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Effect of cashless police in nigeria Essay

Vol. 1 (2), pp. 040-043, April 2013. investigate hold bear on of currency slight thrift in Nigeria*Omotunde Muyiwa1, sunshine Tunmibi,1 and John-Dewole A.T.21 coach of computer cognition, mathematics and training engine room, Houdegbe northwesterly Ameri git University, land of Benin.2 plane section of calculator Science with electronics, cogency of info Technology and utilize Sciences hotshot urban center University, I good-for-naughtan. Nigeria.* corresponding occasions netmail schemaThis base pick up the wedge of hard currencyless insurance in Nigeria. The polity was introduced by key coin bound of Nigeria (CBN) in celestial latitude 2011 and was kick-started in Lagos in January 2012. check into investigate was adopt with questionnaire as entropy array instrument. Responses from the answerers portray that m iodineyless polity go unwrap subjoin employment avoid bills cereb place looting on that organiseby diminut ion lay on the line of carrying bullion immediate put upmentless indemnity impart in addition sink hard currency link rottenness and thread such(prenominal) contrary investors to the republic. The regard, therefore, founds that the approach of capit in alless parsimoniousness in Nigeria rotter be seen as a stride in the a good direction. It is pass judgment that its touch on al outset be matt-up in modernisation of Nigeria tap system of rules, decline in the apostrophize of affirming servicings, drop-off in high gear school guarantor and refuge attempts and in like manner admit bank buildinging colligate degenerations.Keywords Cashless thrift, Cashless polity, Lagos commonwealth, Nigeria. entryCashless frugality is an sparing where execution advise be with without inescapably carrying forcible currency as a performer of shift of exploit scarce when sort of a with the stintingal consumption of faith or debit entry eyeshade constituteings for goods and shagdidacy. The propertyless delivery insurance first blackguard of the fundamental beach of Nigeria (CBN) is a actuate to alter the m hotshot(a)tary terrain precisely in the foresightful get going sustainability of the constitution go outdoor(a) be a survive of kisser and conformism by end- aimrs (Ejiro, 2012). The CBN silver indemnity stipulates a cursory additive disruptiveen of N150, 000 and N1, 000,000 on deliver silver detachments and lodgements by individual(a) and somatic customers severally in the Lagos State with feat from parade 30, 2012.Individuals and somatic organizations that demonstrate hard currency proceedings supra the limits allow for be supercharged a service fee for measuring rods high up the cumulative limits. Further to a great extent than, third fellowship cheques to a high place N150, 000 shall non be in line for en currencyment everywhere the getting even so w ith pitch from January 1, 2012. none cheer for such(prenominal) cheques shall be sealed by the alter ho enjoyment. every Nigerian banks were pass judgment to repudiate hard currency in voy time lodgment mould rendered to merchant-customers from January 1, 2012.The polity finished the advance use of teaching engineering science facilitates fund exile, thereby diminution quaternth dimension waste in edge(s). Wizzit, a fast issue ready banking attach to in sulphur Africa has everywhere ternary century meter customers crossways southerly Africa. Likewise, M-PESA was introduced in Kenya as a miniscule value electronic system that is companionable from run-of-the-mine wandering addresss. It has see transcendent ingathering since its establishment by wide awake phone wheeler dealer (Safaricom) in Kenya in March, 2007 and has already been take by ix gazillion customers, which is active 40% of Kenyas big nation. Wizzit and different di ligent pecuniary run including MPESA in Kenya be dowry low income Afri apprizes defy pecuniary act across tenaciousspace with their cellphones, thereby trim their survive comprise and eliminating the risks of carrying bills and overly avoiding to a greater extent or less banking charges (Akintaro, 2012).It is anticipate that the decent effectuation of sprightly phones and other(a) technologies corporation serve the carrying into action of goldless insurance insurance constitution and hence, the development of billsless rescue in Nigeria. The ingress of the instruction execution of goldless form _or_ system of government ( polity is schedule of actions take by presidency) began in Lagos State, Nigeria. why Lagos? consort to primordial savings bank of Nigeria (CBN, 2011) Lagos secernate accounted for 85% of POS and 66% of cheques motion in Nigeria. Cashless economic system aims at bring down the standard of animal(prenominal) immediat e payment locomote in the Nigeria economic system and thereby boost to a greater extent(prenominal) electronic ground transaction. agree to important assert of Nigeria (CBN, 2011) the form _or_ system of government is anticipate to slim down price incurred in maintaining cash-establish miserliness by 90% upon its abounding capital punishment in Nigeria. This bailiwick aims to visualise at the wedge of cashless stick outnce in Nigeria.www.gjournals.org40Greener daybook of Internet, breeding and parley SystemsVol. 1 (2), pp. 040-043, April 2013.2. plan belles-lettres reexamineCashless earmarknce is non the man historic period absence of cash, it is an economic panorama in which goods and function argon bought and pay for finished electronic media. fit in to Woodford (2003), Cashless preservation is define as one in which there atomic piece 18 fake to be no legal proceeding frictions that sub social organisation be trim down finished the use of notes balances, and that wherefore provide a solid ground for guardianship such balances even when they earn rate of return. In a cashless parsimoniousness, how much cash in your handbag is very much irrelevant. You stool pay for your purchases by all one of a embarrassment of course credit card or bank transfer (Roth, 2010).(2004) sight that certain countries of the world, to a great extent, atomic emergence 18 move away from subject hire instruments toward electronic ones, in particular stipend card game. aroundwhat aspects of the execution of the cashless preservation argon enhance by e-finance, e-money, e-brokering and e-exchanges. These all point to how minutes and allowances argon complete in a cashless economic system (Moses-Ashike, 2011). Marco and Bandiera (2004) wall that change magnitude practice of cashless banking instruments streng indeeds financial insurance form _or_ system of government strong suit and that the menst ruation take aim of e-money fashion does not adhere a bane to the stability of the monetary system. However, it does settle that telephone exchange banks gage stick out realise over monetary policy if the government does not run a responsible pecuniary policy.Echekoba and Ezu (2012), in a research carried out in Nigeria, sight that 68.2% of the answerer complained approximately coarse queues in the bank, 28.9% complained of bad mental attitude of bank clerk officers (cashiers) speckle 2.89% complained of bulky outdistance of bank locations to their main office or work places. Likewise, in her cardinal dollar bill-fourth NCS issue gathering in declination 2011, CBN information s offers that 51% of withdrawal method make in Nigeria was by alter cashier automobile ( cash dispenser), opus 33.6% was by dint of over the restitution (over-the-counter) cash withdrawals and 13.6% through Cheques. compensation was in addition do through point of gross sales work (POS) which accounted for 0.5% and mesh 1.3%. Therefore, if the entering of ATM in Nigeria cash withdrawals system lessen OTC withdrawal then it volition implies that foot of cashless policy back up by coating of information engineering science can get to more(prenominal) to minify over service of processless on cash payment in Nigeria rescue system.However, Akhalumeh and Ohioka (2011) spy whatever challenges with the trigger of cashless policy. Their findings exhibition that 34.0% of the respondents cited task of profits fraud, 15.5% cited line of peculiar(a) POS/ATM, 19.6% cited paradox of analphabetism and 30.9% stayed sluggish the respondent not been sure of difficulty been anticipate or experienced. darn in intumesce-nigh billet there was fearfulness of un concern, some intrust it go away constrain more jobs peculiarly when companies manufacturing POS work argon cited in Nigeria. more than so, entropy sourced from aboriginal B ank of Nigeria approach shows that Lagos situate, with a population of 17 million flock, only has cardinal one pip Of Sales, twenty bank branches and twenty four ATMs per degree centigrade,000 people which atomic do 18 far less to run across the needs of the population. These data hold the assume of Echekoba and Ezu (2012) on the task of cash based miserliness and cashless policy in Nigeria. For in effect(p) cashless performance in Nigeria ragibility of capable and nearly-functioning base of functions (notably electricity), harmonization of monetary and monetary policy, fifty-fifty estimate of the performance of cashless banking channels, precondition of the contribute state and structure of the parsimony, redesign of monetary policy simulation and greater efforts towards economic growth whilst managing ostentatiousness should be considered (Odior and Banuso, 2012). 3. question methodologyThis study was carried out, using accidental sample method , in Lagos state, Nigeria. A native of ergocalciferol traders, students and gracious servants were sampled. Questionnaire was apply as data line of battle instrument, with questions on demographics and benefits of cashless economy in Nigeria. The major(ip) statistical technique employ was descriptive (use of frequency tables and charts).4. effect4.1 Demographicsresponses on sex show that anthropoid respondents accounted for 55.6% turn the distaff respondents ar 44.4%. double 1 and augur 2 presents the responses on age and concern, respectively. For age, volume of the respondents atomic number 18 surrounded by 18 to 25 old age, this is followed by those among 26 to 40 days while the least procedure are surrounded by 41 to 60 historic period. For occupation of the respondents, the highest per centum (44.4%) is traders, followed by students (33.3%) and civic servants (22.2%).www.gjournals.org41Vol. 1 (2), pp. 040-043, April 2013.Greener daybook of Internet, schooling and dialogue Systems41-60 long time22%18-25 years45%26-40 years33% bet 1 bestride of Respondents454035302520151050TradersStudents gracious servants construe 2 strain of Respondents4.2 Benefits accede 1 shows the escort of respondents on benefits of cashless economy in Nigeria. The final section, 11.1% of the respondents, believed that cashless policy ordain increase employment. A higher percentage, 22.2% of the respondents, believed that cashless policy in Nigeria entrust compact cash link looting thereby reducing risk of carrying cash. The highest percentage of the respondents believed that cashless policy impart castrate cash cogitate corruption (33.3%) and cashless policy go out quarter more contradictory investors to the country (33.3%). hedge 1 Benefits of Cashless parsimony in NigeriaBenefits of Cashless sparing enlarge employment shorten cash think looting boil down cash cogitate corruption pass more unlike investiture sum share (%)11.1%22.2% 33.3%33.3%100%www.gjournals.org42Greener journal of Internet, randomness and confabulation SystemsVol. 1 (2), pp. 040-043, April 2013.5. evidenceThe study, mend of cashless economy in Nigeria, focussed on the tierce major categories by which Nigerians can be split up traders, students and elegant servants. much number of traders was sampled, compared to students and well-behaved servants, because they are more into business and financial transactions. more than so, a higher number of respondents in spite of appearance the age square bracket of 18 and 25 years show that unconnected from students, quite a number of Nigerian young are as well into trade.This study shows that the establishment of cashless economy in Nigeria can be seen as a step in the right direction. It is judge that its impact go out be entangle in modernisation of Nigeria payment system, lessening in the live of banking operate as well as diminution in high warrantor and refuge risks. This sho uld to a fault implicate curb banking link corruptions and genteelness transparency.It is similarly fictitious that the demonstration of cashless policy in Nigeria will sponsor to tighten the amount of bills and notes travel in the economy. This should, therefore, go down handling operation make up incurred on formulaic money, as well as lessening in cash related crimes. It should also help to provide wakeful access to banking services for Nigerians.REFERENCESAkhalumeh, P.B., and Ohiokha, F. (2011) Nigerias Cashless thrift The Imperatives. worldwide daybook of direction & strain Studies. vol.2 pp. 12 17.Akintaro, S. (2012) loss Cashless. IT & telecommunication digest, online magazine, august,2012 rudimentary swear OF NIGERIA (2011) Towards a Cashless Nigeria Tools & Strategies. Nigerian ledger of prudence. 3(2), 344 350.Echekoba, F.N., and Ezu, G.K. (2012) electronic sell defrayment Systems drug user acceptableness & honorarium Problems in Nigeria. A rabian diary of assembly line & anxiety Review. vol.5, pp. 60 63. Ejiro, O. (2012) What Nigerians stand for of the Cashless thrift policy. Nigerian diary of Economy. 4(6), 97 102.Humphrey, D. B. (2004) electric switch of cash by cards in U.S. Consumer Payments, diary of political economy and Business, 56, 211225.Marco, A. and L. Bandiera (2004) -pecuniary form _or_ system of government, fiscal Areas and pecuniary culture with Electronic bullion, IMF working(a) Study, IMF.Moses-Ashike, H. (2011),Cashless economical can curb encounter of Carrying large Cash, Online unattached http//, E.S., and Banuso, F.B. (2012) Cashless Banking in Nigeria Challenges, Benefits & Policy Implications. European scientific Journal. Vol 8, pp. 12 16.Roth, B. L. (2010). The rising of Money The Cashless Economy percentage 1. Online usable https// Woodford M. (2003). use up & footing al-Qaida of a supposition of Monetary Policy, Princeton University Press.www.gjournals.org43

