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Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight :: Cars Automobiles Environmental Essays

Toyota Prius vs Honda Insight This paper aims at examining on Toyota and Hondas current environmental control systems for next centurys energy vehicles, compare released the echo automobile, Prius, Toyota and Insight, Honda. SpecificationPrius was released in December 1997 in Japan in order to reduce emissions in urban areas, which startled the world. The Japan-market Prius, which has sold 35,000 units, was optimized for stop-and-go driving, so it undeniable some tuning to meet the requirements of the U.S. market. In the U.S., motorists typically drive faster for longer distances, and vehicles have stricter emissions requirements. The Prius, a four-door sedan that seats five, is designed to minimize tailpipe emissions and pass away excellent mileage for a car its size. It meets Californias very stringent SULEV standard (super ultra-low emission vehicle), which allows only 10 percent of the smog-forming exhaust gases as the U LEV standard. To reduce emissions, the Prius operates without rail the gasoline engine at speeds below 13-25 mph. The car decides which driving mode to operate in based on how it is being driven, the charge level in the batteries and driving conditions. It never needs to be plugged in to recharge the onboard generator automatically charges the batteries when necessary. The retail price is about $23000, which is reasonable price in market now. Honda Insight, two-door seats is a simplified parallel hybrid which is superior in fuel efficiency and is known for being a hybrid gasoline- electric car propelled car. send away efficiency of Insight precedes 7km per 1l of the Prius. Honda jumped to the top of fuel efficiency competition. The Insight also meets Californias Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) standards, which measures other emissions. The fuel efficiency is important in reducing consumption of non-renewable resources and green gas emissions, developing future automotive tec hnologies because of limited range problems, battery electric or fuel cell electric cars will need to be very efficient to be successful in the marketplace Honda improved fuel expensive of the gasoline engine itself and authentic the motor/generator which becomes auxiliary power, furthermore adopted aerodynamic, light and the aluminum alloy body make inherently low energy vehicles.

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Painting What We See Within: A Look at the Insides of Art Therapy Essay

Painting What We See Within A Look at the Insides of Art TherapyOne of the most(prenominal) memorable experiences I had last summer was visiting the American aeriform Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. (3)At this museum, professional artists had created none of the works hanging on the walls. Visionary art is an individualized expression by people with little or no formal training the rules of art as a school did non apply here. While I was there, I learned that for many years, the artwork created by patients of mental institutions, hospitals, and nursing homes were disregarded and destroyed by their caretakers. After see what powerful and telling work came from many people in these situations, I found this information to be very distressing. Fortunately, the development of art as a form of therapy has changed the medical attitude toward art created by the healing in the past fifty years. While the work created through this therapy is rarely showcased as at the American Visionary , it is aiding therapists and their invitees in reaching a new awareness.Art therapy uses media and the creative process in healing, the key word here being process. We all experience how revealing the artwork of children can be of their emotions. Art therapy applies this concept across the spectrum in a multitude of situations. It functions in many of the same settings as conversational therapy mental health or rehabilitation facilities, wellness centers, educational institutions, nursing homes, in private practices or in a clients home. An art therapist whitethorn work with an individual or group, in families or couples. While most therapy is based on conversation between the therapist and his or here client/s, art therapy integrates visual communication into th... .... Personally, I dont see why the developments in the see of art therapy shouldnt change our attitudes toward creative arts in general. When was the last m you sat down with crayons and drew a picture, or put on your favorite song and danced just for the heck of it? Sure, if you are creatively talented you might study art or music, but through as we get older we take even our most creative work too seriously. We try to gear up it good according to external standards rather than doing it for our own good. In the broader sense of things, I dont think art therapy is just for the healing. I believe our lives would be brighter and slight stressful if we got into the habit of being just a little creative every day. Internet Sources1)http//

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George Orwells Shooting an Elephant as an Attack on Colonialism and Im

George Orwells injure an Elephant as an Attack on Colonialism and Imperialism The glorious days of the imperial giants have passed, marking the death of the infamous and grandiose era of imperialism. George Orwells essay, Shooting an Elephant, deals with the evils of imperialism. The unjust shooting of an elephant in Orwells story is the central focus from which Orwell builds his argument through the two dominant characters, the elephant and its executioner. The British officer, the executioner, acts as a symbol of the imperial country, while the elephant symbolizes the victim of imperialism. Together, the solider and the elephant turns this tragic anecdote into an attack on the institution of imperialism. The importance in the shooting of the elephant lies in how the incident depicts the contrary aspects of imperialism. In this essay, the elephant and the British officer help prove that imperialism is a double-edge sword. The shooting of the elephant is the incident that reveal s that imperialism inflicts damage on both parties in a imperialistic relationship. The British officer, Orwell, displays many aspects of the being the absurd puppet under the institution of imperialism.(3) He is the evidence that every white mans life in the East, was one long fight back not to be laughed at.(3) His experience with the natives conveys how imperialism harms the imperialistic countries as well as their colonies. To give reason to their forceful colonization, the imperialists must strip themselves of their own freedom as they constantly try to impress the natives to prove the superiority of the white man.(3) Colonists find the need to become racist against the natives because it is convenient for the colonists to patr... ...he elephant, and the elephant, who painfully dies, focuses the readers attention on the abject that imperialism causes for both parties. If the shooting was justified, Orwells argument would have been immensely weakened. The symbolic story in t he Shooting an Elephant is an attack towards imperialism. Orwell presents the ironic truth that imperialism benefits neither the imperialist nor the countries they colonize. It is possibly sad to see that men were once willing to buy in to the fraudulent and ephemeral glory that imperialism have offered. Hopefully, men have learned their lessons and no other animal will be sacrificed for mens greed. Works CitedOrwell, George. Shooting An Elephant. An Age Like This, 1920-1940, vol. 1 of The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell. ed. Sonia Orwell and Ian Angus. New York Harcourt, 1968. George Orwells Shooting an Elephant as an Attack on Colonialism and ImGeorge Orwells Shooting an Elephant as an Attack on Colonialism and Imperialism The glorious days of the imperial giants have passed, marking the death of the infamous and grandiose era of imperialism. George Orwells essay, Shooting an Elephant, deals with the evils of imperialism. The unjust shoo ting of an elephant in Orwells story is the central focus from which Orwell builds his argument through the two dominant characters, the elephant and its executioner. The British officer, the executioner, acts as a symbol of the imperial country, while the elephant symbolizes the victim of imperialism. Together, the solider and the elephant turns this tragic anecdote into an attack on the institution of imperialism. The importance in the shooting of the elephant lies in how the incident depicts the antithetic aspects of imperialism. In this essay, the elephant and the British officer help prove that imperialism is a double-edge sword. The shooting of the elephant is the incident that reveals that imperialism inflicts damage on both parties in a imperialistic relationship. The British officer, Orwell, displays many aspects of the being the absurd puppet under the institution of imperialism.(3) He is the evidence that every white mans life in the East, was one long clamber not to be laughed at.(3) His experience with the natives conveys how imperialism harms the imperialistic countries as well as their colonies. To give reason to their forceful colonization, the imperialists must strip themselves of their own freedom as they constantly try to impress the natives to prove the superiority of the white man.(3) Colonists find the need to become racist against the natives because it is convenient for the colonists to patr... ...he elephant, and the elephant, who painfully dies, focuses the readers attention on the crucifixion that imperialism causes for both parties. If the shooting was justified, Orwells argument would have been immensely weakened. The symbolic story in the Shooting an Elephant is an attack towards imperialism. Orwell presents the ironic truth that imperialism benefits neither the imperialist nor the countries they colonize. It is perhaps sad to see that men were once willing to buy in to the fraudulent and ephemeral glory that imperialism have offered. Hopefully, men have learned their lessons and no other animal will be sacrificed for mens greed. Works CitedOrwell, George. Shooting An Elephant. An Age Like This, 1920-1940, vol. 1 of The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell. ed. Sonia Orwell and Ian Angus. New York Harcourt, 1968.

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1.Operational Strengths and Weaknessesa.Horizontal AnalysisThis type of psychoanalysis compares the percent and summate of changes from year to year. The analysis is performed on both the income statement and balance sheet to detect trends and identify any issues. This can be a very usable analysis especially when more than two years of data is available. With this analysis and various others a good understanding of how the community is operating can be seen. Revenue SectionThe income statement shows both strengths and weaknesses. There is a jump in net gross gross gross sales from year 6 to year 7 by 33% this is a substantial add for the company and strength. In year eight compared to year seven, the company has seen a decrease in net sales by 15%. Net sales show to be rather unstable and a possible source of weakness as well. The reduction in revenue is ultimately due to the current economic situations which could be attributed to funding cuts by sponsors for some of the ri ders. This kind of up and down in net sales may be common for the company over the years to come. The company should also consider having a product to balance this out. Since their main source of sales is a specialty item it would benefit the company to abide additional products that are more main stream to even out sales in the future. However, unit sales will most likely stay below year sevens high of 4,342,000, it is expected that unit sales will increase over the next three years to make up for its decline in year eight. Cost of good sold has moved with the net sales, which is a positive note. This means the company is not spending more on products than sales allow, and purchasing is projecting accurately. However, there may be opportunity for the company to reduce the ... reduce interest can help increase this ratio, as well as increasing sales.Overall all in the ratio analysis the company has several areas of strengths and several areas of weakness. It would benefit th e company to reduce their expenses and increase sales to improve these numbers over time. The company is also struggling to carry through up with competitors in several areas, and much of that could be combated with increased sales and better expense control.2.Working CapitalCurrently Competition Bike Inc. working(a) capital is positive. The company has more assets than they do liabilities. The company has seen a decrease in their assets in the last year but the companys liabilities have also decreased. The companys working capital ratio has remained around 2.1 for the last three years. This is very positive for the company, a ratio between 1.2 to 2.0 is recommended.

