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Albatross Unit 3 Assignment

Introduction This case mainly deals with the varying types of operational challenges that Albatross Anchor is currently facing. The pricing is not a major issue for the organization and it is able to sell its products at a consistent market rate; however it is unable to realise its full profit potential due to the presence of a lot of operational inefficiencies. It is evident that if the firm is able to overcome all of these challenges, it can make the same level of profits as that of their competitors and can also facilitate their future growth exponentially. We have also analyzed two possible options which can be implemented and have assessed of which may be the most viable option for the company. We have also reached on a conclusion regarding the benefits the company can reap by implementing the strategies in their operational management plan. Question One Based on the information presented in the scenario/case study discuss Albatross Anchor’s competitiveness in relation to (please address all items in the below list and provide support for your conclusions): 1. Cost ) Cost of Production: Due to the presence of operational inefficiencies, Albatross Anchor is unable to reduce their costs as a result of which they have a lower profit margin. Therefore, they have a cost of production disadvantage as compared to their competitors. b) Economies of Scale in material purchasing: They can enjoy Economies of Scale when it comes to purchasing materials. Buying in bulk means they can get discounts from the suppliers on their purchase. c) Co st of Raw Materials Sitting Idle in the Warehouse: The increased amount of goods stored in the warehouse means that Albatross Anchor also needs to incur higher amounts of holding costs of storing the large amounts of inventory. Holding costs refers to the cost of carrying an inventory and may include costs such as, depreciation, deterioration, spoilage, taxes and insurance to name a few. d) Cost of Finished Goods Sitting Idle in the Warehouse: For the international orders the inventory of finished goods stays in the inventory along with the raw materials since the production is only done in small batches. This ultimately increases the holding cost for both the finished goods as well as the raw materials. 2. Speed of manufacturing process from order to finished product. Since the products are produced in limited quantities all the raw materials can be used more effectively. This also reduces the number of complexities during the manufacturing process. Currently their production is strictly dependent on the amount of demand for their products. 3. Flexibility in filling order(s) The manufacturing process is very constrained and is not flexible enough to house the smooth production of two different types of products. Each individual type of anchor requires their exclusive set of manufacturing line and therefore the time required to switch from one mode to another manufacturing mode requires 36 hours; which is quite a long time. 4. Technology The manufacturing process is deprived of new technology, making the process even more painstakingly slow. They are still using the traditional methods of making the anchors. 5. Capacity and facilities The current plan of their facilities is clearly insufficient for managing their operations smoothly. The space for storing the finished goods and the raw materials is located towards the far south of the entire facility and it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to ship the finish goods from there. If the manufacturing area is moved closer to the shipping area; it will save considerable amount of time in shipping these finished products. The foundry is not a part of the manufacturing department which further impairs the smooth flow of work in the production process. If the foundry is moved towards the manufacturing process it may increase the firm’s ability to cater to international orders more quickly. For having a mixed model of manufacturing process the Focused Factory process can be used. The Focused Factory aims for a narrow range of products and processes; as a result these factories are also small and quite simple and focus on only one or two products. 6. Service to customers Currently Albatross Anchors only sell their products through OEM customers and to the distributors. Apart from this, their products are of superior quality and are available to the customers in two varied forms. This not only gives Albatross Anchors greater choice, but also ensures that it leads to greater customer satisfaction. However, due to its current operational management procedures it is unable to reap the benefits of it as compared to their competitors. Question Two There are many ways that mushroom/bell anchors may be manufactured. Albatross Anchor is considering two new manufacturing processes (Process A and Process B) to reduce costs. Analysis of the information below will help determine which process has the lowest breakeven point (this validates the process is more cost effective). For each process the following fixed costs and variable costs are identified below: Anchor and Process| Process A| Process B| Sale price per anchor| $45. 00| $45. 00| Total Fixed cost | $ 650,000. 00| $950,000. 00| Variable cost per anchor| $ 36. 00| $ 29. 99| Based on the information in the table above complete the table below: Anchor and Process| Process A| Process B| (a) Fixed costs per anchor|   $9| $15. 01  | (b) The total number of anchors to attainbreak–even point for Process A and Process B|   72,222 units|   63,291 units| (c) Based on your calculations which Process (A or B) that you would recommend for adoption (you can select only one). Please make sure to explain how you arrived at your conclusion. Ans. (a)   At Break Even Point: Total revenue = Total cost i. e. p*x = v*x + F                        where, p = Sales Price per Anchor v = Variable Cost per Anchor                                       F = Total fixed Cost x = Total Anchors to be manufactured for Break Even. Since, p*x = v*x + F => (p-v)*x = F => (p-v) = F/x i. e. (p-v) = Total fixed cost per Anchor Now             Total fixed cost per anchor for Process A = (pA -vA) = (45-36) = $9 per Anchor                        Total fixed cost per anchor for Process B = (pB  -vB) = (45-29. 99) = $15. 01 per Anchor Ans. b)   (p-v)*x = F =>          x = F/(p-v)                                 Number of units to be manufactured at break even For Process A: xA = FA/(pA-vA) = 650,000/ (45-36) = 72,222. 22  ? 72,222 units to be manufactured at break even. For Process B: xB  =  FB/(pB-vB) = 950,000/ (45-29. 99) = 63,291. 14  ? 6 3,291 units to be manufactured at break even. Ans. (c)  Process B should be adopted for two reasons: (1) The break-even point for process B is 63291 units which is less than that                                 of process A at 72,222 units, so process B is more cost effective. 2) Process B is also better than Process A in terms of the Operating leverage which can be defined as the change in net income per unit increase in sales volume. Mathematically, operating leverage can be written as follows:                            Operating Leverage = F/(vx*)   where x*  is units to be manufactured at Break Even point. Operating leverage for process A = 650,000/(36*72222) = 0. 25                Operating leverage for process B = 950,000/(29. 99*63291) = 0. 5                Therefore the process B is also better in terms of the operating leverage as opposed to process A. Conclusion Although Albatross Anchors produces only two types of products; it has huge growth potential which still remains untapped. They can surely achieve more than their current growth rate. They can also undertake other important initiatives which can significantly increase their competitiveness. For instance, product diversification, improved operational processes, and greater employee satisfaction may all contribute in increasing their success in marketplace and further fuel their productivity. As clearly evident from the calculations, implementation of process B in the company can prove to be quite fruitful.