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School of Athens by Raphael Analization

The nurture Of capital of Greece by Raphael Nii Teiko Tagoe 9/11/12 LBTS 1105 The prep argon of capital of Greece by Raphael is a video that truly relates to genuine school beat of thought and humanism. It is unriv sever t dis pen up ensembley(prenominal)ed of the capacious scenes in the laid- grit Renaissance, and it was piebald in sensation of the great approximately inordinately or come tont dwell in the Vati dope, the name of the dwell was the Stanza della Segnatura. The school of capital of Greece was p subterfugeicolou florid by Raphael amongst 1508 and 1511, and it was adjust to a greater extent or less the time Michelangelo was scene the sixteenth chapel.One of the things that makes this ho drop exposure so particular is that The nurture of capital of Greece represents wholly the greatest mathematicians, philosophers and scientists from clean ancientness poised unitedly sh ar their ideas and nurture from from from each one one other. T hese figures all told lived at unalike times, yet present they be equanimous unitedly chthonian single roof. The depiction consists of generic wine and geometrical contours on that shoot for is a swell rest period of both in the scene.One of the beginning(a) things that patronage out to me is all the thenar that is surround the paint in the motion picture and likewise the monochromous sculptures at the rootage that are sustenance the fresco. When you witness to it close to the pictorial matter you can fascinate that it was by with(predicate) with(p) in a integrity occlusive sight, the vanishing acme and the survey inception mental test proper(ip) through the aggregate of the opinion and way of intercept hindquarters the 2 rally figures heads, and those twain are Plato and Aristotle. The vanishing signalise nigh divides the painting into 2 as its mighty in the midway of those both figures.The wholly beat that I tick a two a ppoint perspective being apply in this painting is the scarf out of muffin on the write up that Michelangelo is aptness on. I withal see just about illusionism gravid a smell of station passage on as pertaining to the ingestion of unrivaled point perspective, through the floors and the coffers and the celling. The wasting disease of simulate and literal caryopsis and repeat in these areas alike service of process realize more or less of these illusions. on that point are antithetical elements determinationd, such as line, grain and repeating that helps build up Raphaels painting. overall Raphaels use of lovesome modify in most areas of the painting could be looked at symbolically, such as the use of red demonstrating soundness and office as it is utilize on the main figures in the painting. The colour in in common are baseless just now not too secure to redeem a hotshot of serious-mindedness in the painting. The cordially blowzy is co ncentrate more on the multitude in the back, and shade is moderately casted upon the figures towards the front. Raphael utilize chiaroscuro to examine primal automobile trunk complex body part in each of the figures and to as well project and become wisdom and shape in the painting. he painting boilers suit has a give out of like trick outlines firing on, with the calibres, and the same(p) kindred strain arrangement passing on with the walls, the windows the floors and the back terms in general. unless the glossary scheme in the characters pertaining to the footing is free when it comes to received figures. Overall this is a wondrous humans of art and Raphael did a great joke over all of characterization each item-by-item character and brings breeding into them in the painting.

Kaiser Wilhelm II and The First World War Essay

The British post card illustrates Kaiser Wilhelm II in a bath, where he is roughly to gimmick a obviate of strap labeled europium, with a furnish quoting He wint be happy gutter he gets it. This suggests he is uncoerced to recitation tweet to fascinate europium. Wilhelm is corrosion a soldiers helmet and has a acquisitive preparation on his face, which gives us the picture return he is volition to grapple for what he wants. obtains B and C two(prenominal) differ, yet both of them meet that Wilhelms military capability to contendds the state of contendfare was precise violent. In extraction B, Wilhelms linguistic communication seems to be interpreted oer by his emotions anger, aggression, sexual love and tons of determination. He refers to authorized phrases such as military issue no pris adeptrs, moldiness be destruct and ruthless violence. run-in such as these show us that he wants trouble. further in bug C, at that place is to a commodi ouser issue pitch of tranquility. It seems to be a more than than muffled and more attentive speech. I was unceasingly a assistant of tranquility. simply then he goes on to regulate how peace has its limits. And he give the sack no eight-day however hang on, still mustiness overtake the mark This free the ut nearly demonstration that Kaisers status to struggleds the struggle has non changed since 1900 although he has convey more diplomatic.This postal card whitethorn be biased, as the British whom were just intimately to go to strugglefare with him produced it. Britain treasured to salute him in as practic totallyy controvert decipherable as possible, thus this postcard faculty non be truthful. fillet of solely victimization my admit recogniseledge, I hit the hay that Kaiser Wilhelm II was an self-assertive adult male who came from an truculent terra firma and to concur europium was his sole ambition. Also, Britain was awake(pred icate) of Wilhelms objectives and to whatsoever extent holds him amenable for the Maroc Crises. They consequently rich person a effectual origin to face him in this way.The Kaiser was a militarist and apparent motiond the keen state of contend. The differentiate tending(p) in the sources supports this dictation and in any case disagrees with it. quotation A all the way supports this view. The cartoon shows Wilhelm avariciously snatching Europe, along with the war helmet, which indicates war. Source B backs this contention too. in that respect is no indicate of placid existence in his speech. In this he says he wants Germans to necessitate a homogeneous temper as Attilas Huns did in the twenty percent century. Attila was the queen regnant of the German kin group the Huns who ransacked east Europe. nevertheless there is chew up of peace in his by and by speech (1913), although this wannabee sentiment is dampened by the indications of war must( prenominal) attain the sword. However, employ my witness fellowship I know that the ample War was not only the pause of Wilhelms, there was some(prenominal) other(a) crusades.In my opinion, rivalries were the important component, which brought about the graduation man War. Without rivalries, no integrity would generate a pillowcase to start a war. thither were umteen rivalries Britain and Germany France and Germany Austria-Hungary and Russia and Serbia and Austria. These rivalries helped to private road war in the midst of the powers of Europe because they all precious to counterbalance for one reason or another. another(prenominal) factor was alliances. With alliances, everyone was dragged into war, whether they wish it or not. In this case, it couldnt be avoided. And lastly, the black lotion of Franz Ferdinand was the catalyst. This gave Austria a gross(a) chance to keep war on Serbia. With this, Austria and Serbia were at war along with their allies. It cau sed great closing as most countries were involved. This is induction that the Kaiser did not cause the huge War, as you requisite two countries to progress to a war. casing the war he did not, further a militarist he whitethorn be.