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surgeon general :: essays research papers

There are many leaders in the coupled States today. These men and women help to form the nation into what it is today and what it will be in the future. One of these important leaders of the United States is the sawbones General. The surgeon General has many responsibilities and priorities that form our nations Public Health constitution. These responsibilities and priorities of the operating surgeon General will be explained throughout this paper.According to the Readers Digest Encyclopedia the Surgeon General is the chief medical officer for the United States Public Health System. This means that since 1871 the Surgeon General has been the nations leading spokesman on matters of public health. The first person to hold the position of Surgeon General was Dr. John Woodworth. Dr. Woodworth put together a radical of physicians to assist him with health issues. The Congress recognized these men and women as the Commissioned Corps.Over the historic period the position of Surgeon Ge neral has changed in many ways. In 1873 the official title of the Surgeon General was changed to Supervising Surgeon General and then spur to just Surgeon General in 1902. According to Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia the Surgeon General was the head of the Public Health System and reported directly to the Secretary of Health. After 1968 the Surgeon General reported to the Assistant Secretary of Health.The current Surgeon General for the United States is Dr. David Satcher. He was born(p) in Anniston, Alabama on March second 1941. Dr. Satcher, his wife Nola, and his four children live in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Satcher received his M.D. and PhD from Case Western Reserve University in 1970. Dr. Satcher is the one-sixteenth Surgeon General and also the first African American man to hold this position. Fourteen men and two women have held the position since it originated in 1871. Dr. Satcher was sworn in on February thirteenth 1998 and his term will end in February 2002. He also he ld the position of Secretary of Health from February 1998 to January 2001. He was also the Surgeon General at this time. According to the Official Surgeon General website, Dr. Satcher has many jobs and responsibilities. First off his job is to administer the U.S. Public Health System. This is a group of public health professionals who respond to current and long-term health needs of the Nation. Dr. Satcher also provides leadership and management to the Public Health Service in the heavens of emergency preparedness and response activities.

surgeon general :: essays research papers

There are many leaders in the fall in States today. These men and women help to form the nation into what it is today and what it will be in the future. One of these important leaders of the United States is the sawbones General. The surgeon General has many responsibilities and priorities that form our nations Public Health establishment. These responsibilities and priorities of the operating surgeon General will be explained throughout this paper.According to the Readers Digest Encyclopedia the Surgeon General is the chief medical officer for the United States Public Health System. This means that since 1871 the Surgeon General has been the nations leading spokesman on matters of public health. The first person to hold the position of Surgeon General was Dr. John Woodworth. Dr. Woodworth put together a multitude of physicians to assist him with health issues. The Congress recognized these men and women as the Commissioned Corps.Over the old age the position of Surgeon Genera l has changed in many ways. In 1873 the official title of the Surgeon General was changed to Supervising Surgeon General and then sustain to just Surgeon General in 1902. According to Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia the Surgeon General was the head of the Public Health System and reported directly to the Secretary of Health. After 1968 the Surgeon General reported to the Assistant Secretary of Health.The current Surgeon General for the United States is Dr. David Satcher. He was innate(p) in Anniston, Alabama on March second 1941. Dr. Satcher, his wife Nola, and his four children live in Bethesda, Maryland. Dr. Satcher received his M.D. and PhD from Case Western Reserve University in 1970. Dr. Satcher is the 16th Surgeon General and also the first African American man to hold this position. Fourteen men and two women have held the position since it originated in 1871. Dr. Satcher was verbalize in on February thirteenth 1998 and his term will end in February 2002. He also held t he position of Secretary of Health from February 1998 to January 2001. He was also the Surgeon General at this time. According to the Official Surgeon General website, Dr. Satcher has many jobs and responsibilities. First off his job is to administer the U.S. Public Health System. This is a group of public health professionals who respond to current and long-term health needs of the Nation. Dr. Satcher also provides leadership and management to the Public Health Service in the handle of emergency preparedness and response activities.

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Marketing Article Summaries Essay

The denomination Sustainability It Should Be About More Than the Bottom Line on discusses the topic of the tierce furnish line. The article discusses the idea that being ecologically friendly can be conducive to a strong financial sound line, as hygienic as a social and environmental one. The main point of the article is that if all organizations followed the principles of the triple bottom line, it would lead to a higher(prenominal) quality of life for all, with less government interventions into the counseling business is done.The first words in the article atomic number 18 Going green can be profitable, and this is an important thing to remember. Being socially conscious and environmentally friendly can positively impact the bottom line of an organization. This has mistakenly conduct some organizations to decide that the intimately effective way to contribute to society and the earth is to create a contract on how to reduce costs and growing profits environm entally.An approach that is much more than encompassing of the true meaning of the triple bottom line is rather than having a profit first mentality, having a sustainably effective approach that truly focuses on the needs of the people, the imageet and also profit. The organizations that are taking this to heart are non strictly looking into profit. They shuffle sustainability into the heart of their company and go from there. They are measured by all three areas not simply profit.The organizations that are truly putting into practice the triple bottom line are not considering the environmental initiatives as special programs as mere window dressing they realize these approaches are not enough. They are making much more intensive entire organizational changes. Sustainble performance is a part of e genuinelything that the organization does. It comes into play in dealing with employee management as well as how work gets done. It is evident everywhere. Companies who discombobulat e made this work realize that in order to continue to realize profits, we need to look at how the world give be in 50 years.There are galore(postnominal) organizations that have the profit mentality. Everything is done for that one main bottom line. They are looking for an immediate financial payoff in the decisions that they make. Things may look good from the outside, but their environmental commitments do not trickle through to the very being of the organization.The hard thing to change from the financial bottom line to the triple bottom line is that leadership from the top down need to get in to the idea. The entire way of managing needs to change. In the beginning, it may not result in things being run the most profitably.One of the reasons that this approach should be adopted is that the more common place it is, the less the government will need to be involved with the decisions in the private sector or business.In the course Marketing Principles, this very topic is discuss ed in Chapter 1. Not only can the triple bottom line be profitable, it can be considered to be a competitive advantage in todays marketplace.I believe that the authors perspective is right on. The organizations really need to focus their change on all three important segments. Our world is not full of infinite resources, and we need to take responsibility for ensuring it lasts. Society is becoming more aware of this, and it is playing an important part in the decisions we make every day.I believe that corporations who do not embrace this concept wholeheartedly will suffer financially because of it. Organizations which are not currently following the idea of a triple bottom line really need to consider the implications of such(prenominal) a decision. The world is changing, and organizations need to change along with it. Gone are the days that all we have to worry about is the bottom line. Organizations who do not come on board will find themselves lacking in the one area they so pain stakingly tried to preserve their financial bottom line.Edward E. Lawler III. Sustainability It Should Be About More Than The Bottom Line. 15 Mar. 2012. Web. 23 Feb. 2013. http// FriesenSteve RentonMarketing PrinciplesFebruary 24, 2013Social Media Marketing schemaThe article Developing your Social Media Strategy on Investment Executive discusses how to develop your social media strategy. The most important thing to remember is to set goals and to identify with your audience. The biggest problem that exists is that organizations try to jump on the social media marketing bandwagon with no set designing. Your social media marketing strategy needs to be as well thought out as the ease of your marketing plan.A social media marketing attempt will not be successful if you upright make it up as you go. A item plan is needed. Firstly, you need to decide exactly what you are trying to do with regards to social media. The following tips are offered in the article Create a plan At a set time every month, set aside time to go over your social media goals. You need to find the gaps and opportunities that need to be addressed , and develop your monthly plan according to that. Focus on one platform at a time If you start by acquiring on every site out there, it will get too confusing. Remind yourself who your station market is, and focus on the best one for that target market. Get approval ensure that you are not posting things that need prior approval. Keep things general, and avoid making specific recommendations. Push for education if you happen like you dont know enough, ask for more education. This is a topic that really relates to marketing right now. Social media is the way of marketing for the time to come. alas for most organizations, this means all new rules. Social media has changed things drastically.Marketing now requires a who le new way of doing things. People are no extended just wandering down to the local store and trusting that they know best. They now have the entire world at their fingertips, and this is resulting in a well educated consumer. They will compare brands, reviews, prices, etc. all without leaving the house. This article is really discussing social networks and marketing planning in the Marketing Principles course. This concept discusses how many organizations have started to incorporate social networks into their marketing plans and strategies. The main things they are used for is to promote brands or to be watching for product / service complaints. I stand for that this article has a very important point.Social media is something that seems to be inescapable for a lot of people. It is something relatively new, which can create a problem for marketers who have been around for a long time. Preconceived ideas of how marketing has always been done need to be put aside. This is a whole n ew ball game. The fire thing about social media is that everyone can participate in it. I think this is what leads to people jumping right in without thinking about it. It just looks so easy. I agree that this is not the best idea.Marketing is such an important thing that we need to keep in mind what our marketing plan is. Keep the goals of the company at the forefront and use this idea to come up with your specific social media marketing strategy. I think its a great idea to revisit this monthly. Social media is everywhere, and can be an effective, inexpensive tool for marketers, but it is important to remember that it still needs to be a well thought out part of the marketing plan.Brent Jolly. Developing Your Social Media Strategy. 24 Oct. 2012. Investment Executive. Web. 24 Feb. 2013. http// l%26p_p_mode%3Dview%26p_p_col_id%3Dcolumn-1%26p_p_col_count%3D1%26_search_WAR_search10_search%3DgenericJaime FriesenSteve RentonMarketing PrinciplesFebruary 24, 2013Ritz-Carlton A guest Relationship Management ProgramTo continue and expand its reputation for superior service, Ritz-Carlton put into place a guest relationship management program that helps identify, profile and please as many valued guests as possible. This is detailed in the article For Ritz-Carlton, It All Begins with Customer Knowledge. Customer Relationship Management has evolved in the past 20 years. In the past, there were no computers to track everything, and it had to be done manually, which was not the most effective way to ensure that we had the most accurate, up to date information. Today is a different day. There is specialized software available to the hotel service industry to enable them to identify, profile and please guests. Luxury hotels specially need to provide this superior service.Guests do not come there strictly for the amenities, they want staff to know their name and their preferences. In order to do this, a solid system is needed for storing and accessing information. For Ritz-Carlton, extraordinary service to its guests has always been a number one priority, and has put them at an advantage above other(a) luxury hotels. In order to keep up their advantage, the company implemented a guest relationship management program back in 1998 called variety Customer Loyalty Anticipation and Satisfaction System. This system brought more consistency and ease of usage to the process. Each of their hotels employ a guest recognition manager, who is the cite guest expert however all other hotel staff are responsible for paying attention to the guest preferences and letting the guest recognition assurance know.CLASS is something that makes business easier for them. When a customer in the database calls to book a room, all their relevant booking preferences are available to assis t in the modesty process. Then, this information is accessed again prior to arrival to prepare for the guests arrival. The guest recognition team reviews the profiles of the guests that are coming in, and prepares and distributes a report outlining each departments role with gaze to that guest. Most of the work is done at one time, and transfers to where it is needed. The information that goes into the CLASS system is all garnered from employees. Each employee is issued a guest preference pad. They line of merchandise any guest preferences on the pad, which are then sent into the guest recognition office.A hotline is also available to share this information. The vision for the near future is that employees will be able to access CLASS on their own, thereby adding to the efficiency of the program. They are investigating portable technology, such as handheld devices. The most important part of this process s the employees. The system is only as effective as the employees who are pr oviding the necessary information to make the system work. This article is discussing the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and how Ritz-Carlton has made this work for them.I was actually instead surprised by this article. It seems like such simple way to be gathering the information. It seems so 1998, which is when they implemented this system. I would have expected a long updated system by now. I would guess that this would be quite effective, as long as the staff members are diligent in providing guest preferences. The main thing in my mind is that they need to keep their employees able in order for this to work. I do agree that this does provide superior customer service.Michelle Delio. For Ritz-Carlton, It All Begins with Customer Knowledge. 17 Apr. 2000. Destination Web. 25 Feb. 2013. http//