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Scientists Take An Organic Approach To Improving Machines

Naturally occurring chemicals are being used to develop state-of-the-art microprocessors capable of replacing much bigger computers, for dimes on the dollar! Researchers headed by a team of scientists from the Netherlands’ University of Groningen, Netherlands have developed a way to alter the chemical composition of silicon dioxide, which could mean a revolution in the manufacturing industry. The discovery is the latest in the budding field of organic electronics that are gaining acceptance due to their multifold superiority over electronics made from artificial substances. These electronics are being seen as the biggest developments in the field of electronics since the invention of micro chips. Researchers from the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials at the University enlisted a team of industry-insiders from the Philips Research Laboratories, The Dutch Polymer Institute of the Netherlands as well as the Enikolopov Institute of Synthetic Polymer Materials in Moscow Russia. Their combined efforts have materialized in the form of ‘self-assembled-monolayer field-effect transistor’ or SAMFET. SAMFET is the newest innovation in organic electronics, a newly emerging kind of electronic circuits which are constructed using only chemicals that occur naturally, such as silicon. Bottom-up organic electronics is a hot topic nowadays among electronic engineers and industrialists alike because, this technology allows the building of highly complicated circuits at a fraction of the cost of conventional circuits. Besides the economy, such circuits are also proving to be much more energy efficient than their predecessors. So the hype around the invention of this kind of ‘self-assembled-monolayer field-effect transistor’ or SAMFET is well-earned! Although the technique used to create SAMFET’s is complex, thankfully it is much more easily comprehendible. Researchers have basically developed a way to control the shape and proximity of atoms within a given sample of silicon dioxide. This allows them to mold molecules of the substance into a very compact and tightly packed formation. The molecular arrangements are organized in tiny layers sandwiched between another substance such as titanium. The ability to regularize the size and form of the molecules, together with the capability of cramming together millions of molecules more closely is the key element in this technology. This is so because the arrangement of the layers within a microprocessor is what allows complicated processes to be controlled by a microprocessor smaller than a matchbox! Electric pulses that pass through these layers are controlled with the circuits that are made of these SAMFET’s. Since the new innovation has allowed the packing of many more molecules into every layer of electronic circuits; many more commands to control and direct the currents can be programmed into an organic circuit as compared to a conventional electronic circuit made of synthetic materials. The developers explain that this innovation has been developed from the same liquid crystal technology that is used in television screens. LCD televisions are able to display better contrast and detail because of the fine crystals and their uniform distribution. In other words, they use the same technology as SAMFET’s albeit at a less complex scale. The newly developed silicon compound is sandwiched in layers of titanium for durability and strength. The titanium would normally restrict the flow of current but the inventors have come up with another ingenuity to overcome that problem. Contact points that link the different layers of silicon dioxide inside each microprocessor, are made of gold. Gold, one of the best conductors of electricity; allows small electric signals to pass between layers without much resistance against the current. Additionally due to the proximity and evenness of the molecules of silicon and other compounds within the layers, the smallest pulses of electricity can pass through it without any significant loss of energy. Experiments have been conducted to compare the performance of conventional microprocessors to those built using this newly developed technology. Inventors Simon Mathjiseen and Edsger Smits They say results indicate that their components can not only transfer electric currents through more elaborate formations; they can achieve this task with smaller currents because very little energy is wasted in the process. This allows them to build ever more complicated circuits. SAMFETS are structured to minimize resistance against electric currents, and since there are no moving parts, power is not wasted in transportation or heating. In turn, one microprocessor can perform much more elaborate tasks to help build multi-purpose machines that can carry out operations that would previously require many different machines. Simply put; a smaller, more efficient machine can now perform tasks that would have required an entire sequence of machines and robots. For manufacturers this means a ton of savings in their processes. This is so because at the moment even the most technologically advanced assembly lines contain many different machines, and materials have to be shifted between them many times before the final product is made. By combining many processes into a fewer number of machines, manufacturers can save money on the purchase and maintenance of equipment, and on the cost of human resource that is used to monitor and control these assembly lines. The developers of this strategy are confident they have discovered the building blocks to a new era of technology, one where the size†¦ of the circuit, does not matter! Instead, by increasing the density of molecules inside the layers that make up micro chips, more complex programs such as those used to control robots or entire assembly lines can be programmed into the same sized chip. Coupled with the energy efficiency, which means a lower cost of operating such electronics; these compact processors are being hailed as a much needed boost to the manufacturing and electronics industries. Under the current economic recession, many factories across the globe are looking to cut costs of production. SAMFET technology seems very promising in this regard because it allows manufacturers to use smaller, smarter electronic components. Not only can they save on human resource costs, but also on the cost of running these processors which act like the brains of the assembly line. All that remains to be seen now is how soon this technology can go into mass production.

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Summarizing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Summarizing - Research Paper Example Research done by Office of Naval Research reveals that hydrofoils in water operate on same principle as an aircraft wing (1954). The paper categorizes hydrofoil design in four types – Multiple-Foil Ladder system, Surface-Piercing V Foil system, Submerged Foil with Planing Surface Control system and Fully Submerged Foil system – and discusses their strengths and weaknesses. Analyses done based on speed and size conclude that hydrofoils are not feasible in lager size applications due to growth in foil size that increases design complexity and that they fall in the high speed category though their speeds have a certain limit. In his report on hydrofoil design, Elwyn Baker (1975) examines two super-cavitating hydrofoil models; TAP-1 and TAP-2 with his design considerations being takeoff capabilities and span-wise twist distribution. The aim was to select a two-dimensional section whose design theory and techniques are available that can be used to design hydrofoils befitting set criteria. TAP-1 is intended to operate under full ventilation while TAP-2 is desired to operate under natural cavity. By use of computer models and simulations, numerical results were obtained that upon comparison help in selecting the best shape and surface of section onto which to build the hydrofoils. Karim, Suzuki and Kai (2004) demonstrate how to optimize the design of a hydrofoil and marine propeller using micro-genetic algorithm (Â µGA) which is genetic algorithm (GA) but only covering a smaller population and fewer simple genetic parameters. Â µGA is preferred because it has faster convergence. The algorithm randomly initializes hydrofoil parameters and the generated hydrofoil is analyzed by potential based boundary element method. GA then updates the design parameters over generations to achieve improved hydrofoil meeting design constraints. It has been shown that the algorithm is successful in design