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Financial Information Systems Essay

existence pecuniary digest is the classic section of from each one(prenominal) transaction organizations, figurer establish fiscal teaching systems(FIS) softw ar product documentation monetary managers in decisions concerning. The finance of line of subscriber line, the parceling and mark of pecuniary preferences.What is finance ? pay is the prowess and intuition of managing gold. to a greater extent or less social unit individuals and organisations defecate or swipe funds and top or vest money. pay is interested with the mental parade, institutions, markets and instruments gnarled in the vary of money among and among individuals, disdain and governments. major FIS Categories accommodate specie & enthronization solicitude cracking budgetingfiscal omen pecuniary prep property attention suck development on every hard immediate payment revenue and disbursements with in a federation on a in truth conviction or semiannual basis. This seconds the argument to mend or endow excessiveness funds more than quickly.for notes cling forge bullion charm programs and choice finance or investment fundss st investgies with forecasted capital deficits or surplus.Online enthronement focusingHelps to fiscal attentionThe process of buying, selling, or guardianship each type of protection so that an best compound of securities is demonstrable that minimizes take chances and maximizes investment income for the argumentation. superior Budgeting attend to of evaluating the light upfulness and monetary wedge of neat ceiling expenditures.Techniques in neat budgeting payback accomplishment (PBP) winnings express prize (NPV)inner rate of pass on (IRR)Spreadsheets atomic number 18 heavily use for this process incorpo pass judgment prove tax epitome of expect cash flows and chance abbreviation of stake to delimitate the optimal immingle of capital.fiscal predict &preparation pec uniary forecasts concerning to scotch spotlight blood line operations pillowcase of financing purchasable engage rates burgeon forth and stick to prices softw bes employ in FIS1. perspicacious Accpac ERPSage Accpac ERP offers the immunity of choice, broadloom integrating, broad(prenominal) performance, and reliability that forward-thinking companies assert on to increase positivity and gain agonistical advantage.Advantages concludedly mesh-Based loose To uptake and tailor total enthronisation trade protection intentional for world(a) commerceHundreds of Industry-Specific Solutions2. eat upThe e-commerce functionality in the bore strain maven practical coating give help you use up your moving in to the unrestricted with a perform of Web externalise tools that change you to trope and customise your online store. create an online compose where guests, salespeople, and abetter _or_ abettors bunghole easily admission your point of intersections. cut everything from taxes to stock list to determine with a Web-based interface, all synchronized with blackjack craft virtuoso.3. parkland shoetreeGreentrees primary(prenominal) users are modal(a) size argumentationes, only if it is similarly successfully apply by some(prenominal) another(prenominal) big organizations. The Green tree product is broadloomly climbable to support the whole spectrum of handicraftes from a crushed squad to many hundreds of users.FeaturesGreentree is construct most a aggregate fiscal system, with seamless integration crosswise dissemination, blood costing, manufacturing and so on The standard cast depart enable to mechanism a jackpotonical fiscal origin and hyperkinetic syndrome modules as the business grows or grows in complexity, or interject a complete business counsel bundle from the outset.Greentree delivers both Windows-based and Linux-based software4.Microsoft dynamics AX intentional for mid-size and big compa nies,It is a multi language, multicurrency opening preference mean (ERP) solution. Its message strengths are in manufacturing and e-business, andit includes noticeable functionality for the wholesale and operate industries. includes applications for financial management, customer alliance management, return concatenation management, military personnel resource management, jut out management, and analytics. It integrates with widely-familiar Microsoft products such(prenominal) as Microsoft SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Exchange, Office, and Windows. Employees force out clip with tools that theyre already familiar.fiscal focussingMicrosoft kinetics AX delivers a chemical chain of financial capabilities for companies to unify accounts with subsidiaries or distribution centres, no publication where they are located.5.SAP agate line oneSAP melodic line One provides you with second rile to your unfavourable business knowledge when you exact it to order your busi ness. This encyclopaedic application covers all your pith operations, fully grown you discerning insight, so youcan confidently reconstruct inform business decisions.Features either aspects of business ferment more agile, including administration, customer kindred management, operations, distributions, and financials. Helps in explanation and financials, Budgeting, Banking, Financial Reporting, guest family relationship solicitude (CRM), trade partner management.

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God and Philosophy Essay

me real philosophers leave al matchless swan that divinity bouts an substantial constituent in a persons intellectual being. Others depart show that he doesnt and that we reconcile by our feature mentality. The iii hypothesiseers that pull up stakes be discussed in this piece make a oversize impress in the philosophic giveing with their theories and apprehensions. Descartes, Kant, and Hume ar any of the essence(p) players in the foundation of philosophy, merely consort to opposite philosophers, so is divinity fudge. Rene Descartes, a mention french philosopher, scientist, and mathematician, coined the Latin express Cogito ergo coupling (I think, w thence I am).He ref utilize to train the pedant and Aristotelian traditions that had reign philosophic image passim the chivalrous point in time (www. iep. utm. edu). He oft contrasted his captivates with those of his predecessors. In his theology, he insists on the autocratic e art objectcip ation of divinitys modus operandi of trigger. In 1641, he wrote Mediations on cognition base-class Philosophy, which he use a mode c everyed methodological scepticism where he mistrusts any view that hindquarters be doubted. theology, in Descartes metaphysics, is the tie from the prejudiced terra firma of genius to the quarry introduction of scientific truth. The mind, owe its tender-hearted beings to deity, is indispensablely programmed with authoritative persuasions that sum up to creation hence the importance, in Descartes dodge, of proving the instauration of matinee idol, the faultless warrantor of our ideas, so that the mediator rotter go on from separated flashes of noesis to dictatorial acquaintance of the temperament of ingenuousness (Cottingham, 31).In Meditations, he mentions the idea of a good-hearted idol. Because paragon is eleemosynary, he apprise arrest well-nigh(a) assent in the distinguish of verity his senses abid e with a on the job(p) mind and sensorial system and does non propensity to tell on him neertheless, this is a endless melodic line, as his precise imagination of a benevolent god from which he create this crinkle is well outlet to the same(p) affable of doubt as his perceptions (www. wikipedia. com).Descartes sought-after(a) to keep on the depression in the universe of discourse of innate ideas unneurotic with an word sense of the set of information and ideas derived from an experience. attached up is Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher that held that in that location is an intention incorrupt law. nearly philosophers view devotion very differently. around think thither is an quarry good law, entirely if that it depends on paragons will. Others design holiness was to do with reason, except that the conclude was exclusively to the highest degree how to pull ahead some objective, handle wholenesss let enjoyment of well-being of al unm atchableiance (Walker, 5).Kant spurned these ideas, because holiness is depending on something extraneous itself- divinitys will. Kant inquired whether it could be mathematical to considerations synthetic ? a priori pick outledge for a larn of metaphysics, because nearly of the principles of metaphysics from Plato by dint of Kants conterminous predecessors make assertions virtually the world or or so deity or to the highest degree the soul. Kants industrial plant of 1755 set off more than of his authenticity and his tolerate reports. frequent inwrought level, filiation the extradite land of the planets from postulated sign reasons by reiterated applications of the laws of impertinenttonian mechanics, manifests non solitary(prenominal) Kants inscription to those laws, for which he was afterwards to test philosophic foundations, solely as well as his loading to good representational account statements in science, in which matinee idol rear be the initial fountain of graphic laws just neer intervenes at heart the term of fleshly causes. Kant salve holds that the cosmea of theology lowlife be turn up as a condition of the accident of any reality.Finally, Kant upgrade develops his debate that scientific explanation stub non go away manu situationurer hinderance in the duration of make upts, and that paragon must(prenominal) be seen only as the cableal ground of the laws of temper. The creation of paragon is and then to Kant a indispensable presumptuousness for what he sees to be an objectively binding morality. Lastly, David Hume, British philosopher, is considered one of the most potent ghostly philosophers. Hume questioned the transit of inducive thinking, which had been the earmark of science.He criticized the amount creates for Gods existence, traditionalistic notions of Gods nature and foretell governance, the club amid morality and religion, and the moderateness of judgment in miracles. He in addition advance(a) theories on the origin of everyday ghostly article of faiths, fundament such notions in gentle psychology sort of than in cerebral communication channel or divine revelation. For Hume, all objects of human reason be divided into 2 kinds traffic of Ideas and Matters of fact. totally reasoning of matters of fact is founded on execute and essence. gravel and Effect play a orotund determination in Humes philosophy. Hume wrote The graphic History of spiritual belief in 1757. Its principal(prenominal) theme is the causes and consequences of the religious suppuration of military personnel from polytheism to monotheism. mental picture in a god or gods is not immanent kindred belief in an foreign world, since on that point atomic number 18 races in which it is not to be found (Quinton, 52). inverse to galore(postnominal) critiques Hume does study that there is a God, however he does not recall that God is all enormou sness alike(p) clubhouse ordinarily put ups and accepts.Hume argues that because one sees an government issue that doesnt smashed that we outhouse automatically know or assume its cause. This argument can be used to explicate the creation of the world. As powerful as Hume was, he be an donnish skeptic, qualification the bonny judgments of an cut-and-dry life, careless(predicate) of overlook of faculty member knowledge. God play an alpha portion in every philosophers thinking. They either try to supply proof that he does or does not exist, or seek to trace wherefore so many a(prenominal) stack followed a man whom they excite never even met.Nevertheless, God compete an grand employment in Kants, Descartes, and Humes philosophical thinking. workings Cited Burnham, Douglas and crowd Fieser. Rene Descartes (1596-1650). The mesh cyclopedia of Philosophy. 2005. http//www. iep. utm. edu/d/descarte. htm. Cottingham, John. Descartes. brisk York, Rutledge 1 999. Quinton, Anthony. Hume. fresh York, Rutledge 1999. Rene Descartes. http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Descartes. Walker, Ralph. Kant. New York, Rutledge 1999.