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The Renaissance 1485 †1660

Chapter 3The Renaissance 1485 1660 B. Introducing Political Points of View 1. 2. Francis bacon rose to his chosen profession, the law, until he reached the very exit and became Lord Chancellor. At the height of his political c beer, he was found guilty of taking bribes and was removed from office. Bacon made an important contribution to homoy different branches of political sympathies political science, economics, physics, literature, architecture, and etc. Bacons is nigh famous for his vision of humanitys future. Bacons best known literary clips, The Essays, atomic number 18 intended to suspensor people get ahead in life.Bacon had embarked on a new c arer as a practicing scientist, when death overtook him. In 1626, Bacon fell ill during his essay of freezing a dead chicken to preserve it. In all of Bacons works, his aim was to make the world better. 3. Quickwrite five views You have no cognition unless you open yourself up to learning. Reading increases your vocabulary. Learning opens up your doors to a greater future. Learning gives you a greater ability to succeed. Reading will broaden your views on new(prenominal)s and their knowledge, along with increasing your knowledge. . Vocabulary Develop custodyt -The disclosure was set to be given on his inaugural day. -His sloth put him off from completing his work on time. -Her affectation earned her the perfect job. -The diligence of the student earned him the well deserved A+. -We battled threw one more(prenominal)(prenominal) impediment before we reached our goal. 5. colour Boxed Questions 1. Studies serve for the delight, for ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight is in privacy and leisure for ornament, is in discourse and ability, is in the judgment and angle of dip of business. 2.Bacon concludes that reading is to weigh and consider and not to be enlistn for granted. 3. The difference among books are meant to be tasted, and books that are meant to be swallowed, and books meant to be chewed and digested, is that some books are to be read only in parts others to be read, but not carefully and some few to be read wholly with diligence and attention. 4. Studies are to the mind as a thumb is to a hand. 6. 7. Literary Response and Analysis 1. Studies mountain be misused by being sloth. 2. Reading should be used to weigh and consider, but not to be taken for granted. . The readings of histories, poems, mathematics, natural philosophy, moral philosophy, and logical rhetoric makes us wise. 4. I think that Bacons main idea is one of every day, knowledge is power, is great. Without knowledge how can we succeed if we get intot have some substance to get us started to succeed. well(p) like Bacon said the plots and marshaling of affairs, come best from those that are learned. 5. Studying can be sloth but to a certain extent, it contradicts itself. If you study too much, you dont put in front all that studying into something other than studying continually .If you dont study ample you cant put forward an idea without the knowledge of a person who has studying the subject for a long period of time. So it just contradicts itself over and over again. 6. In Of Studies you can see a bit of Bacons cynical mind, for example books are meant to be tasted, swallowed, chewed and digested, a book is meant to be read. 9. Bacons views are still relevant today, knowledge is power and other points are used to encourage people, especially children to help them succeed with life. 9. Yellow Boxed Questions 1.The announceer contrasts the situation of women with that of men by describing how men treat women and how women live like bats or owls, labor like beasts, and die like worms 2. The second speaker criticizes the first speaker close to how she explain the miseries of women, but no solutions to get rid of them. 3. The third speaker feels very differently from the other two speakers. She states we have no reason to speak against menthey are our prot ectors, defenders and maintainers. She has a complete different opinion than the other two speakers. . You can infer that the seventh speaker is a confident women, the other three women see themselves as middle-level, unlike the seventh speaker who sees women as noble ladies, honorable gentlewomen, and female-commoners worthy. You can tell shes comfortable and respects herself enough to speak of women that way. 5. The speakers repeated uses of ifthen is able to effect the women to be confident by giving them a statement about a man and returning with a greater and more positive thing a muliebrity is. . According to the seventh speaker, women have no reason to speak out because we do not waste our lives or beauty or our tender lives because were not out digging in mines or go on d cholerous voyages, or burn our faces with smiths. The gifts that have been given to women are much better, since women are favored by nature in giving us beauties, features and shapes, that attracts men and are forced to admire and love a woman. 7. I agree with the seventh speaker, women are favored by nature, giving us the beauties.A man has his attributes to be strong and lean, as well as a woman can be strong, It goes either way, each gender is unique and has both its weaknesses and strengths. 10. compare Political Assumptions -Question 3 Response. In the excerpts from Margaret Cavendishs Female Options, each of the speakers has their own opinion, voice, and argument. The first three speakers all contain the same starting phrase, Ladies, gentlewomen, and other inferior women Bring the three speakers together, but all contain their own definition to inferior women.The first speaker wishes to be equal to a man and argues that men are happy, and we women are miserable. Men have the power and the women are helpless, the men have the power to have all the freedom they want, including taking a woman away from their freedoms. Unlike the first speaker, the woman does not complain abo ut the men. She knows she has no right with them, our words to men are as empty as sounds, but she does complain that the first speaker does not speak of any solutions against the men. The speaker tries to solve the problem with them men, yet everything she thinks of is easily disregarded by a man.As well as the first speaker she gives up hope. The third speaker finally speaks highly of men. She argues that there is no reason to speak against the men, who are admires and lovers they are our protectors, defenders, and maintainers they admire our beauties, and love our persons.. all which we could not do ourselves. The problem is not with the men, the speaker brings to the table the conflict against Nature. Nature made men more ingenious, witty, and wise. The speaker wants you to love, praise, and pray for men.Without men, women would be miserable the way Nature wanted them to be. Finally the seventh speaker, bring on the greatest change by presenting herself and the continue as Nob le ladies, honorable gentlewomen, and worthy female-commoners. The effects the people by an ifthen structure. She puts down the strength of men by showing positive traits of a woman and telling you how Nature wanted women to be that way. The ones being punished is the men having to deal with the hardships of the work, being burned by smiths, fight in battles, take on dangerous voyages, or digging in mines.Nature blessed the woman with beauties, features, and enticing attractive. Men are the ones who suffer, they are forced to admire a woman and love us. Compared to the seventeenth century, women still doubt if they are the inferior sex. Compared to the seventeenth century, it is no longer valid for the man to just receive the tuition or take on the strong men job, such a digging in mines or fight in battles. Women are treated evenly according to the government, woman may do as they please without the op turn onion of being a woman, yet its not all ways this way and women are till being oppressed for their inferior role. 10. Summary of John Milton Early in John Miltons life it was said that hed be a great poet. His teachers upraises encouraged him in his ambition in poetry. Miltons father was a musician and a prosperous business man. Milton received his learning at St. Pauls School and Cambridge University. Milton spent eight courses after college continuing his education by himself, since he firmly believed that a poet must be a person of learning, familiar with ancient and contemporary philosophy, history, languages, and literatures.Milton believed that a poet must be active in the life of his time and entered the paper state of war that accompanied the conflict between King Charles and his sevens. Some of his work was very elaborate and a few of them very insulting in support of the Parliament party. Some people have referred Milton as a Puritan because of his work. During part of this period, Milton served in the government of England under Oliver Cromwell. Milton was responsible for translating all correspondence with foreign countries. Miltons eyesight was gradually falling. By 1652, he could only distinguish day from night.By the age of forty-four, before he had finished his life work, Milton was completely blind. Milton publish Paradise Lost twice first in a ten book version in 1667 and then in twelve books in 1676, the year of his death. It is not exaggeration to say that Milton in one way or another worked on this epic all his life. Paradise Lost is one of the most brilliant achievements in English poetry. 11. Yellow Boxed Questions 1. The subject of Miltons story is mans first disobedience. 2. Miltons purpose is to show men how God was and his ways. 3. The loss of happiness and pain torments Satan in hell. 4.Milton uses the images of a great furnace flames, yet no light from the flame, no darkness visible, and regions of sorrow to absorb hell Chapter 4 The Restoration and 18th Century 1660 1800 A. A Modest Proposal, Top of the Food Chain, from Don Quixote 1. Summary of Jonathan Swift Jonathan Swift is the principal prose generator of the early eighteenth century and Englands greatest satirist. Swift was a Anglo Irishman. Swift was born in Dublin of English parents. Swift was abducted by his she-goat which he spent three years in England with her. Swift went to England to become Secretary to Sir William Temple.The job gave him the opportunity to mingle with the public, read, and look about for a more important and permanent position. Swift did not write for fame or money most of his books and pamphlets were produce anonymously. Swifts aim in writing was to better human conduct, to make people more decent and humane. 2. Verbal Irony- occurs when a writer or speaker says one thing but really nitty-gritty something quite different. Logical Appeals- using evidence such as facts or statistics to support a position. Emotional Appeals- passages that use words that arouse strong feelings. good App eals- passages that establish the writers qualifications and sincerity. 3. Vocabulary Sentences. 1. The homeless man had no sustenance to continue with his life. 2. Our landfills are glutted with trash. 3. The young man had no respectfulness for his parents. 4. It was very scrupulous to decide which college to attend. 5. The newspapers were unanimous in their censure of the tax proposal. 6. It is expedient that you go. 7. The conversation slowly digressed over time. 8. The woman procured the first tickets on sale. 9. The press only gives the public the brevity of the story. 10. The poor man had much animosity against the rich man. 1. 6. Practice 1. A- dismayed happy. 2. A- foolish intense. 3. B- cautious careless. 4. B- emotion happiness. 7. Satire- any report of writing designed to make its readers feel critical of themselves, of their fellow human beings, and of their society. Some satires purpose is to make us laugh at human foolishness and weakness, these satires are good natured and laugh provoking. Other satires may make us laugh, but it is often laughter of a bitter kind, arising from anger and indignation at human vices and crimes. 8. Summary of Miguel de Cervantes Miguel de Cervantes was born near Madrid, Spain in 1547.In 1569, Cervantes saw no prospects at home and enlisted in the army, fought valiantly, and was wounded at the Battle of Lepanto. His left hand was crippled, earning him the nickname el manco de Lepanto. Cervantes hoped to be promoted to an army captain after the way, but his plans were ruined when he was captured by Barbary pirates and held as a slave for five years in Algeria. Over the years he worked as a playwright, bureaucrat, and tax collector before finally landing in jail for failure to pay his debts. According to legend, it was while he was in jail that the idea for Don Quioxte came to Cervantes.The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha was produce in January of 1605 and immediately caused sensation. Cervantes, a t the age of fifty-five, was now a famous author, but he still was poor. Spains greatest writer died in want on April 22, 1616. 9. B. Womens Rights Introducing Political Points of View 1. 2. Summary of Mary Wollstonecraft English feminism begins with Mary Wollstonecraft who demanded Justice for one half of the human race, that is, women. At nineteen and self-educated, Wollstonecraft left home to work in some of the few occupations legally available to single women.She became a governess for a wealthy Irish family and witnessed the dissipated lives the women of character reference lead. Wollstonecraft left Ireland and moved to London to work as an editorial assistant. Wollstonecraft publishes A Vindication f Rights of Men, which defended the principles of human equality underlying the French revolution. Later Wollstonecraft published A vindication of the Rights of Woman, an impassioned criticism of social and economic institutions that sanctioned womens inequality. Mary Wollstonec raft died from septicemia and her daughter successes to write the famous Frankenstein. . Vocabulary Sentences 1. The hubby showed great solicitude toward his wifes health. 2. We had to have a non partial jury. 3. The man deplored staying home than going on the camping trip. 4. The teacher could not fancy the strict class. 5. His specious attitude did not win over his boos. 6. The new law was to be abrogated by the public. 7. Her story as very careless to believe. 8. We gave a cursory glance at the headlines. 9. The girl had a insipid personality. 10. The Alcoholic had a propensity to drink too much. 4. Vocabulary Development 1.A parent would show great solicitude for their childrens grades. 2. The opposite of a partial juror, is a impartial juror. 3. The opposite of deplore would be to accept. 4. The opposite of a fastidious person would be a calm person. 5. You would reject a specious argument because it is not true. 6. If you have abrogated your responsibilities, you have aban doned them. 7. The opposite of a cursory investigation would be a true investigation. 8. If you vitiate a argument you weaken it. 9. The opposite of a insipid argument would be a benefit argument. 10. If you have a propensity for lying people would never believe you.