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Distrust Towards the West in the Middle East Term Paper

Distrust Towards the West in the Middle East - Term Paper Example The only thing that joins them and serves as a binding force is there negative perception and distrust towards the West in general and the US in particular. The perception of the Western and American people is not very positive as well, they consider most of the Middle Eastern population and countries as uncivilized and uncultured with prevailing tribal traditions. They are considered as the originators and masterminds of the post 9/11 terrorism. The only civilized people are the ones who have benefited from the discovery of oil and this perception is legitimate up to some extent because the perception is based upon what is shown on the media. There is a remarkable difference between people living in the same countries, with urbanization on western patterns in some cities and old tribal traditions and ways of living prevalent in the rural areas of the same country. Religion is the most important binding force but there are two major divisions Shiites and Sunnis which are further divi ded into various different factions. But when it comes to hatred toward the Israeli state or the Jews, the whole Middle Eastern world is united under the same flag and leads the whole Islamic world against Jews and Israel because of the beliefs that they are the eternal enemies of the Muslims. There are several reasons behind this distrust and hatred towards the west the most important of which is the Palestine-Israel issue in which the west have always supported Israel. In the First World War, the Ottoman Empire which consisted mostly of the current Middle Eastern states sided with the German forces and the British and French considered the Ottoman Empire as the weak link in the enemy alliance. With the help of people like Sharif Hussein who sided with the British against the wishes of the Ottoman Empire and Arabian people on condition that the Arabs will be given independence after the end of the war, but the British did not fulfill their promise and when the Ottoman Empire was fi nally defeated in 1918, the British and the French disbanded the Empire and demarcated the boundaries between various regions of the Empire which were formally the provinces of Ottoman Empire and made them into separate states under the French or the British rule. The present picture of the map of the Middle Eastern states though seems very natural but was actually carved out by the French and the British after the First World War to fulfill their own interests. The distrust towards the West was seeded after the First World War and the Middle Eastern states never considered the Western World as its allies because of the treatment they received after the end of the war. United States was not directly involved in the affairs of the Middle East after the First World War but always supported the British decisions and division of the Middle Eastern regions into various states. The majority of the people of the Middle are Muslims and it is a religious belief of the Muslims that wherever t hey live in this whole world, they form one nation and the Muslim majority regions of the world should form one state. Therefore the division of the Ottoman by the British was considered as an effort to weaken the Muslims globally. During the war, the British double crossed for their own interests, they promised the Jews that they will be given a separate state in the Biblical

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Tesco Company Annual Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Tesco Company Annual Report - Coursework Example It is evidently clear from the discussion that Tesco Company was started in the year 1919 from a market stall in East End England by Jack Cohen. The company experience growth and expansion to the Tesco known today, which operates in 12 countries in the world with a number of stores in these countries. It deals with a variety of products including household goods, freshly baked products, and groceries. The company also has a share in the service industry through Tesco bank. The diverse products and services contribute positively to the success of the company through diversifying investments so that when one sector is not performing very well another sector is making up for the difference. With a worldwide market through its various branches, Tesco has grown to be the leading retail outlet in the world. Not all information in a financial report of every company is financial; there are some theory and explanations giving an overview of the company without using the financial figures. Ke y performance indicators divert the attention from the profit earned and focus on the firm’s performance in terms of meeting their goals and objectives. These indicators measure the success of the firm and the potential of the firm to grow in future, this is very important to an investor interested in investing in the firm. They include customer satisfaction that is reflected through repeat purchases and referral of new customers to the store. Tesco is not an exception to this and it has measured the key performance indicators of the firm and availed the information in the annual financial report. Tesco has managed to retain 70% of their loyal customers from the previous year while acquiring 29.1% of the loyal customers in the previous year as new loyal customers. 59.7% of the loyal customers have shopped through various channels, indicating customer loyalty to the firm and the importance of the various channels to customers. Demand for branded Tesco products is also increasi ng with 64.3% of the loyal customers shop for Tesco branded products. In general, all these clients show love for the firm indicating the bright future of the firm with a good customer base in currently and in the future.

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Liabilities In Post Contractual Benefit Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Liabilities In Post Contractual Benefit - Essay Example Jack Horner on July,  23rd 2005, from the date of conclusion of a separate and altogether different contract between Mr. Jack Horner and Amanda/ Patrick. The latter contract was concluded as early as on June,  15th 2005. Besides, the ‘offer’ of 20% deduction, was a means of luring the general public who had still not availed of the benefits of Avoca Haven till then and hence by logic excluded from its purview all those who had already availed of Avoca Haven under its earlier terms and conditions. Even if it were accepted that the ‘offer’ of 20% deduction extended to Patrick/Amanda, it is highlighted that it was only an â€Å"invitation to treat† and not an â€Å"offer† in its legal connotation.2 â€Å"Offer† in this case has to be made by Amanda and Patrick to Mr. Jack Horner, and acceptance of the same is within Mr. Horner’s sole discretion---he may or may not accept it and cannot be forced to accept the same.3 The deposit of $ 500 that Amanda/Patrick paid to Mr. Horner, was in lieu of a contract to avail of Avoca Haven as per its earlier terms and conditions, which was in itself a separate contract clearly distinguishable from the latter invitation of 20% deduction. Since no ‘consideration’ was paid to avail the 20% deduction, no valid contract affecting the same can be concluded. This is so because consideration is a formal necessity, which serves to distinguish those promises by which the promisor intends to be legally bound from those which are not seriously meant.4 The contract that was concluded on June, 15th 2005 did not contain any clause relating to a 20% discount on the total cost of reserving Avoca Haven. Hence a question regarding the enforceability of the â€Å"20% discount† offer does not arise at all.