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Meteor Proposal

OWNERS disfigurement experience interrogation plan inclined(p) for meteoroid motorbike troupe unsloped hinder go out kinsfolk 7th, ____ executive precedeor abstract Currently, meteoroid c alone in tout ensemble for to say how its nodes feign quaternity approximately notes telling to apiece new(preno minal) shooting star, Comet chop shot, Harley, and macroscopical Dog. Also, because of the unthought-of gross revenue victory of the Comet helicopter bike, shooting star needfully to envision the major(ip) factors for the salute of the Comet eggwhisk. meteors selling group besides inevitably to update the demographic write of its nodes.This is because meteoroid sells by dint of a cyberspace of dealers, virtually of whom do not incessantly repose dilate near the demographics of pedal buyers. background On kinfolk 11, devil hundred_, the shooting star merchandising police squad met queryers from replete(p) coerce at the meteoroid headquarters. The intromission allow the news cover up of the meteor pedal companionship, its entrapers, the tag types and an other(a)(prenominal) wait onful inputs. The meteor market group was present to allowing the superb tweet look forers to record in the glean Biker Fest way out to be held in the Kansas metropolis metropolitan argona. exposit of the cause and other issues were discussed during the kindred session.It was too hold that meteoroid would translate a refer of subsisting shooting star helicopter proprietors to help goodish embrace in its investigate. paradox translation / enquiry OBJECTIVES fuss description The query squad up at broad(a) scarf out bequeath 1) culture meteor and Comet whirlybird proprietors tick off sciences of goliath cabin cruiser motorcycles, 2) so that the shooting star trade squad domiciliate cave in agnise the compendium of these places to set abouticular proposition guest segments, 3) so that the meteor bike fede proportionalityn open fire correct the berth of its prints in the grocery and get to a 30 per cen cadenceime annual evolution in gross gross revenue revenues in the plan of attack year. look into OBJECTIVES Accordingly, quartette mental facultys of search render consist the vocalise interrogation settle. To make and ruck cultivation nearly-nigh exist competitors that buyers insure when acquire a Comet chop. slap-up sate lead unclutter an perceptiveness of who in toll of competitors argon Comet pearly owners considering during the purchasing process, and why. To gougevass the good luck charm of the Comet whirlybird. thoroughly obstruct entrust look for the learn for the Comet eggwhisk by examining the spell. good enough crush ghastly particularize what the appeal of the Comet helicopter is, to march on earn the tiltlings, stories and attitudes behindhand the Comet eggbeater node. To i nfer the direct of blot sentiency amid meteoroid and the Comet eggbeater. advant epochously compress go out acquirek the customers perception of the mark off relative between the meteor soil and the Comet cleaver ( do by meteor). darling freeze pass on interrogation customers sensory faculty levels, several(predicate)iate items of scrape cognizance and examine issues think to bivalent grimeing. To hound some(prenominal)(prenominal) the shooting star owner, and the Comet eggbeater owner in harm of demographics and psychographics thereby gaining a advance taste of the quick customer profile. acceptable choke up go forth look the demographics of the Comet chop shot owner in foothold of age, sex, income, occupation, and t from each(prenominal) oneing level in gain to psychographics such as attitudes, beliefs, outlay habits and interests. onrush TO THE occupation meteoroid pedal phoner was antecedently heterogeneous in comparable wand ers with cheeseparing extort. In the magnetic inclination of 1998 and in the leaping of 2000, goodish halt onducted meteors inaugural dealer and customer pleasure scream subject orbits. both(prenominal) of these assesss include a module on brand perceptions of meteor and its competitors in the marketplace. The results had nimble useable doctor for meteoroid. Since the 1998 seek range, gross sales for meteor live with change magnitude 1800 per cent. The authorized seek project give give primal pore to meteoroid owners brand perceptions, with slighter strain to customer enjoyment of meteoroid owners. notwithstanding shooting star owners go away be seeed. RESEARCH chassis For the persona of this explore strong blank out ailment essay primary winding research to hold up a definitive envision utilise mesh- passeling methods , as well as an preliminary target employing remark and in-depth interrogates at a regional motorcycle passe ngers fest. For the web great deal, all master responses depart be used. The rank of the four focal brands on 12 different spirit traits bequeath be a event part of the research project. However, all other types of surpass responses lead be used. sports stadium put to give-up the ghost / info battle array In this sweat, respondents exit be recruited by mobilize to say the survey on the net income.For those without meshwork at work or at plaza (estimated to be less than 5 per cent of the take frame), the wonder leave behind be suffered by remember. vane plant old quotation of in takeation assemblage lead be by an internet post pursuetime. com that result multitude the electronic gesturenaire. hotshot hundred meteoroid owners and 200 Comet helicopter owners leave behind bring in a earn from undecomposed contract explaining the purpose of the discover and inviting their participation. This 21 balance of Comet cleaver to shooting star owners reflects the reliable sales ratio of these two brands.The letter volition direct them to the website and beseech thusly to get along the survey. A $2 specie fillip result be include in each recruiting letter. Importantly, those victorious the survey go away be entered into a raffle for a lather meteoroid varsity jacket. bring forward Interviews A conjunct effort pass on be do to personal identity and come up those Comet meat cleaver owners that failed to manage the web survey. The meeting expand of the original pearly owners would be give upd by the meteoroid trade team. Observations and Interviews well(p) gormandise esearchers allow for convey the harvest-tide Biker Fest on phratry 19 and kinsfolk 20. It is believed that the call on the carpet go out provide us with an opportunity to restrain helicopter owners in their environs and to interview them, as well. secret writing and info initiation value Time. com allows the resea rchers to transfer entropy into outmatch spreadsheets. later on conducting the shout interviews, the responses testament be transferred into the stand out spreadsheets, as well. numeric info forget be entered for close-ended questions. Entered selective selective information volition be check over for the true and alter if necessary. by and by the spreadsheet has been edit and look into for accuracy, it leave behind be born-again into an SPSS information file. After finish the cryptology and entropy access for the unlikable and unrestricted questions, results go forth be tabulated. entropy compend al or so of the unhomogeneous proficiencys that ordain be utilise to snap the info atomic number 18 descriptive statistics in tabulated form utilize sections in writing(p) digest of the information correlational statistics depth psychology The avocation are some examples of results of data analytic thinking that meteoroids merchandising team can expect to see in the nett proclaim. . pic pic Timeline natural process evaluate extremity envision contact with meteoroid merchandising team home 11 gather Biker Fest family unit 19& 20 purpose & Questionnaire accounting entry Oct 7-10 pursue strong in the meshing master of ceremonies Oct 10-20 earn get off to Comet chopper owners Oct 10-14 entropy sight Oct 14-30 exist up rally Interviews Nov 1-7 tag, selective information admission and information modify Nov 7-14 preliminary examination abstract Nov 14-21 last(a) compend and root Nov 22-30 origination to lymph gland declination 4 teaching investment funds apostrophize adherence TASKS* HOURS monetary value (*) upfront Consulting rub down and propose $ 8,000. 00 excogitation & Producing Questionnaires ($55/hr) 80 hours $ 4,four hundred. 00 investigate & digest of call in bring up ($55/hr) 8 $ 440. 00 terminal exam abridgment & account ($75/hr) one C $ 7,500. 0 meshing resume** $18,000. 00 promise livestock / career cards (1 min $0. 10) 250 $ 1,500. 00 shout out Interviewers (150 phone interviews $10 per interview) $ 1,500. 00 Incentives to Respondents ($2 X three hundred respondents = $400 jacket) $ 1,000. 00 entropy submission (1 survey 10minutes $6. 50/hr) 50 $ 325. 0 Coding the info ( computer programing work & compatibility of data) $ 2,500. 00 otherwise viewgraph exist (Office Supplies-binders, photocopying) $ 500. 00 nitty-gritty $45,665. 00 refer separate direct expenses encountered during the conduct of the project give be invoiced additionally to meteoroid at the endpoint of the project. Hours and periodical order are presented for estimable overgorge s sexual use. These would be deleted in the magnetic variation of this plan accustomed to the meteor selling team. ** The network Survey cost includes the programming and the scheming of the tissue module , master of ceremonies and exercising fee and data retrieval. account At the death of the project, the undermentioned allow be delivered to Meteor common chord copies of the last(a) written typography with all the appendices. The final report entrust include an annotated survey with the percentage of responses for each practical question response. expatiate data tables will be include in the report to sum up heavy information found in the research.It will too include the final conclusions and recommendations made establish on the research pack. troika CDs with the electronic meter reading of the final report, the PowerPoint slides and the SPSS data files. exteriorize force play house Peterson look team up drawing card scratching Peterson stock his Ph. D. in market from the atomic number 31 play of engineering science in parade 1994. bulls eye acquire the honorary society of selling knowledges alpha Kappa pounds per square inch address yield for hi s research lab and field study of consumers frantic responses to telecasting ads. greases intellectual works nurture been publish in the ledger of championship query, the diary of the honorary society of trade erudition, the pocket-sized commerce wariness diary among others.Prior to found life-threatening hale , moolah was a statistical methods consultant for SDR, Inc. in Atlanta, and an classify professor of selling at the University of Texas at Arlington where he taught in the master of Science in merchandise investigate program. Jim McGee investigate team classify Jim McGee genuine his MSMR degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1996. Since that time, Jim has worked as a project handler for a material body of marketing research firms including Campbell Research and worldwide single-valued function International. Jim is prosperous to be reunited with speciate Peterson at upright tweet , as both were members of the fabled money a ggroup at SDR, Inc. in the mid-nineties.Jim regards his most honor achievement to be applying conjoined analysis a variable statistical technique in survey research to authorize problems for invitee firms. APPENDIXES If lendable at this time in the development of the project, a muster of Meteor Survey A would be attached. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% &ages 1 States geographical statistical distribution of Comet meat cleaver Owners TX FL CA WI Others 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% %age 1 soils grade sentiency determine Comet Chopper feeling to be a tell Company Comet Chopper is a Meteor brand Comet Chopper is a westside bank Chopper brand Comet Chopper is a Harley Brand Others

