who were making the decisions not the one ruler who were deciding everything.

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