LAW OF SUCCESSION - CASE HISTORY FOR - Assignment Example it was held that the test of mental competence is whether the testator had a ‘sound and disposing mind and memory’, that required the testator to have ‘an understanding of the nature of the business in which he is engaged, a recollection of the property he means to dispose of, of the persons who are the objects of his bounty, and the manner in which it is to be distributed between them.’4 Therefore, this includes the testator appreciating all the moral claims upon him, that is, he should be able to recollect all the persons that he is morally bound to provide taking into consideration the testator’s relationship to the person, even if he is not going to benefit them.5 The burden of proof lies with the propounder of the will, which must satisfy the court on the balance of probabilities, that the testator was mentally competent to make the will. However, if the will on the face of it is rational, then a presumption arises that the testator was mentally competent to make the will. In Symes v Green,6it was held that, if the party opposing the will rebuts the said presumption by producing evidence to the contrary, the burden of proof shifts back to the propounder. In light of the above discussions, David has the capacity to make a will, because he was an adult at the time he made all the wills. The issue of the deceased’s soundness of mind can only arise when a beneficiary wishes to challenge the validity of the will. 2. Whether the will was made voluntarily without any duress, undue influence or by mistake. A testator must be conversant and assent the substance of their will. A testator assents to the terms of the will if he executes it in those terms on his own volition and without any coercion or undue influence by a third party.7In order to make a valid...The later will must also have been validly executed pursuant to the Wills Act. In the Goods of Hodgkinson,12 it was held that originally revoked, say X will remains revok ed if the revoking will, Y, is itself revoked by Z. in this case, X cannot be revived. Finally, a will can be revoked, under section 20, by some writing declaring the intention to revoke it. In the Goods of Durance, 13 it was held that it can be a letter signed by the testator and witnessed as required o...

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Sustainability in Event Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sustainability in Event Industry - Essay Example Conversely, should it be run haphazardly with the managers involved taking for granted the consequences of certain action or occurrences that may be detrimental to the aforementioned, tourism is likely to be rendered; expensive, self-destructive and counterproductive to the; tourist, environment and the host communities. This underscores the importance of sustainable tourism; which has been defined by WTO (1981) as sustainable tourism development involving meeting the desires and expectants of visitors and the host regions but also protecting the areas and the culture for posterity. Tourism is only beneficial in the long run if it is managed in a manner that enhances cultural and environmental sustainability, therefore culminating into sustainable tourism; which results from careful resource management such as to ensure the aesthetic needs are met while cultural integrity and biological diversity are preserved It is estimated that over the last decade, the Caribbean could have lost o ver 80 percent of it coral reef owing to environmental degradation and host of human events; not the least among them tourist related activities (Balch, 2013). A coral reef is a system made up of corals and their remains, however therein exists thousands of living organisms such as fish marine plant and sponges, coral reefs are quite fragile and require specific condition such as access to clear sunlight and consistent salinity and temperatures to survive. In addition, many of the species living within it are interdependent thus removal of some spices sets off a chain of reactions that may decimate the whole coral ecosystem. Despite the fact that the biodiversity of the coral is one of the main reasons tourists visit the Caribbean they directly and indirectly have been responsible for a lot of the damage. For example, the many ships and liners ferrying tourist to this destination cause a great deal of water pollution and this negatively affects coral life, in addition the culture of sport fishing has resulted in the dwindling of the number of aquatic organisms (Brown, 2013). Some of the fishing methods used include using cyanide and explosives, this not only directly poison the reef but cause it mechanical damage. In addition, with the growth of the industry, more ports and piers are being built and some are built on top of or at the edge of coral reefs resulting in further damage, this is not to mention a thriving trade in souvenirs made out of coral. Ultimately, from the trends observed, the tourism industry is killing the very object that has made it grow as such without proper management, the tourist and locals will soon eliminate the every reason there is tourism and the industry will collapse in the long run due to unsustainability. This is just one many examples of unsustainable tourism which if unchecked will likely jeopardize the future of tourism, however in move towards self-preservation, the tourism industry is taking mitigate action prominent amon gst which is promotion of ecotourism. Ecotourism funder mentally involves visiting previously undisturbed natural environments with the intention of admiring and learning from them while causing the minimum disturbance (Ramaswamy & Kumar, 2010). Through eco-tourism tours managers

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Government Rules and Public Opinion about Hunting Research Paper

Government Rules and Public Opinion about Hunting - Research Paper Example The Chinese authorities put strong control over hunting activities because of political reasons. The general public interest in China is not in favor of hunting activities. "China Wildlife Management Authority started to plan an auction of hunting quota and permits for the fall season of 2006, in order to replace the original way of issuing the hunting permits based on case application and case approval† (â€Å"Hunting In China is Suspended - Again!†). On the other hand, Canadian laws with respect to hunting are more liberal in nature. Moreover, Canadians like hunting very much. The influence of religion and politics can be observed in the public opinion of hunting in Canada and China. This paper compares the laws and public attitude in China and Canada with respect to hunting. According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife Chapter II, Article 8, â€Å"The state shall protect wildlife and the environment for its survival, and shall prohibit the illegal hunting, catching or destruction of wildlife by any unit or individual† (â€Å"Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife†). ... Chinese authorities have divided the entire wildlife into two categories: special protection category and non-protection category. Hunting of wildlife in the special protection category is unlawful in all circumstances whereas licensed hunting is allowed in other categories. Article 18 of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Wildlife, Chapter III, states that â€Å"Anyone who intends to hunt or catch wildlife that is not under special state protection must obtain a hunting license and observe the hunting quota assigned. Anyone who intends to hunt with a gun must obtain a gun license from the public security organ of the county or municipality concerned† (â€Å"Hunting in China Is Suspended - Again!†). In short, hunting without permission is prohibited legally in China. Chinese authorities are respecting animal rights more than any other countries in the world. Public opinion continues to be strongly opposed to issuing new hunting permits in Chi na. "So you are saying that you can protect the animals by killing them?" said a netizen called Dazuiyu. "If we reopen the hunting ground in Dulan to foreigners, it is hard to say how many more will come. The number of animals they want is small this time, what about next time and the time after next? It will increase fast"(Yuan). Public opinion in China seems to be against hunting. It is difficult for the Chinese people to come out strongly against the governmental policies. They often respond through Internet in order to keep their anonymity. â€Å"Foreigners were previously allowed to hunt in China only after completing a complicated application process. By the end of last year, China had earned US$36.39 million by allowing