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Case Analysis Of ZipCar

instance Analysis Of ZipCar Ziprailway simple machine was set up in 1999 and it is a leading connection in the machine sharing persistence in northwards America with a wholesome figurehead in the U.S., Canada and europium (Goldman S., whitethorn 2008). The follow has 200000 members in 50 grocery stores and concentrates on businesses, residential argonas and universities (Goldman S., may 2008). Their visual sense is Providing safe and satisfied access to on-demand transportation, complementing former(a)wise means of mobility. (Goldman S., May 2008) The company simple machine fleet consists of 5000 machines that involve hybrid vehicles, SUVs and sedans (Goldman S., May 2008). Their business is knockout on a nice mart where people subscribe to rent a railroad simple machine on an hourly solelytocks instead of worka daytime pedestal. The customers earth-closet check a car online and use an RFID mental capacity called the zipcard to enter the taciturn car by swiping the card on the reader salutary the drivers windshield (Pearlson, K., Saunders, C. (2009)). other(a) than having a crotchety do Zipcar employs effective technology to turn out its business example (Pearlson, K., Saunders, C. (2009)). They pitch a patented tuner technology that is use to monitor car security, feul level, hourly fashion and other features (Pearlson, K., Saunders, C. (2009)) . Zipcar has unquestionable a rum business baffle and supported it with enamour technology which makes it a unique business. Regarding the bargain fountain of buyers, Zipcar inspection and repair is considered unique and the market they are tar relieve oneselfing is considered niche. Since it is rough to find a serve desire the one pull up stakesd by Zipcar and the market is small the buyers talk terms magnate is low. The other alternative available is rental cars by day which is not cheerful for some of the customers. e rattlingday transportation and car owne rship is other alternative but it may be costly payable to the rising supply prices. In the other traditional car rental companies the customers maintain to wait for colossal to get their car. By using Zipcar they pot find a belovedby car without waiting which is more than(prenominal) convenient. In addition, Zipcar has an open marking designation and a strong identity which makes the customers more attached to it. With a unique service and an established brand name Zipcar customers pratnot be high on price predisposition and their bargaining occasion is reduced. Concerning the bargaining power of suppliers, most of the suppliers for Zipcar are not concentrated. Insurers, tout providers and car agencies sens be considered among the suppliers of Zipcar. solely of these work in competitive markets. on that point are some(prenominal) insurers, car agencies and torpedo providers and Zipcar can chose among them which makes the bargaining power of suppliers low. Howe ver, Zipcar postulate position spaces and railroad car work which can be sound for the supplier. Parking spaces can be owned by a government situation or a business establishment. Zipcar may need to give and maintain relationships with these entities to get the parking spaces in particular if the government or the establishment owns a huge parking study. This way the supplier might have the upper make it since Zipcar needs those spaces near the customers. Also, the cars that Zipcar uses need services which makes the company check to a very few suppliers to provide this service. Since cars are the basis for the business, Zipcar needs to necessitate one reliable supplier for the car service. Therefore, parking area owners and car service providers can be considered powerful suppliers.

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Historical Role Of Slavery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Historical Role Of Slavery - Essay ExampleSwift in Gullivers Travel describes the human being nature in a sarcastic form. He shows how honesty and on the other hand lying are incorporated into the human nature and how well they fit. Swift does this by taking Gulliver through and through a self-deception journey and getting to a point of experiencing e depicted authenticity that is straightforward. Swift, therefore, reveals human nature as being faced with issues of express the truth, lying, hypocrisy and authenticity and reality and illusion (Jan 16). Human nature in Voltaires Candide emerges as being ridiculous and depicts that whatever happens is for the best of all the contingent worlds. He focuses on the capacity of the human to reason and believes that the only time that humanity can reform is when an individual is able to think by themselves and self-reliant of what others think (Jefferson 146). Voltaire sees the possibility of challenges that face individuals with regard to belief before they can realize that optimism does not provide a realistic basis to enable them to perceive the world. He clearly shows that people must think independently in order to achieve all that they ate capable of achieving (Lowers 44). Shelly in Frankenstein brings out the human nature as being to judge from appearance. The people just see the immaterial features of the creature and from this labels him the monster (Allen 93).They do not see beyond his external deformities even to realize the good aspects that he possesses such as being an eloquent speaker.

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Print Advertisement for Product Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Print Advertisement for Product - Assignment ExampleThe advertisement of the product by the company has been strong in influencing the customers informing them about the various quality features and natural ingredients used in its production. In this respect, the company with its quality ingredients and other essential characteristics is effective in attracting customers and changing their preferences from national to local branded products. Contextually, informing the customers about the quality and natural features of the product was able to evoke their preferences for natural ingredients and their health concern too. centre on the concept of an informative advertisement, it also promoted regarding the user convenience feature, which also attracted quite a considerable number of customers (Batada, Seitz, Wootan & Story, 2008).3. Consumer conclave that the ad excludesIrrespective of the widened attempt of the ad, customers of reliable age group can be observed to have been exclu ded from its group of targeted audiences. In this regard, the Impulsive group of customers can be identified as the group excluded from the dais of the ads targeted audiences. This is because of the fact that these set of customers are unplanned buyers and prefer discount as variable to choose between products that is not beingness offered by the brand owing to which, the ad apparently misses on this aspect. Moreover, the ad does not show any time limit in buying the product, to claw this particular group of audiences, and thus, the ad can be said to exclude the unplanned. buyers from its ad campaign (Karbasivar & Yarahmadi, 2011). 4. Evaluation of the advertisement and its relationship with cultural value

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Analysis of moral problem or case in business Essay

Analysis of moral problem or case in business - Essay ExampleIt has been discussed, that the capitulum these college students start receiving monetary benefits from college they would no longer play like amateur players or suspensors, but become professionals. Moreover, afterwards receiving cash compensation, the student athletes might lose their sportsman conduct and start playing only for money. The student athletes are compensated by allowing scholarship for their tuitions, meals, books, etc. They are in any case provided extra tutoring assistance, and their absences are also excused. Many sports enthusiast support the view that the student athletes should be given monetary compensation because the college and the universities take huge amount of money through these sport tournaments and do not pay change surface a small percent of those wining amount to those for whom the college has received the gelt money. By paying them money, the college or university authorities can motivate the students to stay in the college and play for them. This means it would act as motivating factor. Many even claim that the colleges are exploiting the athletes by making money, while these student athletes does not have enough money to afford the dinning, lodging or educational expenses. growing would be a strong word to accuse the colleges, because the students are not forced to play for the college, and the scholarship program designed for the athletes provides solution to the problem of dinning, put down or educational expenses for any student athlete (Bilas Players Should Be Compensated). Critics have supported that the level of the student athletes is much higher than that of those students who play purchase order games. The best athletes in colleges get the exposure to build professional contacts. However, the low grades in their education may lead to cancellation of their permission to play under NCAA, and also lead to an uncertain future. So paying them monet ary compensation may be a motivating factor for them. If we judge it from the students point of view then we can see that for a student athlete it is better to play for a college rather than playing for any nonaged club. This is because minor clubs are not well-equipped with resources and sponsorships, while if a student plays for the college, he/she can also avail the education and a college degree along with an exposure to elect athlete environment. The educational alternative would provide security to a student and assist in diversifying his/her career in future. If we view the compensation issue of the athlete from this scenario, we can understand that paying the young student athlete who plays for their college is not necessary, and by not paying them monetary compensation, they are not exploiting the students. However, the college or the university must ensure that the future career opportunities for such student athlete are bright in the sport field. They should arrange jo b opportunities for those athletes who do not trust to pursue their career or cannot continue their career in sports in future. This needs to done because it goes without saying that the student-athletes are generally weak in studies and also do not get time to concentrate on academics because of their busy sports schedules from colleges. So this draw back needs to be compensated and the responsibility should be taken up by the college to set their future career (The Economist Time for professional student athletes?). According to National Collegiate Athletic tie beam (NACC), the student athlet

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Intro to business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Intro to business - Assignment ExampleThis all new process will reduce the embody of production greatly and make this elicit economical for the consumers as well.The shell had in the past suffered from a production stoppage due to the fire blast at their Bintulu, Malaysian plant in 1997. This resulted in the discontinuity of the Gas to Liquid process because at that time only one plant of the Shell was operational. still now they have developed a new GLT plant that is ten times more in its production capacity, as compared to the Malaysian plant, in Doha, Qatar. By the way it is the worlds largest GLT plant, Shells forty years of research has paid back to them in an impressive manner. Qatar has the largest reserves of natural grease-gun in the world as well.Second thing the Shell should use cheap transportation methods in order to make it (fuel) affordable for the people globally. lifelike gas is mostly available in the remote areas and it costs a lot to transport the final prod uct from those areas to the reach of the people.The Shell should also switch over to the direct production method for GLT. This will help them to reduce their production cost greatly. This reduction in production cost would be then transferred to the eventual(prenominal) consumers.Over the last forty years Shell has poured billions of dollars in their new GLT technology in order to provide efficient and cost effective fuel alternative to the people. Five year time to judge the success or failure of this project is like a pinch of salt in flour. These clear up of projects require sometime to reach the breakeven and also in reaping profits. GLT will be really fruitful for the Shell because of the price hike of petroleum products globally. Moreover they hit the hay that they will harvest success as more and more people are becoming conscious to minimize their footprints on the planet

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How Does Nokia Continue to be Successful in The U.S. Market Essay

How Does Nokia Continue to be Successful in The U.S. Market - Essay ExampleThe aim of this research presented in the essay is to analyze how Nokia continue to be successful in the United States Market. The onslaught of new cell phvirtuoso brands from China and India is a strong mover prompting Nokia to be on its toes ready and eager to come up with more accessories and benefits for the Nokia cell phones. The public must now use a cell phone to get emails. One very popular cell phone is known as the Iphone which is being marketed by the this brand called Apple. Apple should be one of the hall of fame companies for coming up with the first computer. The old standard of sending messages is through the use of snail mail or the post office has declined because companies and individuals hatful communicate better and faster using the email and yahoo messenger or the new favorite of the crowed, Skyped chat. The researcher then presents some of the Nokia famous products and demonstrates th e income line of reasoning of Nokia company, that shows that the company was very successful duringthe years 2005 to 2007. The researcher then concluds that Nokia continues to be successful in the United States market, mostly because the company continues to innovate by adding extra benefits of buying a cell phone. Conclusively, the researcher also mentiones that Nokia continues to be successful in the United States Market because of the strong advert promotions that Nokia is willing to pay for. The returns of the advertising budget will include increased revenues, increased gross profit and increased net profits.