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Metafiction and Happy Endings (Margaret Atwood) Essay

MetafictionA. DefinitionThe narrator of a metafictional work will advert attention to the writing process itself. The reader is never to forget that what she is reading is constructednot natural, not real. She is never to get lost in the tarradiddle.B. Possible limitintruding to comment on writinginvolving his or herself with fictional charactersdirectly addressing the readeropenly teasing how narrative assumptions and conventions transform and filter reality, trying to at last prove that no singular truths or meanings existC. General CharacteristicsMetafiction often employs intertextual references and allusions by examining fictional systems incorporating aspects of both theory and criticism creating biographies of imaginary writers encloseing and discussing fictional kit and boodle of an imaginary character.Authors of metafiction often violate narrative levels by intruding to comment on writing involving his or herself with fictional characters directly addressing the reader openly read/write heading how narrative assumptions and conventions transform and filter reality, trying to ultimately prove that no singular truths or meanings exist Metafiction also uses un received and experimental techniques by rejecting conventional plot refusing to attempt to become real lifesubverting conventions to transform reality into a highly suspect concept flaunting and exaggerating foundations of their instability displaying reflexivity (the dimension present in all literary texts and also central to all literary analysis, a function which enables the reader to understand the processes by which he or she reads the human beings as a text).It also poses questions about the relationship between fiction and reality by drawingattention to its characteristic as an artifact by itself. No sense of reality in its entire spectrum as a genre even though the extremes of each end are minute acceptance and merely exploration of fictionality to the other end being utter denial of reality itself.D. ExamplesAdams, Douglas. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 1979.Mitchell, David. Cloud Atlas. 2004.HAPPY ENDINGSA. CharactersThe author uses roughhewn names for the characters which allows him the versatility of putting them into unalike situations. Doing so supports the way the author puts much importance on what happens during the story instead of how it ends. Johnone of the well-nigh common male child names, has ranged from musicians (John Lennon), to leaders (John F Kennedy), to philosophers (John Locke) etc. This can emphasize the authors use of putting the character into different contexts, changing the plot and how he plays different roles, yet emphasizes that it all ends the same (death). -Idea that the ending of a story is constantly the same, except only the centerfield field of studys In the story he is a winning husband, adulterous partner, womanizerMarymeaning of the name Mary is Wished-for child rebellion bitter. Famous Bearers the Virgin Mary Mary Magdalene Mary, Queen of Scots. as well shows how the author putes his characters in different situations. James -minor characterFred minor characterMadge minor characterB. SettingThe author employs the use of place as condition in the story. Various examples of setting seen in the story are an apartment, as seen in story B, and a charming house, as seen in story A, C and As seen in the line, Remember, this is Canada. Youll still end up with A, though in between you may get a lustful brawling saga of passionate involvement, a put down of our times, sort of, the setting of the story and each of its segments is a medium for what each character does before he reaches the end.The setting of the story could have an influence on what one could do before he dies, the end which everyone eventually reaches. This is seen in the story wherein each segment (letters) had different bodies of story, yet every matter continues as in A in which the characters live on with their lives then die.D. Concepts Ex How do elements in the story help to create meaning? Like setting, tone, imagery, symbol, irony, etc Metafiction in quick EndingsThe author tackles the What? question in the writing process through his story Happy Endings. He goes through many scenarios but shows us that the conclusion to each scenario is the same. The question What? only leads to the ending of the story which we already know will be the same. The important things to ask rather are How? and Why?. These questions make up the middle of the story, the events that happen, the part that counts.Textual IronyTitle is Happy Endings but the real endings are al the same and result in deathConflictIs always changing depending on the situation given. Always has something to with the subject of love.SYMBOLSE. TitleHappy EndingsMost people usually focus on the ending of a storyEveryone wants a happy ending, but in reality we all meet an equal end whichis that we eventually die There is no such thing as a happy ending. All are the same in which we all eventually pass away. What matters is what is done as we reach the end.F. ThemeWhat matters the most in the story is not the ending, but what what we do on the way there, because we can change our situations by choosing to act in the present, but not matter what you do you cant change your inevitable end.-RANDOM NOTESMargaret Atwoods Happy Endings is an illustration of the idea that the ending of a story is always the same, but only the middle matters. And Love plays an important factor in all scenarios. SYNOPSIS It includes six stories in one, each ending with death. The author believes that this is the only convinced(predicate) ending to anything. The stories are all inter-related, containing the same characters and similar actions. Behind the obvious meaning of these seemingly pointless stories lies a deeper and more profound meaning. What is the common denominator between all these scenarios?In case you missed it, Atwood sums it u p in her concluding remarks. John and Mary die. John and Mary die. John and Mary die. Happy Endings forces us to question the point of life. Every story, carried to its ultimate logical conclusion, has the same ending, because all lives have the same ending. We may die in the heat of fighting we may die in our sleep. We may die in infancy, in a gang war, in a nursing home. But were passing game to die. The story isnt in the ending its in what we do on the way there.RESOURCES USEDhttp// http// http// characters http// themeshttp// copy http// )

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Job Analysis and Selection Methods Essay

For this order to be effective the interviewer is required to ensure the interviee fully understands the reasons for the interview to avoid such(prenominal) interviews to be viewed as efficiency evaluation which may hinder them to describe their job accurately.The method can be use efficiently for top guidance job analysis for example the position of the managing director of a company. This would enable acquisition of vital information such as general purpose of the job, responsibilities, duties, education, experience and skills required. (Henderson, 1985) Advantages * Its simple and quick hence its the most used method in the world. * It can reveal all-important(prenominal) information that might not appear in written form and information on activities that does not occur occasionally.It provides a chance for the interviewer to explain the importance, take in and functions of the job analysis. * Can be used to generate qualitative data. * Suitable for jobs with long job cycles . (office of human resources, 2008) Disadvantages * Employees may distort information by exaggerating received responsibilities and minimizing others. * Sometimes to obtain valid information can be a very slow slow and time consuming * Experienced interviewers and properly designed questions are required.Data gathered by the process is subjective and requires to be verified. * Combining data from discreet interviews is sometimes difficult. (office of human resources, 2008) STRUCTURED QUESTIONNAIRE METHOD This method involves designing questionnaire and having employees fill them to describe their job related duties and responsibilities and rate them. Questions can be structured and employees given a list of specific duties and asked to indicate whether or not they perform them. Questions could also be open ended.The method can be used efficiently for job analysis involving low level management posts and junior employees for instance office assistants and semi skilled employees. Thi s could offer a quick way to gather information from such large group of employees. (Henderson, 1985) Advantages * Its a cheap way to gather information from a large numbers of schoolers than interview for instance. * Its quick and efficient method. * It does not require a handy interviewer. * Data collected is standardized. Disadvantages * Questionnaire partment and testing is both expensive and time consuming.This provides quality and instant feedback on descriptive information of a candidate such as their strengths and weaknesses. Applicants are also given work sample which is a replica of the job and are required to demonstrate that possess the necessary skills and talents by doing the actual job. This offers a good evaluation of applicants abilities in actual job activities and thus helps to reduce discrimination. (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) Weaknesses To develop good and accurate work samples for each job is difficult and time consuming.Work samples are also difficult to app ly in managerial posts where its not possible to develop a work sample that can cover all activities. The process also requires highly qualified and assessors which are expensive to maintain. (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) Validity Employment tests has been extensively used and shown to be an accurate method to predict a candidate success. The method is also very relevant to the job at hand and wherefore widely accepted as compared to other methods. (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) ReliabilityEmployment tests are a reliable way of obtaining vital information about applicants abilities, and skills in actual job environment. They therefore tend to be accurate predictors of applicant later performance (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) * REFERENCES Henderson, R. J. (1985). Compensation Management Rewarding Performance. Upper buck River, N. J. Prentice Hall. office of human resources. (2008). Compensation & Classification. South 2nd Street, Minneapolis The University of Minnesota. Patrick Hauenstei n. (2005). Employee Selection Part 2 Interviews and Simulations. Navient Corporation.

