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To:Schools Principle From: Jessica Forrest Date:10/26/2011 proceeds:My personal opinion on the School Hi, I am Jessica Forrest. I currently attend high instruct at Spring V wholeey High School. This memo is to cite every the problems that I think should be changed or re-established. at that place ar three that be specific, these ar, the lunch, bathrooms, and when people are slowly to class. The lunches are non that great, some(a) foods that we break I heapt complain just now there is always those days that I wished I would name packed my lunch. One of my friends got tramp of forth the food. My babeter refuses to eat the food and my other friend complains tout ensemble the meter. The second one is the bathrooms. The bathrooms are a place where you shtup do your business in peace without being wiped out(p) that there is nasty crap all over the stalls. Yes that is the students fault, moreover not every student dose that. You recently sister a paint job and it sucks I fall upond the boys in my 8th period talking about how crappy it was and how psyche wrote on the stall that it was crappy. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I never go unless I have to precisely I try to hold it choose out I get home because in the stalls there is usually no toilet paper and I have to reach in the other one succeeding(a) to me and hope that there is some. The support one is when people are late, some times I get to the class at the last minute and it is not because I talk to my friends but because I have to go to my locker that is no where approximately to my class. I usually get to my class ri ght at the campana if I am lucky, I think i! f you are that sloshed to the class when the bell rings that they should let you in. if your not that close then ISE for you. I know I have utter a lot and I thank you for your time to reside to read this and hope that you think about it. If you exigency to netmail me back that is fine I would love to hear a response me e-mail is you want to get a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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