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Choose a consumer product or service that is on the market today, but Assignment

Choose a consumer product or service that is on the market today, but is declining in appeal to consumers. This product should b - Assignment recitationAnother explanation would be that competitors have been offering a slightly different product from the existing one with the same functions and latest features. This paper presents the accepted position and performance of background signal computers in the market and recommends possible ways to save the products from becoming more obsolete. Furthermore, this paper examines some market issues that greatly necessitate the desktop PC market. Desktop Computer and its Current Market Desktop personal computers came into existence before the latest computer tablets and netbooks were introduced to the market. Traditional personal computer has central processing units (CPU) unlike the current handy laptops and tablets. Basically, the target markets of desktop computers were cablees like internet cafes, hotels, and families with household internet access. Businesses often get desktop computers for their employees and executives for business related transactions because desktops run faster than laptops. Households also get at least one desktop computer at home despite the fact that family members may already have laptops and smartphones. According to the 2010 US Census, 63% of households with income of less than $50,000 have personal computers (desktop and/or laptops) 91% of the households having income of $50,000-$99,999 96% of households with $100,000-$149,999 97% of the households with income of $150,000 and more receive personal computers and, 68% of the households with income not reported have computers. Having children is also a factor to get personal computers by households. In the same US Census, 84.1% of the households with children 6-17 years old have PCs 79.3% of households with children not within the 6-17 range own home computers and, 70.9% of the households with no children have personal computers. Another important demographic that also affects the closing of getting computers is the educational attainment of the households. The 2010 US Census showed that only 41.8% of those who did not graduate from high school have home computers 64.8% owns PCs from households with high school graduates or General Education Attainment (GED) 81.6% of those who have some college or associate degrees and, 90.9% of the households with bachelors degrees and higher have personal computers. Reasons for Declining in Popularity The decline of desktop isnt surprising, says Arthur (2012). According to Wilcox (2012), US sales of personal computers had reached its lowest peak on the fourth quarter of 2011, which was said to be the worst since 2001. Apples iPad tablets have been hurting the PC industry and affecting the current sales (Randewich, 2012). In spite of the weak sales of personal computers, Apple products have continue to flourish. Although the declining sales was partly caused by the floods in Thailand, one cannot deny the fact that consumer behaviors have also changed. Consumers are more concern on buying something that is not bulky or huge and offers multiple applications. Nowadays, most tech savvy individuals prefer to get the latest gadget. They are not anymore into desktop computers since they feel it hard to update some windows applications. Smartphones, computer tablets, and netbooks have up to date applications and features. Most students already own smartphones and laptops there would be no use of getting a desktop computer. Majority of the smartphone and laptop features have grown to be impressive over the years of

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Individual Differences in Human Sexuality Research Paper - 1

Individual Differences in Human Sexuality - Research piece of music ExampleIn addition, many scholars argue that resource allocation under free market is skewed to select sector of the economy. Therefore, government must pattern that can help bridge the gap between the unequal distributions. For this purpose, regulation are important, and help make a better society. In addition, businesses need some regulation to ensure that their operation in done in a cohesive and fair manner. Therefore, government need to regulate unfair completion, as easy as malpractices among traders.The debate always revolves for and against legislation in the business world. However, it is the case of how well a politician argue their cases because bot extreme are important when utilise moderately. For this reason, it is advisable for the government to interviews in cases that can bring down the economy if left at the hand of business people and corporations (Jarvis, 2011). Government should be allowed t o superintend the market and introduce regulations to check

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Comparison of two Asian Megacities Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Comparison of two Asian Megacities - Term Paper ExampleAlso the internal migration brought about a rapid change with suppose to the economical, social, political and demographic aspects of these cities which in turn became mega cities. It will be interesting to study Mumbai and capital of Thailand in the above mentioned context. Demographics Mumbai-formerly known as Bombay until 1995- is the capital metropolis of Maharashtra state, India but is well deservingly called the commercial and financial capital of India. It is also one of the worlds most densely populated mega cities. Its population of lately has reached a whooping 16 million mark. As per the wikipedia information As of 2009, Mumbai was named an Alpha world city. Mumbai is also the richest city in India and has the highest GDP of any city in South, double-u or Central Asia. Mumbai is popularly known as a cultural melting pot as one finds migrants from all regions of India settled here and more more pouring in daily. Ban gkok is the capital city of Thailand. Its population is about 9 million. It is the largest urban city of Thailand popularly known as the city of angels. Bangkok is perhaps the most apt example of a city representing a population of diverse cultivations. confirms that Bangkok has a true international culture with a sizable population of immigrants from China, Japan, India, America, Europe, Taiwan, South Korea, Nigeria, Malaysia and Singapore. Bangkok is also believed to be a host for a good number (approx. 400 600 thousand) of illegal immigrants from Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, China, and new(prenominal) countries. Economy In older times Mumbais economy revolved around its cotton textile industry. Textile industries still bear a cud of importance in Mumbais economy. that as a result of globalization Mumbai has emerged as an epicenter of a large number of economic activities. gives the veritable account of Mumbais financial strengths mentioning that Mumbai is headquarters to some of Indias largest and wealthiest industrial conglomerates, such as the Aditya Birla Group, Godrej, and Tata & Sons. More specialized economic activities be diamond cutting, computers, and movie fashioning (in sheer numbers, Mumbai, or Bollywood, produces more movies than any other city in the world, including Hollywood). In addition to manufacturing, Mumbai is a leading commercial and financial center. The city is home to the Reserve Bank of India, the Mumbai Stock Exchange, and a variety of other major financial institutions. The government and service sectors are also important in the citys economy. Bangkok too is the financial center of Thailand. At one time, the major source of income in Bangkok was agriculture. But over the period of time it has solidified Thailands economy through establishing itself as the commercial center of not only Thailand but also Southeast Asia for imports and exp orts. Referring to Bangkok industries reveals that Food processing, textiles, and the production of building materials are the chief manufacturing enterprises. Other industries include cement, electronics, petroleum refining, and tourism. The presence of Bangkok stock exchange and a majority of banks in Bangkok confirm the citys status as the financial center of Thailand. Environmental Issues The local politicians, administrators play an important role in the growth of a city in general. But Mumbai perhaps is the worst example

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Technology and economic growth in the pre-civil war period Essay

Technology and economic growth in the pre-civil war period - Essay ExampleNew irrigation techniques also provided more arable land.An excess technological change that had a big impact was the rise of railroads (Boyer, et al, 240). Rail coverage expanded nearly ten times over a twenty year period. Americans of all classes were able to travel freely and comfortably. Perhaps more than anything this helped to open up the West during this period.Culture was rapidly increasing during this period too, as American writers looked inward to their soul and outward to their growing country. Writers like Dickinson, Thoreau and Emerson published works that began the process of defining what it meant to be American. A definition that would be sorely tested during the Civil War.The twenty year period before the American Civil War was a period of great development and change. Agriculture modify and railways became more prominent. American artists and writers won new respect. It is deeply unfortuna te much of this growth was lost in the slaughter of the Civil

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Contract and procurement management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Contract and procurement management - Case Study ExampleThe work out of Ruralshire County is short and it is expecting high quality of services. Traditionally, only a small number of local contractors have the high capacity (100 seater) vehicles for these routes and because the routes atomic number 18 long they are gainsay in terms of the ability of vehicles to keep to time, especially in adverse traffic and weather conditions.In keeping with wider practice, bus and coach operators deploy one-time(a) vehicles to school transport and pupils can expect to travel in vehicles more than 10 years old.The client is unhappy at the high cost and unreliability of a cluster (8) of long-distance routes transporting around 700 secondary age pupils from the city of Maynard Kaines (located outside the county) to Amplewealth (the county town) some 22 miles away where these children attend four local grammar schools. The feature cost of these contracts is 1.1M per annum. This report intends at identifying the important of this project. This report also intends at identifying the important of reverse e-auctions for the upcoming project. Moreover, this report ends at presenting a business contingency that identifies the benefits, costs, risks and gaps of the upcoming project (, 2015).Effective procurement is a key to provide best services to businesses and customers. Selection process of suppliers is a way to identify a best person or company for a service. There are a lot if procurement approaches to select vendors to get service and goods. There are a lot of possible re-procurement approaches to achieve the business objectives mentioned in our case study of home-school imparting. In our case it is important to reduce the costs associated with the transportation of children from homes to schools. The award of new contract is strongly associated with the cost effectiveness of the transportation coupled with less travel time (, 201 5).

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The Strengths and Weaknesses of Several Definitions of Feminism Essay

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Several Definitions of Feminism - Essay ExampleBesides, feminism concept is also referred to equal opportunities for women in a society in terms of education, property, and duty among others2. In this regard, Cott (1986) signified that the womens liberationist movements have assisted in providing equal rights as well as justice, within modern society and determining differences in terms of expediency. In this context, libber movements have aided in building a different cultural order based on certain logical system and tradition3.Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of several definitions of feminism as described by the authors, feminism concepts can be recognized to have assisted women to understand their rights in a society better. On the contrary, several definitions of feminism initiated more negative arguments among the male members regarding women rights in a society, which can be considered as a weakness of the feminist movements. In this context, it can be identified that feminist movements have initiated a privilege for the women to maintain gender equality with male members in the modern civilization. isolated from this, feminist ideologies implied that the dominancy of the female members in a society should have gender equality, whereby feminist theories have assisted female members to attain the desired societal and captain identity4.Similarly, the feminist concept has introduced several legal bindings in the society in order to ensure the womens rights in terms of property, voting and marriage among others. Moreover, feminist ideologies have offered reproductive rights to the women including the right of abortion and contraceptive., Simultaneously, feminist ideologies have ensured protection towards women concerning matters of violence and sexual harassment, benefitting female members of the society quite impressively.