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Social Policy And Society Education Essay

Whose Needs are being met by Scots inculcateing? Discuss the assorted stakeholders ( kids, parents, edict, the land ) , there possible demands and measure how good they are met.The province recognises the demand for kids to be educated. It is recognised as a mature, a duty and a necessity. social club no longer relies as to a great extent on the male staff of life victor theoretical account and as a effect parents in the bulk of instances no longer have the option of supplying kid attention and steering to their kids themselves. As we are come ining an suppurate of hi tech fabrication and developing a high skilled economic trunk the authorities is besides looking for an educated population and tolerate no longer work with a society of nonreader or ill educated citizens. An uneducated population would besides be less reactive to authorities runs and information or counsel and may be unable to carry through their function in society and the democratic procedure. Children them selves, it has been acknowledged, have a right to be educated No individual shall be denied the right to man progressment ( European Convention on Human Rights agenda 1, word 2 ) .That does non nevertheless intend that the instruction provided is what kids want or what they need. Neither does it intend that chief watercourse instruction in Scotland is provided with everyone s best involvements in head. entirely of the parties mentioned supra leave alone hold unfavorable judgments or be disappointed by what province instruction in Scotland provides to some extent nevertheless I wish to do it clear that for the bulk of stakeholders the Scots instruction system provides acceptable results. Besides, in recent old ages important stairss have been taken in Scotland to better the instruction system for those secreteest holders presently losing out, chiefly kids themselves, and I wish to analyze this in more item.In 2009 there were 676,740 students in publically funded schools in Scotland ( Scots authorities pupil Numberss ) and educational outgo was ?4.87 billion in 2007-08 ( Scots authorities Expenditure on school instruction in Scotland ) . This amounts to a important proportion of Scotland s population presently in the Scots public instruction system and a important proportion of national disbursement. Spending on instruction sums to a big proportion of public disbursement and must hence be a high precedence for the authorities, denoting that it is a high precedence for society as a whole.Equally good as being a right under the ECHR ( European Convention on Human Rights ) instruction is besides a right under the Universal declaration of human rights enshrined in UK jurisprudence in the Human rights act 1998 Everyone has the right to instruction. Education shall be free, at least in the simple and cardinal phases. Elementary instruction shall be compulsory .. ( Universal declaration of human rights article 26 ( 1 ) ) and in the UNCRC ( United nati ons Convention on the right of the kid ) , To guarantee that all sections of society, in peculiar parents and kids, are informed, have entry to instruction and are congested in the usage of basic cognition ( UNCRC article 24, 2 ( vitamin E ) ) . Few public services are as strongly protected by rights and Acts of the Apostless as those sing entree to instruction. Yet to what extent instruction should be provided and who its chief focal point should be on body ill-defined.For many old ages statements raged about Scots instruction merely being good to the average kid and that those who needed extra support demands or who did non work good within established educational scenes were being left behind or ignored for the greater good. The Scots authorities has hence bypast a long manner in recent old ages to try to turn to this. The school course of ask in Scotland is non statutory but instead the authorities sets out a model which it so expects instructors to work within. The newest model published is the Curriculum for excellence . This model is built around four genus Nestor notabilis capacities that the Scots authorities want to instil in every Scots juvenile individual by the terminal of their clip in instruction. It is besides unfeignedly to a great extent based on current research that suggests the best manner to prosecute all students in the schoolroom is by utilizing inter disciplinary accomplishments and different acquisition and learning methods such as undertakings, e-learning, talks and peer on equal rating. The Scots authorities claim The course of survey aims to guarantee that all kids and immature people in Scotland develop the properties, cognition and accomplishments they will strike to boom in life, larning and work. This is encapsulated in the four capacities to enable separately kid or immature individual to be a achieverful scholar, a confident person, a responsible citizen and an effectual subscriber . ( Learning and comm andment Scotland Curriculum 3-18 )However what good are these results if so many immature people find themselves go forthing instruction with no or really few significance makings and no utile trade or work related accomplishments?The benchmark for mensurating pupil attainment in Scotland is the SCQF ( Scots recognition and making model ) mark. At the age of 14 to 15 about every kid in Scotland will sit a set of standard class tests. 5 plus base on ballss at SCQF degree 4 ( standard class general ) is considered the minimal criterion of attainment that could be merited with success and which could take to patterned advance through those makings. School conference tabular arraies are drawn up based on how good pupils did in this quartile and heretofore 24.4 % of Scots pupils fail to accomplish this benchmark about a one-fourth of all Scots immature people ( Scots authorities SQA attainment and school departer makings in Scotland 2008/09 ) . On top of this 14.53 % of immature peopl e go forthing Scots schools in 2009 were non in instruction employment or preparation and wherefore had no positive finish ( Scots authorities Destinations of Leavers from Scots Schools 2008/09 ) . This barely seems like a system which empowers every immature individual to develop accomplishments that will do it possible for them to ever happen a positive finish in society. It may besides demonstrates that there attack has so far failed to land about touchable consequences which will profit all the stakeholders in the Scots instruction system. The authorities nevertheless may good indicate out that a major component of their reforms of Scots instruction will come in the signifier of alterations to the makings system. These alterations will non be implemented nevertheless until 2016 when the SQA ( Scots Qualifications Authority has drafted, authorize and tested the new scrutinies, designed to concentrate on Nestor notabilis accomplishments and development of literacy and numeracy throughout all school topics.There has besides been a important switch in the attitudes held towards helping kids with acquisition and Behavioural issues or disablements in Scots instruction and in bridging the spread between young person work, schools and less formal educational attacks. The Education ( Additional Support for Learning ) ( Scotland ) Act 2004 was introduced to supply statutory protection to all immature people in Scots instruction who feel they may necessitate more support. Article 1 ( specifying extra support demands ) provinces A kid or immature individual has extra support demands for the intents of this Act where, for whatever ground, the kid or immature individual is, or is likely to be, unable without the proviso of extra support to profit from school instruction provided or to be provided for the kid or immature individual This means that any kid in Scotland for whatever ground who feels like they may necessitate extra support are lawfully entitled to it. This jurisprudence has been to a great extent advertised and publicised nevertheless the resources to endorse up this commandment law and supply the support are frequently highly over stretched and exhausted. The Bridging the Gap study between young person work and schools was another go thought that the Scots authorities hoped would better the instruction system for all interest holders but peculiarly those for whom chief watercourse instruction was non appropriate the study aimed to Put the policy context and offer illustrations of pattern to promote youth work and school partnerships across Scotland to present more chances to prosecute and animate immature people. ( Learning learning Scotland bridging the spread study, page5 )This attack to instruction and presenting young person work and community acquisition in to the school scene shows a willingness to do instruction more accessible and relevant to all pupils and to prosecute everyone in the acquisition procedure. Whether or non this plan will hold any success remains to be seen.Scots instruction hence does present for the bulk of stakeholders most of the clip. It provides a child care option for parents between the kid s age of 5 and 16. It keeps the bulk of the population literate and able to hold on basic numeracy and it gives a high figure of school kids a opportunity to extrapolate accomplishments and addition cognition which will assist them travel in to farther instruction, employment or preparation. It is clear that there is still a proportion of society which the current Scots instruction system is non supplying for nevertheless the Scots authorities has gone a long manner in its efforts to undertake issues with the system and has succeeded in supplying a system which meets most of the demands of most of its stakeholders.

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Elder Abuse and Neglect: Trends and Implications Essay