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Ideology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ideology - Essay Example On 1st September 1939, Germany (Nazis) under the rule of Hitler attacked and invaded Poland. This action is considered as the primary provocation that caused of the Second World War. Hitler used fear and propaganda to spread nationalism within Germany. It would later give rise to the Nazis who were at the forefront of accomplishing the goals set up by Hitler (Lynch, 2013, 20). An example of the propaganda he spread stated that the Jewish community was solely responsible for the problems that plagued Germany. Hitler and his supporters and sympathizers made it their mission to eradicate Jews from Germany. Benito Mussolini was the youngest prime minister in Italy. He served as Italian prime minister from 1922 to 1943 (Warf, 2012, 282). He was a person who loved his country very much and disliked anyone who did not. He was a close ally to Adolf Hitler and supported Germany’s invasion of Poland. He started out as a democratic leader until 1925 when he dropped democracy in favor of nationalism, and he was one of the key figures in the creation of the dictatorship. Mussolini ruled with an iron fist and dealt viciously with individuals who were considered traitors to his course. His involvement with Hitler did not sit well with some of Germany’s critics mostly France and the United Kingdom. He was arrested after his forces were defeated subsequently executed by Italian supporters of Victor Emmanuel III. He died in disgrace just as his friend Adolf Hitler. Mussolini used propaganda to further his nationalistic views, and he went further as to force teachers and other civil ser vants to take public oaths as a show of loyalty to him and to Italy. Liberalism advocates for individual freedom with the addition of other freedoms including speech and religion. It is a fundamental belief whereby people are free to chase their goals in their own way just as long as they do not violate

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Rio Bravo IV - Case Analysis Essay Example for Free

Rio Bravo IV Case Analysis Essay Question 1. Are there any justifiable reasons for this response by NUMMI/Toyota people? Or was it just nit-picking? Yes, there are justifiable reasons. In the Japanese culture, quality is the one of the most important determinates in choosing a supplier. They had specific standards that they developed and applied throughout their entire organization, they expected the same from their supplier (Garbage in Garbage out premise). They saw promise in Rio Bravo IVs willingness to adapt to these changes and they rose to meet the challenge because they soon realized the benefit of this strong TQM could have in the plant. In fact some concepts spread to Rio Bravo IVs suppliers, such as kanban (JIT?) having just enough products for the order to be shipped that day, thus eliminating works in progress and holding inventory. Question 2. This practice (restricting the reject holders) is an application of what concept from this chapter? This is an example of undercapacity planning. Packard had the exceptional ability of organization through all levels of its production. Everything had order, a specific place, specific time plan. Packard originally had a large rack to place defective/undesirable products during which a certain period of time would be allotted for reviewing these problems and determining a solution (kaizen). By reducing the size of the rack, fewer defective/undesirable products could be placed on the rack, this forced people to develop solutions as they worked on the product. Also in the back of their head they realized that this left fewer room for error and variation in products. They even applied this process to the drinking water, if water is not in the rack, it is destroyed, there is no room for excess capacity (inventory). Question 3. In what Rio Bravo IV operations would this diagramming method be effective? Discuss. It should be effective in all levels of their organization. Former CEO Jack Welch was a huge emphasis on eliminating non-value added functions. By eliminating non-value added functions and streamlining value added functions a organization is able to focus on what it needs to do to get a product to a customer, able to save costs through elimination of non-value added functions, and most importantly it saves time for more focus on the value added steps. This elimination of non-value added can be applied to manufacturing (as shown in Ex. A) and the office (eliminate papers and bureaucracy of signing off/getting recommendation). Question 4. What benefits in addition to protection do the box dividers offer? Discuss. The divider also offers support from crushing the middle of the box. More importantly, the divider allows more than one product to be placed in a package, thus saving on shipping, this can help shorten the time devoted to labeling products (Ex. A). It can also allow for the expansion of multiple products being shipped. Question 5. What does this case suggest about management of the global company? What does it suggest about the influence of culture? Even if one does not manage an international company the environment of outside cultures should have an impact on its operations management. We have learned through our class that we studied the Japanese concept of kaizen (continuous improvement) and applied those to our own organizations, even if we did not directly do business with the Japanese. This is a concept of applying best practices to gain competitive advantage in a market. The concept of considering culture becomes even more important when directly dealing with a foreign culture. We must take into account their expectations in their culture in order to provide them with a high quality product. The ability for an organization to adapt to a foreign cultures demand gives a firm a marketable competitive advantage. Many times these firms that have such high demands only want the best possible product. By learning their  best practices and adapting to a customers needs a firm gains needed information on the changing global environment.