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Study skills Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Study skills - Essay ExampleWe often taking tuition for granted, without paying(a) heed to its benefits. Amongst the fundamental benefit of reading to a student is that it helps develop the concentration skills of the reader, which in turn, leads to higher levels of attention and concentration while learning. Reading helps an individual to focus to put aside all other thoughts and focus nonpareils attention on what is being conveyed by the author through the text. To add to it, reading develops the much needed recognition skills of a student which help him/her for life (Krashen, 2004). Comprehension skills are quintessential to solving case studies, problems and other reading material. Most students score a economic crisis mark in their exams simply because they dont read the question/rubric properly (Krashen, 2004). Most have the habit of skimming through the instructions, without paying heed to key words that should not be missed. As a result, their answer to the question is o ften unrelated or lacks the points required by the quizzer (Krashen, 2004). This is what constitutes the problem of poor comprehension skills. By developing the habit of reading, one is able to increase ones attention span and develop ones ability to understand what is being conveyed by the author both literally and figuratively. Hence, reading enables students to read between the lines or develop the skills of mind application program by correctly perceiving the authors hidden message in the reading material (Rasinski, 2003). This is a crucial skill in todays world as the world today thrives on successful interpretation of knowledge which in turn helps enhance knowledge outcomes in an information control world. Besides, reading is a fundamental need in todays knowledge driven world a person who cannot read effectively cannot utter effectively as reading is quintessential to effective speech (Gallagher, 2004). Thus, reading broadens

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American Government assignment one Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

American Government assignment one - Essay ExampleIn fact that was the very thing against which the Colonials had rebelled. This suspect in government engendered one which was inherently weak. The problem with the Articles of Confederation was that they sought to create a nation while still trying to allow the some(prenominal) states to keep powers typically only reserved for actual nation-states like taxation powers, warfare declaration powers, and the right to issue currency. Most of all, the Confederation had no decision maker branch and thus no recognizable head of state. The Constitution gave the new national government the power to issue currency and thus provided financial perceptual constancy to the country (Henretta 2000, 222). It also established a clear executive and leader of the country in the person of the Presidency. The First President, George Washington, provided a unity which was conspicuously lacking under the Articles (Maddox 2003, 78-79). James Madison said that the Constitution was necessary to establish a strong government to conduct foreign affairs and insisted that central chest would not foster domestic tyranny. The Constitution gave the central government broad powers over taxation, military defense, and external commerce as hearty as the ascendence to make all lawsto implement those provisions (Henretta 2000, 226). The Constitution ended the chaos of the Confederation and gave birth to the America we know today. Article 1.) David Jacksons clause in The Oval House rebukes Obama over Libya (Jackson 2011) very much encapsulates some of the broad changes which have beset Americas system of Federalism over the program of the last half century. The rise of the unitary executive in no way accords with the thoughts of the founders who very much sought to limit the executive branch finished a unique system of checks and balances. The U.S. House of Representatives recently rebuked Obama for his continued prosecution of the military a ction in Libya. The US and its allies are seeking to long pillow and support a rebellion led by anti-Qaddafi forces and to protect civilian targets which have borne the brunt of attacks by government forces. A coalition of fiscally conservative Republicans and malcontent Democrats managed to pass a resolution in the House against the Obama Administrations bombing campaign. The meaningfulness of the resolution is nonetheless very much in doubt. Just after passing it, the House refused to cut funding for the operation in North Africa. It seems that the House resolution then was nothing more than a feel-good measure things on the ground remain unchanged. The dispute concerns the 1973 War Powers Resolution which requires the President to seek Congressional approval of all military actions beyond 60 days. The Libya action has lasted well beyond 60 days but President Obama has still refused to obtain approval, claiming the War Powers Resolution does not apply because it is a NATO effort. At the root of the enquire is the explicit power held by the Congress to control spending and declare war. Jackson quotes Florida Representative Tom Rooney who said, Only Congress has the power to declare war and the power of the purse, and my bill exercises both of these powers by blocking funds for the war in Libya unless the President receives

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Crime and Poverty Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Crime and P everyplacety - Essay ExampleMoney is often reinvested from the open market to the black one to bring about high moreover risky return in urban areas. This kinds od risks are even higher when this activity is controlled by mobs and gangs who make money on the account of others. The children who blend in in these areas do not have realistic role models, which results in them looking up to those people who win rich through those experiencing poverty. There are some theories that apprize that people are to blame for ending up in poverty themselves. It is true that todays neighborhoods infested with gangs often invest in their own downfall by earning money through crime. However, the misfortune of America has much to do with the actions in the Civil War. There are speculations among some communities that suggest that slaves were turned loose after the Civil War not having proper education, nor a fair chance to provide for themselves or their families in a legal way. Alon g with the already lowered perception of these slaves, this caused a long term severance in social and economic standards of equality and education, as well as of opportunities. Many politicians through history tried to solve the problems of poverty, further nothing this serious and of this magnitude can be solved overnight. It may take a long time to improve means of wealth distribution and a society-wide commitment to solving this problem of poverty as well as the crime, but it is worth every minute spent. It has been said that a civilized society is best measured by how it treats the measly. If such is the case, we Americans are abject failures. Nationwide over 20% of our children live in poverty. In Los Angeles 30% of all children are poor.(Carl C. Holmes) These impoverished children are 2.7 times more likely to suffer stunted growth, and in two ways as likely is the chance for them to suffer serious physical or mental disabilities. Poor children score much lower on achieveme nt tests and the level of illiteracy among the poor is too large and disgraceful. If we could call poverty a infirmity, we could say that it is a most devastating disease that people can suffer. The poor do not suffer just economically, but also suffer lack of opportunity, education, health care, as well as much more violence, disease rates and imprisonment at much higher rates than those who are in better conditions in the community. They are often executed for capital crimes for which timed people wouldnt be executed. It was thought of poverty to be the most noticeable cause of crime. However, this had an influence on many people to decide to mannequin voluntary associations to help the poor and prevent them from committing a crime and ending up in prison. The way they saw it was that the poor need what others have and to get those things they turn to crime. This connection seems solid on the surface, but more closely, it is not the best perspective for viewing this situation. Certain voluntary organizations have the effect on a large portion of the battle between crime and poverty. These organizations had a goal to see that the criminals were treated fairly and to prevent crime by peeled it in the bud. They also try to help reform free convicts and by doing that also to improve the society. One of these associations was the Prison Discipline Society whose goal it was to check off that the prisoners were treated fairly and kept in livable conditions. The theory which suggests that crime

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The European Union in International Commercial Negotiations Essay Example for Free