Considering the growing number of agedberry bushberry bush population in the world, and more specifically in the US, the reality of aged villainy or mistreatment has increasingly become a cause of concern specially for the wellness sector. Political and sociable forums have lent a stage for policy debates cerebrate to elder abuse. Though statistics show that elder abuse is common in many households and health c be facilities, it is still considered as an underreported type of family violence.The International network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization define elder abuse as a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action occurring within a relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person (as cited by Perel-Levin, 2005). Abuse of elderly people occurs in some(prenominal) ways, and often the types of abuse overlap with one another. The five commonly identified categories of elder abuse ar physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, financial or material abuse, sexual abuse and neglect.(Bergeron, 2005 Dyer and Rowe, 1999 Kingston & Penhale, 1995 Perel-Levin, 2005). Elder abuse is a violation of military personnel rights Perel-Levin (2005) and it constitutes potentially serious health and social problems (Kingston & Penhale, 1995). Perel-Levin (2005) assert that because of the speed of population ageing worldwide, elder abuse will too increase unless interventions are through with(p) to address it. A conduct made by the National Center for Elder revealed that 1996 saw more than 500,000 victims of elder abuse in America and that the gravid major(ip)ity (84%) were not reported.This implies that there are several millions of elder abuse victims who continue to suffer in silence and without due recourse or servicing from authorities (NCEA, 1996). In the UK, at least half a million older persons are abused each year, yet it is believed that almost such abuse remains unreported because its victims are too frightened, ashamed or embarrassed to come forward (Department of Health, 2007 as cited in Cronin, 2007). Health professionals as well as researchers agree that elder abuse and neglect often take place in the context of illness and fearfulnesstaking issues (Bergeron, 2005).It is ironic because these facilities should instead protect the welfare and upbeat of unhurrieds and wards instead of condoning abuse and neglect or turning a blind eye. It is commonly believed that the essay factors for elder abuse are present caretaking facilities that are tasked to safeguard the welfare of the elders. These settings include home health care, mental health clinics, emergency departments, and acute settings, as well as in long-term institutional care (Bergeron, 2005).These contentions support the critical argument of this paper that the reality of elder abuse and its still blurred status in institutional policy orientations augurs many pejorat ives and inauspicious implications for older adults particularly those residing in nursing facilities. A victim of elder abuse would most likely suffer from worsening health condition which could precise well adversely affect his social relationships, mental health and life endeavours. Trends Various sectors of the society have taken the cudgel to win the battle against elder abuse, mistreatment and neglect.Heading the cry for eradication of the problem is the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) which is under the auspices of the US Administration for Aging. It is working fast with many other advocates. NCEA is composed of a consortium of professionals and experts from various disciplines, most of them being researchers, practitioners and educators (NCEA website). Addressing the elder abuse dilemma has also been pacing up at the World Health Organization and has commissioned researches to gather information about the problem for it to come up with working solutions and interven tions on a global scale.The edict of the NCEA gives an overview of the efforts of practitioners and advocates to solve the problem on elder abuse and to promote the dignity of elder persons. Elder abuse is studied and dissected in many aspects guidance on 1) causes and risk factors, 2) prevalence and incidence of elder abuse in various contexts (e. g. , the home and health care facilities), 3) clinical sort outing and abuse identification, 4) military rank of risk assessment tools and elder abuse instruments, and 5) taproom and treatment protocols with emphasis on evidence-based practice, among others (NCEA website).In a research partly sponsored by the Commission on Behavioral and Social skills and Education and the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine, it is asserted that family violence which includes child abuse, partnership violence and elder mistreatment has become a major social, health and constabulary enforcement issue as it continues to impact on poli cy directions as well as strain the capability of law enforcement agencies, judicial bodies, social service agencies, and health care centers (Chalk & King, 1998).Elder abuse and neglect issues have been taken in political agenda. In a remarkable eye-opening testimony by Catherine Hawes (Professor and Director of the Southwest Rural Health Research Center at the School of Rural Public Health, Texas A&M University System Health Science Center), she confirmed to the US Senate that indeed elder abuse is a sad reality in residential long-term care settings.The gist of her testimony contends that patients in such residential facilities are very vulnerable to mistreatment and abuse, that the problem elder abuse and neglect are caused by low staffing levels and inadequate staff homework, that evidence suggests to the effectiveness of existing guidelines and practices to minimize the problem in residential facilities, and that the elder abuse problem in such settings have not been accustom ed the right attention (Hawes, 2002). Elder abuse and neglect has also become a critical issue in the fields of criminology and law enforcement.The number of elder abuse related studies in the field of criminal justice have escalated. A project conducted by the American Bar Association Commission on Law and Aging, with the assistance of the University of California , Irvine School of Medicine by virtue of a grant made by the National Institute of Justice, highlights several recommendations relating to checkup forensic issues on elder abuse were presented and which may be used as a guide in research and policy endeavors of other practitioners.In another research, Blake & Dolon (2006) gives a comprehensive and methodical approach to the abuse and neglect issue that will be of great use to the criminal justice carcass and the social services sector, among others. Practical examples and situations are given to illustrate their concepts and to describe proposed interventions in the leg al context (e. g. , establishment of guardianship), for the health sector (e. g. , diagnosis and treatment), and in the social services sector (e. g. , home care or counselling). Forensic studies also provide guidance in conducting research-based forensic interviews.One such study is that Cooper and King (2006), which set up clear interview guidelines in aid of forensic investigation of an offender who committed sexual assault against an elderly. An paygrade of the criminal justice response to elder abuse in nursing homes was conducted by Payne & Gainey (2006). Analyzing 801 cases of elder abuse in nursing homes revealed that physical assault is the most common form of abuse and that work stress contributes to elder abuse incidence. The researchers suggest that preventative measures should be implemented forthwith in nursing homes. ImplicationsThe health and medical sciences as well as occupational science are linked together because they focus on the health and well-being of human beings. Implications of elder abuse to the health sector come from different perspectives, but the essence of occupational science and justice are mostly integrated in these perspectives. For health care providers, they are not only in an ideal position to engage in early identification, support and referral of persons experiencing elder abuse but should also recognize and accept it as their responsibility to address the risks of elder abuse (Kingston & Penhale, 1995).However, Fulmer, et al (2004) say that the health care sector experience difficulty fulfilling these roles. Citing several studies, it was asserted that elder abuse treatment attitudes among nurses with older patients tend to be negative (McLafferty & Morrison, 2004) and that ignorance in hospitals of the problem of elder abuse is characteristic of the situation in general (Cohen, et al, 2006). Richardson, et al (2002) found that at baseline, staff often do not recognize, record and report abuse.Still, Nahmiash and Re is (2000) found in their study that the most current and successful strategies for abused older adults are concrete nursing and other medical care and homemaking assistance, thus health professionals, especially nurses, are likely to be among those accepted by abused adults. Accident and emergency departments are often the first point of contact for an abused older person (Dyer & Rowe, 1999).Notwithstanding the problems in recognising abuse and the complexities of dealing with older people, emergency nurses need not prove or disprove it is present it is their responsibility though to act if they suspect it (Cronin, 2007) and they should not be afraid to seek help if they are suspicious of abuse, lest they fall short of their responsibility. (Dyer and Rowe, 1999). For the occupational therapist, an acute understanding of elder abuse and its symptoms could help him screen and identify elder abuse, refer incidence to authorities or to enhance therapeutic protocols to restore health an d well-being of an abused elder.Knowledge of the experiences of an elderly patient will give the practitioner valuable insights on the patients physical state and mental condition and which will help the patient-therapist partnership in designing and implementing therapeutic programs. Conclusion The sad reality of elder abuse stares us into the face and we cant help but stare okay in terror and fear. The face of an old person with beaten black and blue or a disposition that showed the heartbreaking misery of being attacked or robbed by ones own family are indeed not only poignant pictures but terrifying as well.Imagine millions of faces like these. It would be a terrible world to live in. As already underscored earlier, elder abuse is underreported. Even as statistics show that millions of abuse cases have been reported, there are millions more who are hidden and kept secret. The reported statistics is just the tip of the iceberg. As also discussed, elder abuse is committed in resi dential facilities by no less than the health professionals who are supposed to be the protectors of their health and well-being. This is a cause of panic. This is an issue that should not escape the judicious eyes and ears of law and government.Occupational science could contribute so much in policy-making as well as designing protocols to prevent or treat elder abuse. References Bergeron, L. R. (2005). Elder abuse Clinical assessment and obligation to report. In K. A. Kendall-Tackett (Ed. ), Health consequences of abuse in the family A clinical guide for evidence based practice.. cap DC American Psychological Association. pp. 109-128. Blakely, B. & Dolon, R. (2006). Elder mistreatment (from Crisis Intervention in Criminal Justice/Social Service). Springfield, IL Charles C. Thomas Publisher Ltd. Chalk, R. and King, PA, eds. (1998).Violence in families Assessing prevention and treatment programs.. Washington, DC National Academy Press. Cohen, M. , et al. (2006). Risk of abuse by th eir caregivers development of a screening tool for identifying elderly people at risk of abuse by their caregivers. The Journal of Aging and Health. Retrieved Sept 25 2008 from ttp//jah. sagepub. com/cgi/content/abstract/18/5/660 Cronin, G. (2007). Elder abuse the same old drool? Emergency Nurse. Vol 15, No 3 June 2007. Dyer, C. & Rowe, J. 1999. Elder abuse. Trauma 1999 1 163-169 Arnold Publishers Fulmer, T. (2004). Progress in elder abuse screening and assessment instruments.Journal of the American gerontology Society. Vol 52, No 2. Retrieved January 10, 2009 from http//www. hartfordign. org/publications/trythis/issue15. pdf. Fulmer, T. , Paveza, G. , Abraham, I. , & Fairchild, S. (2000). Elder neglect assessment in the emergency department. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 26, 436-443. Hawes, Catherine. (2002). Elder abuse in residential long-term care facilities What is cognize about prevalence, causes, and prevention. Testimony before the U. S. Senate Committee on Finance, June 1 8, 2002. Retrieved April 13, 2009 from http//finance. senate. gov/hearings/testimony/061802chtest. pdf.

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Local Policy Paper

IntroductionThe criminal justice dodge of Texas (U.S.A) covers both criminal justice and civil justice, consist of virtue enforcement, police adjudication (the court system), and criminal corrections. Law enforcers includes attorneys, sheriff and police departments, and the state Department of Public Safety. Whilst, criminal corrections includes prisons, pardons, and paroles.Additionally, the criminal justice in Texas get hold ofs Office of the lawyer General (OAG). The Office of the lawyer General is the states top lawyer and law enforcer, which is elected by the citizens of Texas. The prime responsibility of the Office of the Attorney General includes defending the laws and constitution of the state, represent the state in lawsuit / court cases, and commend on bond issues.In addition, the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General includes mien of state agencies and other state officials and agencies, defending against challenges to state laws and suits against bot h state agencies and individual employees of the state, issuing sub judice opinions when requested by the Governor, and serving as legal counsel to all boards and agencies of state regime.The Antitrust and Civil Medicaid Fraud Division and Consumer Protection Division investigate in violations of state and federal antimonopoly statues, and consumer fraud and civil lawsuits. Both bureaus of the state are responsible in prosecuting such cases.Types of LawThe justice system of Texas are divided into Civil law, Criminal law and Administrative law. The civil law covers ant disputes between individuals and / corporations in the state. Criminal law encompasses crimes committed against the state, and any violations under the laws of the state.Administrative laws include laws set and enforces by the government other than the legislative body of the state. For example, the state sets curfew among electric shavers and imposes fines to violators. To be able to put on trial the alleged citi zen, the government of the state does have local anaesthetic courts, di morose (law) firms, lawyers, forensic laboratories, police and jails.Criminal Justice SystemIn general, most citizens wanted to punished criminals harshly, treat them as they wouldnt create any crime in the future. In most of the states, the justice system provides a moral trade-off between public safety and the protection of the rights of the criminals. Texas criminal justice system prefers immediate and strict punishment for the citizens violating the laws of the state.The criminal justice system in Texas has three components law enforcement and criminal prosecution, criminal trial and appeals, corrections. Each component of the criminal justice system of Texas comprises hundreds of employees. The Department of Public Safety as part of the criminal justice system of the state patrols roadways and other facilities of the state.The court system of Texas follows a hierarchy, in which, local courts are decentral ized among municipalities of Texas. The Supreme Court of Texas functions to regulate policies and laws among local courts. Unlike in other countries, the states in America do have each unconditional courts and the county (state) are considered autonomous / taken apart from the countrys policies and laws.Each of the components of the criminal justice of the state does function separately, with its own structure and implementation of its duties. Even though the criminal justice system of the state set standards on how the crimes will be investigated and prosecuted, this varies among localities / municipalities in the state. On the other hand, the criminal justice system in Texas performs strict policies despite its decentralization of the system. Most of the criminals are prosecuted and put up into jail (Brauchli, 2005).Sentencing and PenaltiesSentencing among criminals is based on the graded penalties which specify the degree of penalties to be enforce with regards to the degree of crime the accused done. The degree of crime is differentiated between misdemeanor and felonies. Misdemeanors are crimes with lower degree of punishment compare to felonies. Misdemeanor does involve petty crimes such as, minor drug possessions, generally crimes without involvement in injuring a person / citizen of the state. On the other hand, felonies are more serious crimes than misdemeanors. This includes theft, homicide, and restitution of states property. Both cases are prosecuted in district courts, severe crimes are prosecuted at the Supreme Court of Texas (The Justice System, 2006).Misdemeanor are considered minor crimes with minor punishments (graded in classes) while felonies are penalized by degrees. Upon committing felonial crime, the criminals are convicted to death. Repeat offenders involve assigning higher degree of felony. The criminal in return, may be convicted to a higher degree of punishment and in worst scenario, amputation of human rights of the accused.Implica tions of Policies to Criminal Justice System of TexasThe society set standards to what their state would behave and the policies to be implemented. The policies and laws enforce to provide the criminal justice system of the state a guide on how the system will investigate and prosecute crimes, accused the criminals, and punish them then to the degree of the crime they committed. The criminal justice of the state is transparent, meaning that the system works to defend the constitution, protect the citizens of Texas against criminals, and provide the citizens policies in order to maintain stop in the state.The criminal justice system of the state is not being harsh and cruel to its citizens the system only maintains upright decisions on which the citizens can impart fair treatment among any individuals. Weak implementation of policies and laws confers unfair justice, abuse of public property and upheaval.Wherever the citizens vote for the Sheriff and / or the Attorney General, the state shows the importance of country in Texas. The fast punishment to criminals made the justice system of the state respectable and fair. Criminals are subjected to prisonment if the court found the accused guilty. In short terms, the policies and laws are applied and not misused.On other hand, the criminal justice system of the state creates a back lag because of many positions allotted in the system. The system creates inefficiency in terms of uses of public funds, and ineffectivity in running the office (Texas, 2006).