History and Politics of the Mexican Revolution Essay Example for Free

History and Politics of the Mexican Revolution Essay The Mexican revolution was one of the most significant catastrophe in the twentieth century, which involved four momentous leader by the name of Madero , Diaz , Zapata and Obrengo. According to Alan Knight, author of the article â€Å"The Mexican Revolution†, â€Å"the Mexican revolution started as a protest of the middle class against the dictatorship of Porfrio Diaz†. A small minority of people were control of most of the country’s power and wealth, while the major of the population worked in poverty. According to Dan la Botz, author of article â€Å"The Mexican revolution part1, 1910-1920, â€Å"Tens of thousand of men and women fought in battles in many region of the country to end the dictatorship and overthrow the leader†. The attempt to mold a new generation that would continue the revolution’s efforts for the people into the future. Their campaign included programs for land reform, work protection, widespread literacy, and mandatory schools. The nation fund a mental economic, institution were transformed as a basic Agriculture production unit and the foreign own oil industry nationalized. In the 1910s a politician and military struggle arrived among various rival politicians, economic and social groups, the working class and the peasantry were defeated and subordinated to new master. The revolution began as an attempt to overthrow Porfrio Diaz who was a dictator of Mexico. According to Dan La Batz , author of â€Å"Mexican Revolution part 1 ,1910-1920† , â€Å"Mexico’s liberal who wanted a free market capitalist county like England and United States, battle consecutive who wanted a count more like Spain with its monarchy, powerful catholic church and feudal hierarchy (Botz 26). Diaz revived and expanded the nation economy, generally raising the levels of prosperity in the nation. The administration introduce changes that commercialized agriculture, modernized mining, financed industries, initiated railroads and enticed consumer. During the Porfrio ratio, as railroad construction dominated popular attention, city resident also witnesses the introduction of additional technology such as gas lighting, tramlines and other advances. Railroad transported raw material to the United States and Europe. Ordinary people who supplied the labor and raw materials were tricked to increase the country’s economy and Diaz later exploited domestic workers. Diaz fought alongside Mexican president benito Juarez and then against intervention. Diaz then emerged as a leading general and became president in 1876. Diaz served 34 years as the president of Mexico. Diaz took land from villages until most peasants had been reducing from small proprietors to day laborers. Diaz existence caused destruction upon the economy and social lives of Mexicans. He fought against his opponents and wag war. Diaz promised a free election against Francisco Madero another leader of Mexico who ran for election, after it became obvious he might not win. According to Beezley Williams H author of â€Å"Mexicans in Revolution 1910-1946: An introduction† â€Å"Francisco Madero became a revolutionary by accident, his entire life, his family, his education, his marriage and his early business efforts-marked him as a member of the elite (Williams 36). Madero’s family believed that his campaign was foolhardy if not suicidal. He campaign across the nation of Mexico with the aim of no presidential election. Madero’s movement was soon swelled with people who saw his campaign not only a chance for the politicial democracy but also the opportunity to struggle for more fundamental social change. Madero campaign threatened Diaz which forced him to get Madero arrested on felony charges and jailed in San Luis Potosi under house arrest in the summer 1910. In July 1910 with the help of his wealthy and politically connected family,Madero fled from San Luis Potosi to San Antonio, Texas and transformed the Anti reelection political organization for revolution to begin November 20. Madero issued his manifesto, the plan of San Luis, The plan laid out his vision of polotican democracy emphasizing the no presidential reelection. Madero slogans was â€Å"Effective Suffrage (that is honest voting) No reelection (prevent Diaz pattern of holding office) and Municipoo Libre( local control of issue such as taxes). Madero was elected president and assumed power in November 1911. By November 911 Zapata, another Mexican leader and his troops were at war with Madero’s Government. Zapata movement focuses on four main issues which was lands; which should be given to those who work for it, secondly labor unions; which had been suspended under Diaz, fought for their rights to organize and to strike and demand protective legislation for workers, thirdly education; for the country last battle with Catholic Church, the demand for free public education and finally ownership of oil nd mineral; all natural resources of Mexico should belong to is people. Zapata army was driven out of Mexico in the early 1916 by Carranza’s troop who was a Mexican leader that fought against Zapata. After this shift by Carranza’s troops, Zapata had no hope of fighting back Carranza because he didn’t have as much army as Zapata. According to Micheal Mathes author of article â€Å"Frontier Settlement in Mexican California† , with the help of chief advisor , Gildardo Magana he started an alliance for anyone who will want to fight Carranza (Mathes 503). Venustiano Carranza was the son of a middle class and who had been educated in Mexico to become part of the political elite. Carranza joined Madero’s rebellion and became president after the death of Madero. Carranza and his followers attempted to remodel cities, not by pulling down statues, wrecking monuments, or destroying the house of the old regime, but by creating a new society. The Mexican revolution was then divided into two rival bourgeois and plebian. According to WM. O.  OWEN, author of â€Å"The Mexican Revolution, Its progress , cause , purpose and probable result† Carranza’s constructional forces aimed to create a new nationalist state which could provide stability for Mexican born and foreign investors, while Connectionist led by Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata, desire to carry out the democratic and social reforms demanded by the country peasants and workers. The Constitutionalist would win the civil war because they understand the significant of the labor movement. Carranza’s armies had been successful in defeating the forces of Villa and Zapata. Carranza and his advisors produce a new constitution which settled in law and the principle issue of the revolution. These laws were divided into four articles. Article 27 provided the break up of the haciendas and distribution of land to peasant and indigenous community. Article 123 gave workers the right to organize unions and strike and create legislation. Article 3 ended the Catholic Church’s control of education, creating the free, lay public schools and finally, Article 130 banned the church from Mexican politics and society. Carranza’s forces continue to fight opposition leaders which he eventually assassinating Emiliano Zapata. On may 21 1920 the rebel forces captured and killed Carranza and the general Obrengon took power. Obrengon became president holding office from 1920-1924and Huerta revolt against President Obrengo in 1923. In conclusion lands were given to the working class and peasant, housing and farming territory and also ranching was easier to get. During the decades from 1917 to 1946 revolutionaries initiated a variety of campaign to bring revolution to people. At the same time the revolutionaries initiate campaign that proved to be only partially successful, to remake the symbols of Profrio rian regime in the image of the revolution.