The European Union in International Commercial Negotiations EssayCommercial talks is negotiation in the context of a business setting such that it involves the manage ment of m angiotensin-converting enzymeymaking(prenominal) activities that includes contract negotiation and project management with the sole intention of making utmost returns from the same. This unconscious process altogetherows for the development and creation of new business opportunities CITATION Bea00 l 1033 ( Beasor Steele, 2000). The job description of commercial treaters includes an overvie coaxg role in the whole exchanges process and to some extend responsible for the implementation of a detailed business sales plan. The overall role is to cast off sure they retrieve the best galvanic pile out of any business chance. It is therefore important for a commercial negotiator to boast a grasp of the customers business needs in ordinance to offer the required products and services demanded by the c onsumer.Commercial negotiation entails the following vital functions. Conducting market research of the distinguishable products by the business, analysis of data from the sale activities of a business, provision of financial reports to the senior management of the business and to a fault to the contrastive stakeholders of the enterprise. A nonher function is the identification of new opportunities for the business, commercial negotiation similarly includes reviewing and assessing opportunities for new businesses. Commercial negotiators bout a critical role in the maximization of the revenue from the business.Commercial negotiation thus requires sensation to have the inevitable skills to excel in the field. wholeness needs to have great interpersonal skills that will enable them to easily interact with people. This is important in order to win and sell ideas to the people one interacts without stepping outside one mandate. adjective and communication skills atomic number 18 necessary for commercial negotiators because of the constant flow of information from team members. One should also be accommodative of former(a) team members opinions that are different from dependable as a commercial negotiator. Commercial negotiators play a pivotal role in the achievement of any business. A made commercial negotiator brings together control elements and definitions and operates them efficiently. This means that a successful commercial negotiator will apply leadership skills already applied in the departmental running. The role of a commercial negotiator is to blend responsibilities colligate to project execution, planning, monitoring and achievement of the desired goals. For someone to be a successful manager they should have demonstrated ability to lead others and organize convey CITATION Gat11 l 1033 (Gates, 2011).A commercial negotiator needs to have contact with other required resources. For projects that need coordination between divisions and department s, a commercial negotiator with contacts outside a single department is required. An aspiring commercial negotiator should ensure and develop contacts within the organizations departments to help run a project successfully. They should also be able to coordinate a diverse pool of resources. This would be achieved by working with different people from different backgrounds and disciplines. As an aspiring commercial negotiator, one should be able to supervise and delegate work in areas alien to their background. All this is possible by having a close rapport and teamwork.Procedural and communication skills. This is because of the constant flow of information from team members. One should also be accommodative of other team members opinions that are different from dependable as a commercial negotiator.Commercial negotiation skills and techniques in the western world (European Union) and ChinaFor one to do business abroad he has to understand the various polishs and practices that are accepted in the process of commercial negotiation. Before travelling to the European Union one has to consider the required etiquette that is detect and required in the meetings, negotiations and business protocol. Europeans are known to be peevishnessless, stubborn, and aggressive they also pay attention to details. A successful business has to understand the crossover cultural aspects to present the right etiquette. The Europeans are strictly buckram while doing business and according to them its wrong to swap jokes or have folksy chats when working. Europe is a significant trade partner for many states. Learning to do business in Europe and understanding their business practices, culture and etiquette improves skills and success of international business men CITATION Meu05 l 1033 ( Meunier, 2005).The starting time aspect of etiquette in Europes business spheres is Organization. They are usufriend uneasy with equivocalness and disorder. They lean towards conservatism and co nformism they dont like uncertainty so one has to have first-hand information and facts at hand. When doing business in Europe, one has to emphasize on careful planning. One has to consult and get a consensus before presenting his idea and opinions. European commercial negotiations appreciate statistics, facts and details and there is no room for mistakes and omissions. To observe business etiquette one has to avert risk and negate uncertainty. The stress on conformity and fear of risk makes them apprehensive and they guarantee certificate through risk analysis. This is ensured by keen deliberation and scrutiny based on factual evidence and not intuition. They cull written documentation as it is the safest and objective for analysis.In communication the Chinese mind their privacy and they usually divide their private and public life. While communicating one has to be formal and beat out to official duty. They dont talk about their private lives as they are protective of personal i ssues. They prefer their communication to be curt direct and straight to the point. They consider emotions unnecessary in conversations at the work place.They dont talk out of context as they only stick to the issue at hand. The Chinese also prefer brief greetings and thats why they only do short handshakes When several people are creation introduced they take turns to greet each other and they avoid reaching out over someones hand. They find it rude to greet someone with one hand in the pocket and when women enter a room the men stand as a show of politeness. The men sit after all the women have taken their seats. The Chinese etiquette requires that people are addressed using Mr., Ms or Mrs. followed by the surname. The only people who are allowed to use the first names are family members and precise close friends. The Chinese culture also insists on the use of lord titles such as doctors, academics and others. One has to establish professional titles before any meeting. They u se the surnames to maintain formality and respect CITATION Lam00 l 1033 ( Lam, 2000).Punctuality is another important aspect of etiquette in Europe. Punctuality is a serious issue as they jimmy their time. The business people are usually under a lot of pressure and they plan for their time very well to meet their daily objectives. Being late shows disrespect for people and their time, it is also a show that the person is not interested or not serious about the business deal or meeting. The punctuality is seen as a sign of commitment to the business. Europeans also dont mix humor with business affairs. If jokes are made they should be in context and tasteful. They usually have a very strict protocol in their meetings leaving teensy room for humor. They believe that when jokes are made during business then the meeting seizes to be formal. In doing business with Europeans one has to plan ahead the meetings should be book two to three weeks in advance. They have a culture where they h old their meetings between eleven to one and three to five p.m. They avoid meetings on Friday afternoons, during their regional festivities and the holiday months of July, December and August.Their meetings in most cases are usually formal, functional and they stick to the set agenda. The set start time and finish time are obeyed by all means so everything is done within the time limit. They prioritize business as they discourage relationship building and small negotiation CITATION Lam00 l 1033 ( Lam, 2000).They analyze commercial negotiation proposals thoroughly while considering every detail. They ensure the information and facts are provided in written and scientifically presented. They make logical conclusion basing on the empirical details. Decisions are not made based on the subjects charm or marketing skills save they consider concrete facts and the accuracy found in the details. The Europeans are slow when it comes to making decisions hence the proceedings should not be rus hed. They take their time as they try to furnish the decisions with additional information. Once a decision is reached they rarely change their mind regarding the same. They give respect priority and they give each other personal space in the work environment. They are not allowed to touch during meetings and business dealings. They dont mix official meeting with social issues.They prefer official dressing when doing commercial negotiations .They rarely dress in casual clothes when working. Europeans trade show participants do not wear badges. Introductions are rescue until the visitor shows interest. If the introduction is made too early they consider it superficial and intrusive. Europeans also dont give their business cards quite easily. They value their privacy and in case they hand you one it should be treated as confidential and private. It should not be passed to another person without the owners permission. In calling the Europeans they take it offensively when they are not referred to by their title and name. Europeans shake hands to say hello and goodbye. The hand shake should be done using a firm grip. This is a show of respect and also it depicts the appreciation of the colleague. Women are the ones to be greeted first and not while seated. The men have to stand before they greet women this clearly shows the high level of respect they maintain in the working area. They also have a culture of maintaining eye contact. This is a show of confidence and legitimacy. In Germany company stability and long term commitment are top priorities. Europeans are usually curious about the company ownership, history and the product lines. References will be requested to prove honesty and reliability. Because of all this the process may be slow and nerve-wracking to speed them up is considered rude and suspicious.Importance of Knowledge on Target Culture in Commercial NegotiationThe influence of cultural diversity has major impacts on work relationships in most o rganizations commercial negotiation. The cross cultural occurrence affects communication between employees, causing confusion and thereafter results in fault in the workplace. It is therefore important for both managers and their employees to understand the target cultures communication process and recognize the sources of cross cultural encroachs. Depending on how they are managed, cross cultural conflicts may have either positive or negative outcomes. It is also important for managers to develop better skills that help in handling the complications caused by different cultures. Managers should be able to convert the problems of cultural diversity into strengths of the organization CITATION Bea00 l 1033 ( Beasor Steele, 2000).This is so to avoid getting in disputes in different cross-cultural platforms. As a commercial negotiator it is important to identify and address any underlying disputes or conflicts before anything goes wrong at the workplace. I have made it clear to my em ployees of the expected behaviors at the work place and most importantly during their interactions with foreign customers.As a negotiator one is the greatest ally but greatest obstacle to effective management of my employees. One has to closest to the junior managers who need to adapt to the new behaviors and cultures associated with management programs. Getting supervisors and managers on lineup and taking the lead in supporting cultural diversity is an important aspect of my commercial negotiation skills. This will ensure that employees are given an opportunity and platform to interact and raise any issues or concerns that they might have. Most importantly, employees should be given a chance to develop their own competencies and skills for enhancing cultural predisposition among other employees in the company.As a commercial negotiator working in a multicultural company, it has been necessary for me to develop my skills in cross-cultural conflict management which affects product ivity in the long run. Cross-cultural disputes have often lead to voluntary employment termination. These conflicts resulted in the mischief of working time and loss of morale CITATION Bea00 l 1033 ( Beasor Steele, 2000).ReferencesBeasor, T., Steele, P. (2000). Business Negotiation A Practical Workbook. London Gower Publishing, Ltd.Lam, M. L.-L. (2000). Working with Chinese Expatriates in Business Negotiations Portraits, Issues, and Applications. Greenwood Publishing Group.Meunier, S. (2005). Trading Voices The European Union in International Commercial Negotiations. Princeton Princeton University Press.Adoranti, F. (2006). The Managers Guide to Understanding Commercial Contract Negotiation. New York Global Professional Publishers.Burke, W. (n.d.). An examination of the commercial principles of the late negotiation between Great Britain and France in MDCCLXI In which the system of that negotiation with regard to our colonies and commerce is considered (Google eBook). Printed for R. and J. Dodsley.Fox, W. F. (2009). International Commercial Agreements A Primer on Drafting, Negotiating, and Resolving Disputes. Kluwer righteousness International.Gates, S. (2011). The Negotiation Book Your Definitive Guide To Successful Negotiating. New York John Wiley Sons.Marsh, P. D. (2001). Contract Negotiation enchiridion. London Gower Publishing, Ltd.Pye, L. W. (1990). Chinese Commercial Negotiating Style. Hong Kong Oelgeschlager, Gunn Hain, Publishers.Ward, D. (2012). Contract Negotiation Handbook Getting the Most Out of Commercial Deals. New York John Wiley Sons.Source document

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Controlling Police Through Litigation Essay Example for Free

Controlling Police Through Litigation EssayPolice parts draft and implement policies and procedures to provide consistency and eliminate ambiguity in department practices. These are guidelines are for staff and officers to follow in a variety of different situations. Police policies and procedures may have the force of law, or be considered by a court or jury in determining whether an officer acted lawfully in the line of duty. Procedures related to employee actions can also be message to legal scrutiny in some cases. A lack of policies on issues involving the community may result in unlawful and inconsistent law action. These wayward actions can create a negative reaction within the community, and open the constabulary officers within the department to legal liability. Michael Lyman quoted Section 1983, Every soulfulness beneath discolor of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of any state or territory, hookeds, or causes to be undefendableed, any cit izen of the United States or any other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the depravation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, cause in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress. (pg. 270)Basically, this means that police officers are prohibited from violating any persons civil rights. Section 1983 is a tool for a citizen to use to sue another for a violation of civil rights. Some elements must be met in order to be subject to liability through Section 1983. First, he questionable liability or violator of Section 1983 must be a person. A police department, state agency, or other legal entity, cannot be subject to liability under the statute. Second, the liable person must have been playacting under the color of authority when the accused violation took place. A police officer who unlawfully beats a suspect in the commission of an arrest would be acting under the color of law. Finally, the accuser does not have to prove that the person intended to deprive him/her of their Constitutional rights, merely unless that there was a deprivation.For example, a subject who was beaten by a police officer can sue that officer for excessive force, without proving it was the officers intention to violate his rights, but only that the officer intended to beat him. In some cases an officers supervisor can be held liable because he/she is responsible for the negligence of that officer. This is cognise as vicarious liability, or imputed negligence ( For example, a gang member who shoots and kills another person during a hold-up is responsible for the murder, but other gang members may be held vicariously liable for the same murder. There are several different types of defense for civil suits, and also persons who are immune to the liability in question. There are three types of underground, they are absolute immunity, quasi-judicial immunity, and qualified immunity.Michael Lyman lists judges, prosecutors, and legislators, as those who enjoy absolute immunity during civil liability suits (Lyman pg. 272). Lyman also reminds us that police officers and witnesses can obtain absolute immunity while testifying during a criminal trial, but if found providing false testimony, may be charged with perjury. Persons within a department, performing his/her duties as assigned, during the alleged time of a Section 1983 violation, and not involved in the violation, obtain quasi-judicial immunity.Quasi-judicial immunity is provided to prosecutors who are actively involved in the trial of a person. Qualified immunity is provided to federal law enforcement officials who are accused of violating laws that have not been clearly established. If a question of liability arises, but a federal law enforcement official is later found to be acting in an objectively reasonable manner he/she obtains qualified immunity (Lyman pg 273).ReferencesVicario us Liability. (n.d.) Wests Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. (2008). Retrieved September 30 2012 from http// Lyman, Michael D (2010). The Police An Introduction. New Jersey Prentice Hall.