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Identity: Romeo and Juliet and External Forces Essay

The Impact of External and Internal Forces on Ones identicalness What is identicalness? If you look in the dictionary, it will tell you that individualism is what defines somebody or something. however there is more to the meaning behind individualism than what is said in the dictionary. Identity is complex and changes over time in response to two primary(prenominal) factors. One factor that crapper m sure-enough(a) whizzs identicalness element is the forces inside of you, cozy forces. An example of an internal force is chi jakese. Our contend and come acrossion for someone or something shtup lead us to do things differently than a someone who doesnt guide the same degree of sleep with towards that per password or object. The early(a) factors that can emb middle-ageden a role in printing our identicalness ar external factors. External forces refer to the forces that are in our environment. An example of an external force that can affect ones identity is a so ulfulness.If a mortal cases to you a whole lot and you are refineing to pr flusht something mischievously from occurrent to him or her, wouldnt you stop at nonhing to prevent it from happening? This urge to prevent something bad from happening to the person you care roughly would probably have an impression on your actions and boilersuit identity. To synthesize, identity changes in response to both internal and external forces, meaning that one force does not surpass the separate. Both internal and external forces subject field to workher to form a persons identity as they stand by on with therefore, identity is m senescent by both external and internal forces. explore proves that identity can be affected by external forces. In C. Seefeldts phrase Factors Affecting amicable Development, he confirms that identity is mold by external forces, more specific entirelyy, where we are raised, family, and school affect our development.In the article, Seefeldt states that tho se exposed to domestic ab aim, gang violencedo not feel safe or secure. And that their insecurity will interfere with their come in development, meaning that children are more a equivalently to feel slight secure and unsafe if they stick up in or around unsafe communities and bad influences (Seefeldt). create by mental act yourself as a small child. Wouldnt it be scary to grow up around medicine addicts, thugs, and gangs? Wouldnt you be scared of the constant danger lurking around e rattling corner? Just exhausting the wrong colors can end your purport. Or maybe even things that you cant humanityoeuvre like your ethnicity can end you up in a coffin. If you grew up around all these scare situations, wouldnt these things buzz off you feel unsafe and less secure? Overall, the source telling us that maturement up as a child in an unsafe community can mess with their total development shows that identity can be formed by external forces. notwithstanding not only if does t he writer show us that growing up around veto forces shape ones identity, he similarly tells us that parents play a role in a childs overall development. As the article goes on, the writer states that parents who are social themselves serve as models for their children. Children may be able to use the image of their parents interacting with others in their profess attempts to father stars with other children, showing that parents interactions with their declare peers, can reflect on their childs social skills too. Have you ever heard the saying like father, like son or like mother like daughter? People usually say this because they fix something in the child that resembles the parent. This usually happens because the children follow patterns of behavior from their parents.The child can maybe copy how his parent duologue or can even copy simple things like how his parent walks. entirely did you know the focus a parent socializes can reflect on the childs social development? The article tells us that children can use the image of their parents socializing in their own attempts in making friends and being social themselves, and that parents who are more secure and competent offer children a model of security to bring in their own social skills. Ultimately, Seefeldt stating that parents can affect a childs development confirms that identity can be wrought by external forces once again.Around at the end of the article, Seefeldt similarly states that In addition to a childs family, the instructor becomes an agent of socialization presenting the idea that t individuallyers can in like manner have an act upon on a childs identity. Have you ever had a teacher that has affected your life? As the human beings, we all have teachers in our lives. Whether it be inside the schoolroom or out. They can teach us anything from math to valuable life lessons. And according to the article, they can withal set new or different standards for social behaviors meanin g that without our teachers, we probably wouldnt know ripe(p) from wrong. All in all, our environment, parents, and teachers, all external forces, can shape us in a negative or a constructive focal point.In Aida Bortniks short written report Celestes Heart, Celeste is regulate by external forces in a supportive centering, because her elfin companion causes her to go from a unverbalized girl to a strong-willed lady. As Celeste was putting her little brother to sleep, after yet some other penalisation from her teacher at school, her brother, as usual, asks her when he was breathing out to start to go to school, But that even she didnt laugh and she didnt conjecture up an answer. Celeste being speechless in this situation shows bonnie how scared she is for her brothers future (Bortnik 65). Celestes brothers question even outs her think of him piteous the same kind of punishment as she does. Even though Celestes brother isnt way out to go to her school for a long time, she worries for his future. Celeste is the only girl in her class that doesnt plain when the teacher punishes the class, tho as soon as she starts thinking nearly her brother enduring the same kind of mistreatment as she does, she realizes what she has to do.So the next time her teacher punished the class, she rebuked against the rough treatment for her brothers sake. Imagine yourself in Celestes shoes. Imagine your little sibling having to put your hands up simultaneously for a long period of time. Wouldnt you be worried and scared for your siblings future? Wouldnt you do anything so that your sibling wouldnt go through the same punishment as you? This is exactly what Celeste is doing. Ultimately, Celeste rebelling against her teacher and risking further punishment fair so that her brother wont endure the same punishment as her confirms that Celestes delight, an external force, affects her in a positive way.In William Shakespeares play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is shaped in a p ositive way by external forces as well because the encounters that she and Romeo have because they cause her to go from a nave, obedient girl to a mature, self-confident woman. In the opening act of the play, Lady Capulet asks Juliet if she can accept Paris love. Juliet moves that shell try to like if flavour liking move, solely she wont fall for him more than her mothers consent gives peculiarity to tiller it fly, showing us that she is pipe down too immature to make her own decisions and immature overall (1.3.99-101). She also shows us that she is childish in the way she thinks when she says that marriage is an honor that she doesnt think about (1.3.66). But after encountering Romeo, we retard her adopt a more adult persona. For example, during the balcony scene, Juliet says that the love they have for each other is too like lightning and that it is a bud of love still under summers ripening breath and the next time they meet, the flower will be beautiful, showing us that Juliet is mature enough to recognize that she is going too fast and recommends that the both of them take things slower. non only that, neertheless when Romeo asks Juliet to marry him, she asks where and what time theyll get married and adds that shell follow him throughout the existence wherever he goes. Juliet deciding to marry Romeo and going with him wherever he goes shows us that she is now mature enough to make her own decisions (2.2.146-148). And finally, we jut Juliets encounters with Romeo change her even more towards the end of the play. She complains that she has bought the mansion of love but not yet possessed it and even though she is sold, she is not yet enjoyed, meaning that Juliet wants to move in with Romeo and have sex with him already (3.2.26-27).All these events happen right after Romeo and Juliets first encounter at the Capulet party. And after that, we see start seeing Juliet change, more and more after or during every meeting with Romeo. From something li ttle like having the ability to make her own decisions, to something big like changing her sagaciousness about marriage. It is a well-known fact that the different pack we encounter in our lives can change our identities drastically or subtlely. For Juliet, this person is Romeo. As the play progresses, we see how Romeo changes her identity both drastically and subtlely. The way she acts and the way she thinks change all because of the moments she has with Romeo. Overall, Juliet changing from an obedient and nave girl to a capable, mature and self-assured woman because of the encounters she has with Romeo proves that she is shaped by external forces in a positive way. In K.L. Goings newfangled Saint Iggy, we can see that Iggy is shaped by external factors in a neutral way because the lack of presence and decent parenting of his parents causes him to look for other peoples stand by other than his parents during a hard time.When Iggy comes home from acquiring kicked out of school he wants to tell his parents all about it, but he cant because his mom went visiting someone and probably isnt coming back, and his atomic number 91 is stoned off his a**. Here we see that Iggy wants to tell his parents about what happened at school, but he cant because his mom isnt home and his dad is busy doing drugs (Going 1). So instead of desire help from his parents, he decides to get away from his dad and go to his friend Mos confide because he wants to seek his help and also because thats the only transport he can think of (15-18). Iggy not wanting to be around his dad during this hard time shows us that the lack of proper parenting from his dad causes Iggy to not want anything to do with his dad and decides to face the situation without him. Iggy also shows just how more than he doesnt want any of his parents help by seeking help from his friend.As we grow up our parents are usually the ones that get us through hard times no matter what theyre going through in their o wn lives. And we usually accept their much needed help and attention because we probably cant go through it on our own or with anyone else. But for Iggy, his parents havent been there for him during the hard times in his life since he was a little kid. Iggy probably lost trust in the fact that his parents are going to be there for him during this hardship. So instead of going to his parents like any other kid with good parents would do, he goes to his friend. Ultimately, Iggy going to his friend for help instead of his parents shows us that the lack of presence and proper guidance from his parents, an external force, causes him to seek other peoples help.In Edgar Allan Poes short story The Tell-Tale Heart, the narrators identity is shaped by the eye because he is coaxed by the eye to kill the man, showing that external forces can affect ones identity negatively as well. As the narrator was whining about the eye of the old man, he says whenever it fell upon me, my blood ran coldI mad e up my mind to take the life of the old man, and thus rid myself of the eye forever. The narrator telling us his horrid thoughts conveys just how smashed and sick of the dreaded vulture eye (Poe 1). He feels so sick that he plots to kill the old man, not for who he is, but alone for his so called dreaded eye. You can also infer just by how the narrator talks about the eye that it drives him to the point where he cannot hold the hysteria inside. manage when the narrator finally saw the old mans eye after many an(prenominal) nights of spy on him just to see his terrible eye and to murder him, he describes the eye as a dull blue, with a hideous veil over it that chilled the very marrow in his bones(4). It is a known fact that a person can dislike a person for an action or a trait however, they forec recidivate their feelings inside and go on with their lives because they have control over themselves. But the narrator just cant do the simple act of keeping his feelings inside and going on with life, instead, he murders the old man just to stop having to look at the dreaded eye. This shows that the old mans eye, an external force, influences the narrator to feel sick to his stomach, and ultimately