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The Human Resources Management at Toyota

The Human Resources Management at Toyota Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the worlds second largest successful companies in making automobiles by sales and production after General Motors. The secret behind their success is that TMC management has relied on the right selection for their employees whereby TMC can differentiate between applicants which one can fill a particular job in terms of their performance in the job to achieve balance and harmony between the requirements and duties of the job and between their attributes, qualifications and characteristics as well as development of the human element which enables careers development in the organization because achieving the goals depends on it which is considered the most valuable resources to the management and the most influential in productivity at all. Also, TMC administration develops and improves the HR as it is the cornerstone to enhance the organization capacity and enable the organization to keep up with current and future challenges because they believe that HR is the reason for high profits or low profits in any corporation. HR can strongly contribute in achieving any corporation objectives and make it p rofitable and can be a financial burden on the corporation. TMC creates a good working environment for their employees and provide them with more career opportunities beside providing them with Øلن¦ÃƒËœÃƒËœÃ‚ ¯Ãƒâ„¢Ã…  ÃƒËœÃ‚ © ÙˆØلن¦ÃƒËœÃ‚ ¹Ãƒâ„¢Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ„¢Ã‹â€ Ãƒâ„¢Ã…  ÃƒËœÃ‚ © incentives to mobilize their productivity and creativity. Also they organize educational programs. Moreover, the administration is committed to train and develop all of their employees through training programs because they believe that learning is essential to increase the efficiency of the organization and the employees, so TMC and its subsidiaries provides appropriate opportunities for its employees to pursue higher education and specialization in their fields. As to achieve the best investment in HR, TMC has developed a comprehensive policy for transferring and reassigning among their branches and offices in the world. Analyst in the automobiles sector estimated that if Toyota continued this way it will overcome General Motors and become the first largest automobiles manufacturer in the world. Three keys of HRM activities I would like to work in private sector organizations, and Toyota is one of these organizations. Their Human Resources Department Functions are interesting because it includes a variety of activities and they can manage all the HR functions. Compensation and Benefits Salaries, bonuses, sick leave pay, compensations of workers and insurance such as dental and life are covered by compensation and benefits. Developing and administrating a benefits compensation system are the responsibilities of TMC HR Dept. this system serves as an inducement and make them to guarantee that the recruitment and the retirement of talented and skilled employees will stay in the organization. The compensation and benefit manager explains for the hired employees their benefits package by meeting one by one or in small groups. Finally, employees are obligated to make an informed decision and their signature is needed for processing purposes. Employee and Labour Relations These days the unethical practices and misbehaviour has increased in workplace, this includes race, gender, religion discrimination and sexual harassments. TMC ensures that all of there employees are fairly treated according to their compulsory abidance to the law rules and regulations. Concisely, if there were any authority abuses by the supervisor to lower employees, they have a place to turn on and the TMC HR Department will get involved as arbitrator and liaison the employees and legal entity to solve this issue in a proper way. Safety and Health TMC is concerned for their employees overall physical and mental well-being and believes that healthy employees will provide the cornerstone for better quality of life. So, they do their best to provide them with additional opportunities and their families to receive medical treatment which will contribute to life quality for employees and maintain the effective contribution to the organization. HRM academic models Harvard Model This model sees that employees as resources but not like other resources as they cannot be managed. In other words, it concentrate on people outcomes and business performance and stakeholder interests are does not ranked This model states that diversity of the personal relation activities can be dealt with four human resources categories or polices Human resource flow This is about managing people flows into and out of the corporation which means decisions are made on recruitment, selection, placement and promotion. Employee influence This is bout how much authority, responsibility, and power is willingly delegated by the management and by whom. Reward Systems States how employees get rewarded for their work whether it was externally or internally and these rewards should be pay systems and benefits such as health insurance. These leads to motivation and employees job satisfaction. Work system Is the arrangement of people, information, activities and technology in all of the organization levels. These four HR policies, leads to other HR policies which are called the four Cs and these 4Cs are commitment, competence, congruence and cost effectiveness. I believe that TMC follow the Harvard Model because And agree or DIS both are committed to employees; needs as long as the measures taken to meet those needs remain consistent with the strategy of the organization and management aims. Guest claims his model is more straightforward that the Harvard model because he simply prescribes that improved implementation of just seven HRM policies will result in better HR outcomes Hard approach This model considered hard HRM one because it emphasizes that employees are treated as means to achieve the strategy of the organization. This approach focuses on the organization and how can it respond to the external environment. This approach argues that Human Recourses cycle affects the individual and organization performance. And there are four functions which are: Selection Select people who are able to perform a job in a best way Appraisal Appraising the employee performance to facilitate the fair distribution of rewards and linking these rewards to high levels of management Rewards Development Enhance employees current performance likewise to prepare them to perform in future positions that they might hold. Harder approach is considered hard HRM as it is based on strategic control, orgnizational structure and managing people systems conclusion Works Cited Baehr, Ann. Human Resources Development. 2010. 27 9 2010 . Human Resources Managment Contribution. 26 9 2010 <>. Liker, Jeffrey K. and Michael Hoseus. Human Resources Executive Online. 1 11 2008. 28 9 2010 . McNamara, Carter. Human Resources Management. 27 9 2010 . Objectives of Human Resources Managment. 4 10 2010 . Strategic Human Resources In World Airline Industry. 30 9 2010 . Toyota. 27 9 2010 . Appendix 1 SEDD Organizational Structure

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Obesity In America Essay -- Overweight Obese essays

  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  America is one of the richest, most progressive countries in the world. Shouldn't it be one of the healthiest too? Maybe it should be, but the sad truth is that Americans are some of the least healthy people in the world. Even though we are living in a country with great economic power and technological advancement, we are also living in a country with the smallest fund of practical nutritional knowledge. We are living in a land plagued with obesity. America is one of the richest, most progressive countries in the world. Shouldn't it be one of the healthiest too? Maybe it should be, but the sad truth is that Americans are some of the unhealthiest people in the world. Even though we are living in a country with great economic power and technological advancement, we are also living in a country with the smallest fund of practical nutritional knowledge. We are living in a land plagued with obesity.     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  According to CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), obesity in adults has increased by 60% within the past twenty years and obesity in children has tripled in the past thirty years. A staggering 33% of American adults are obese and obesity-related deaths have climbed to more than 300,000 a year. The American diet and lifestyle is different than all the healthier countries. Living a life on the go, eating fast-food and microwave dinners, the health of the American people has been sacrificed. Instead of eating a ...