end the old mans life forever.Not only can external forces have an impact on your identity, but internal forces can mold ones identity as well. In the article teen Identity Development, the author confirms that internal forces can shape our identity as well. As the writer talks about the different dimensions of identity, he tells us that our self-identity shapes our perceptions of belonging, meaning that the way we see ourselves usually particularise how we respond to different factors in our environment and how we react to them. In our lives, there can be many factors inside of us that can shape our identity, whether it be love, the drive to see someone, jealousy, or a appetency for power (Adolescent Identity Development).What the article is saying is that these forces can shape how we see and respond to society. For example, if you are a weak little boy growing up around gangs, you might see the power of gangs engaging and choose to indulge in illegal activities purely for your thirst for power. Or if youre head over heels in love with someone, your love may shape your actions and choices. Maybe even your willingness to see someone can cause you to do something you wouldnt normally do. All in all, these forces can every lead you to do something good, bad, or both.In O. Henrys short story The Gift of the Magi, the main character Della is shaped by internal forces and shows us that internal forces can affect a person positively because her passion for Jim causes her to sacrifice one of her most valuable possessions, her hair, just so she can get him a good Christmas present. But not only does she sacrifice her hair for him, but also the luck to use the silver she got from selling her hair to pay off her expenses. We can tell that not a lot of money came to Della and that she had many expenses to pay off because as the narrator was describing her life, he says twenty dollars a week doesnt go far. Expenses had been greater then she calculated they always are (Henry 2). And we can also tell that Dellas hair was worth a lot to her because the narrator tells us that there were two possessions of Dellas family that were valuable, one was Jims watchthe other was Dellas hair (3).We can see that Della loves Jim very much because she would much rather buy Jim a present than pay off her expenses or keep her hair. As human beings, it is normal for us to feel affection or fall in love with something, whether that something is a person, TV show, or a hobby. And we all have made sacrifices for things we love (flirting, doing homework, free time). But the love we have for that person, object, or hobby determines how big of a sacrifice we would make. For Della, her love for Jim causes her to sacrifice one of the only valuable things she owns, her hair. Her love for Jim makes her feel morally obligated to give him a present, or differently feel guilty. We can infer that Della probably didnt want to cut her hair, but then again, if she didnt come up with enough money to get Jim a decent present, she would feel guilty. Dellas love for Jim also causes her to not use the money for her hair on something else, her expenses.Ultimately, Della choosing to cut her hair and spend the money for a present for her dear Jim shows that she is shaped by her incredible love for Jim in a positive way, an internal force. In Mark Haddons novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Christopher is shaped by internal forces in a positive way as well because his drive to see and live with his mother gets him to do things we wouldnt expect from a person with autism. When his mother was explaining the time when Chris and her were a buying a Christmas gift, she says that Chris broke down because he was frightened of all of th e people in the shop. Chris jailbreak down because of the amount of people in a certain place shows us that he did not like lots if strangers around him (Haddon 106). But later in his life, Chris goes on a paraphernalia all by himself to London, just so he can finally see his mother. Chris also tells us that he doesnt like new places because he sees everything (140).Chris not liking new places shows us that he is scared of the outside world, But once we start to doubt Chris ability to go out into the world, he surprises us and proves us wrong. He goes on a whole adventure to places he does not know, just in the name to see his mother. It is a known fact that sacrifices are a part of our lives. We make them for our own desires and our loved ones. Our sacrifices can be big or small depending on what we intend to accomplish. For Chris we see him make a big sacrifice by doing something he horribly hates, going to a new place with lots of people (subway).We see that Christophers drive to see his mom causes him to do things he would never do under normal circumstances. We can infer that Chris probably hated being on the train but his willingness to reunite with his mother caused him to tough it out and stay inside. We can only imagine how threatening this experience for Christopher was. Just imagine not liking the feeling of being surrounded by people you dont know and being in the same situation as Chris. Would you have stayed in that area? Chances are, if you didnt have a reason to be there and go through that ache like Chris, you wouldnt stick around at all. Overall, Christopher is shaped by internal forces in a positive way because his drive to see his mother causes him to sacrifice staying home and being secluded from the world like how he usually likes and going out into the world..In Frank Stocktons short story The Lady or the tiger, the princess shows us that internal forces can affect a persons identity either positively or negatively, because the porti on of viciousness inside of her and her love for the youth lead her to do things she doesnt want to, see things that arent really happening, and can ultimately lead to the death or happiness of the youth. When the day of the youths trial arrived, the princess followed it. But had it not been for the moiety of barbarism in her nature it is probably that the lady would not have been there.The princess attending the trial even though she doesnt want to shows that the princess herself does not want to attend the youths trial, but she goes to it anyway to satisfy her barbaric desires. Have you ever done something that one side of you disagrees about doing it, but the other side in all agrees with your decision? This is what exactly is happening to the princess.One half of her doesnt want to attend the trial, but the barbaric side of her coaxes her to do it anyways, ultimately showing that the barbarism the princess inside of her controls her choices and well-being. But the princess i dentity is not only shaped by her barbarism, but also by the love and affection she has for the youth. As the narrator was talking about a lady that the princess despises, he says that the princess had often seen or imagined that she had seen, this fair animate being throwing glances of admiration upon the person of her lover, and sometimes she thought these glances were perceived, and even returned, showing that the princess love for the youth is clouding her mind from the truth and reality (8).The princess starts assuming that her love is being charmed by the lady and that she might lose the youth to her. These assumptions make the princess very jealous and envy of the lady. Not only do the princess barbaric desires and love for the youth trick her mind, but could very well end the youths life, or simply salvage it. All in all, the princess exhibiting that internal forces can shape ones identity in either a positive or negative proves that internal forces can make an impression o n a persons identity positively or negatively.In his memoir Always Running, Luis Rodriguez shows us that internal forces can affect a persons identity in a totally negative way because his thirst for power causes him to go from a helpless little boy to a power thirsty hooligan. When Luis was in school one day, Thee Mystics, a powerful and influential gang, raided his school. As the commotion slowly came dangerously towards Luis way, he was riveted, riveted by the power Thee Mystics possessed. When Thee Mystics finished their raid, Luis says that he cherished this power and precious to be able to bring a whole school to its knees and even make the teachers squirm. He also states that They had left their mark on the school- and on me (Rodriguez 42). After Luis sees how Thee Mystics substantially took control of his school, he cute one thing they had, power.He wanted to finally be able to overcome the weal and afraid(predicate) reputation he was labeled as, and finally obtain what he wanted when he wanted it. Not only can you see the imprint this day made on Luis throughout the book (starts getting into trouble, begins to hang out with the wrong people, and eventually gets kicked out of school), but he confesses it as well. Power is what everyone on the QT craves in their lives. Especially for an immigrant like Luis who was always pushed aside and left out simply he wasnt an American citizen. So when Luis saw Thee Mystics power, he saw gangs as a quencher for his thirst of power. Luis just wanted a break from being taken advantage of by Rano, by teachers, by the cruel discriminative society he lived in. Ultimately, Luis wanting power at an early age after he witnessed how easily Thee Mystics brought his school to its knees proves that he is influenced by his desire of power, an internal force, in a negative way. Both internal and external forces can shape a persons identity and how they turn out to be.I can use my own life as evidence for this because you c an definitely see the imprint of both forces on my identity. My desire to be the silk hat is one of the biggest internal forces that shape me because it causes me to go to try my hardest in everything I do. Myself in school would be a good example of me pushing myself to be the best. Whenever I get assigned to do something, I try my hardest to produce the best piece of work I can. Whether it is an essay or a simple worksheet, I will try my hardest to make it perfect. I also try to make my grades the highest they can. If I have an A I will try my hardest to make it a higher A. My desire for perfection can also be seen in everything I do outside of school. Like if my parents make me vacuum the house I will literally spend hours to make the house the cleanest it can possibly be. When I do something I try to do it at the best possible degree I can. This obsessiveness for perfection usually leads me to do things other people wouldnt do.Things like staying up until 1 am to write one para graph and trying my hardest on amend an A grade. Overall, my desire for perfection and to be the best reflects on my identity, but not only do internal forces affect my identity, but external forces act on my identity as well, more specifically, my parents because they make me want to keep on striving for success when things get hard. This encouragement from my parents causes me to not only get through hard times, but it also causes me to get good grades. In fact, without them, I dont believe I would be where I am in terms of school because they are my warmth in doing well in school. Ultimately, both internal and external forces shape who I am because my desire to be the best in everything I do and my parents causes me to be the person I am today.In conclusion, identity changes overtime in response to both external and internal forces, meaning that people can choose what their identity is shaped by to a certain extent, but there are still things in our environment that can affect our identity too. Studies show that external forces can shape identity because people, objects, and other things in our environment all have the power to mold us either negatively or positively as we mature. Not only does research show us that ones identity can be shaped by external forces, but characters from stories also prove the same. Characters like Celeste from Celestes Heart, Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, Iggy from Saint Iggy, and the narrator from The Tell-Tale Heart show us that identity can be molded by external forces, but not only can identity be shaped by external forces, identity can also be shaped by internal forces.Research also shows us that Identity can be shaped by forces inside of us like our love, hatred, etc. Like external forces, internal forces can shape ones identity in a positive way, or negative way. Della from The Gift of the Magi, Chris from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, the princess from The Lady or the Tiger, and Luis from Always R unning are all excellent examples of internal forces affecting a persons identity. My life can be used to exhibit the effect of both internal and external forces on a persons life. To sum it up, external and internal forces can shape a persons identity negatively or positively.Works CitedAdolescent Identity Development. 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Harold Bloom. New York W. W. Norton and Company, 1998. 1-13. Print.