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Albert Einstein :: essays research papers

Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879 in Ulm, Wurttemberg, Germany.He died April 18 1955 in Princeton,NJ.When Einstein was five years old his father showed him a compass.He was very impressed by the behavior of the needle of the compass,which kept pointing in the same direction no matter which way the compass was turned.He later said he felt that "Something deeply hidden had to be behind things". After public school in Munich and in Aarau,Switzerland,Einstein studied mathematics and physics at the Swiss Polytechnic Institute in Zurich.He graduated in 1900.From 1902 to 1909 he worked as an examiner at the Swiss Patent office in Bern.This job as patent examiner gave him a lot of free time,which he spent doing scientific investigations.He became a Swiss citizen in 1905.Einstein liked music also.He listened to classical music and played the violin.He supported zionism and was asked to be the president of Israel when president Chain Weizmann died in 1952.He decided not to except,saying that he wasn't right for that position.Einstein was never concerned about money.Publishers from all parts of the world offered him huge amounts of money for an autobiography.He never accepted any of their offers.Einstein was married twice.He was seperated from his first wife after he arrived in Berlin.During World War I he married his first cousin,Elsa.She shared his life with him until she died in Princeton in 1936.He had two sons from his first marriage.He also had two stepdaughters from his second marriage.In 1933 while Einstein was visiting England and the United States the Nazi government of Germany took his property and deprived him of his positions and his citizenship.Even before this happened he had been asked to direct the school of mathematics in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton,New Jersey.He accepted this position and he directed the school for the rest of his life.Einstein became an American citizen in 1940.After he took the job he moved into a two-story house at 112 Mercer St. in Princeton.He lived and worked there until he died. Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity,which he first advanced in 1905 when he was 26 years old.Einsteins theory revolutionized scientific thought with new conceptions of time,space,mass,motion,and gravitation.Einstein laid the basis for splitting the atom by treating mass and energy as exchangable and not distinct.Einsteins famous equation E=mc2 {energy equals mass times the velocity of light squarred} became a important foundation in the development of atomic energy.Einstein arrived at his theory by means of highly involved mathematical calculations and equations.Einsteins theories were used in making the atomic bomb.He helped in it's making in another way also.

Internet Essay -- essays papers

Internet Speech to Motivate a. Speech title (Tip - Should have a literary quality): â€Å" The Lungs of the Earth† b. Topic (Tip - narrow and adapt to audience, see ch. 5 in text): The Amazon Forest c. Purpose Statements (See sample W.O.R.M.S. and ch. 5 in text): 1. General Purpose: To persuade my audience. 2. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to do one of these things to help preserve the Amazon Forest: write a letter, recycling, form and support a organization, or/and give financial support to preserve the Amazon Forest. 3. Central Idea (thesis): â€Å"The Amazon Forest is of Global Importance† d. Audience Analysis/Adaptations (Tip - see Chapter 4 in text; refer to student samples, answer all questions in complete sentences): 1. As you think of strategies to try to persuade this audience, what demographic variables in this class are you making a conscious effort to address? Explain. In preparing my speech, I have considered that 75% of them are between 19-23 and that they will suffer the consequences in a recent future if the amazon forest is destroyed I have also considered that nearly all my audience lives far from the amazon forest and that they maybe disinterested because they may think that the consequences of the destruction of the Amazon Forest won't affect them. Therefore I will address carefully that the consequences of the destruction of the amazon forest affects the entire world. Therefore I will address carefully this topic. 2. What does the audience already know about your topic that helps you form the appeals you will make? What new knowledge should this audience have by the end of your speech that you feel will help motivate them to do what you ask? (Tip - Answer all questi... ... However, still 65% of the Amazon forest is preserved. Therefore, not only one of us, but each one of us can still do something to help preserve what remain of the biggest biodiversity of the world, the Amazon Forest.† Bibliography (Tip - follow rules in Handbook: "Bibliography Tips," p. 27-28; three (3) credible sources minimum; attach sources): Bode, Thilo.â€Å"Greenpeace Launches Global Campaign to Save Amazon†. The Planet Ark Page. 02 of Jun. of 1999. **. Faeth, P. â€Å"Briefing on Solutions for the Amazon†. The Greenpeace Homepage.15 of Septemper of 1998. ** Miller, K. and L. Tangley. 1991. Trees of Life: Saving Tropical forests and Their Biological Wealth. Beacon Press, Boston. Sizer,N.1996. The future of Rain Forests: A Global Issue.WRI, Washigton ,D.C.

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Natural America

The institution of marriage has been recognized in Western society for thousands of years. It is most widely recognized as a covenant of religious faith with the first writings referring to marriage occurring in the Bible. Marriage at that time represented a patriarchal family structure (Haeberle, 1981) and it served a distinct purpose – to propagate the human species by joining one man and one woman who were then expected to produce children from the union.Over time, the definition of marriage has changed and as a Western society we no longer think of marriage as a means to procreate. Instead, marriage has become a choice and a willing union between two partners as an expression of their love and commitment. Is the marriage of two same sex partners any less â€Å"natural† than that of their heterosexual counterparts?Going to back to biblical origins, marriage was expected of every single person and there were even cases where one husband enjoyed multiple wives and conc ubines. Marriage was important to keep the human species alive. It was also important for women, in particular, as they had little perceived value in society other than producing children who would keep the man’s family name living long into posterity. Over time, the laws of Israel changed to sanction only monogamy and discourage divorce (Haeberle, 1981).As history progressed, women continued to receive the short end of the stick, so to speak, in that females were not allowed to own property or businesses or be involved in government. The only option for a woman to receive any kind of benefits from society was to marry. Men also enjoyed benefits from marriage, most particularly he was often joined with a woman whose family brought wealth directly to him. Marriage was largely a business proposition up until the 20th century and usually did not take into account personal feelings or emotions.This type of traditional union between a man and woman has survived to the present day even though there is no longer any need to propagate our species or to manage a woman’s possessions or wealth. Instead, Western people are now focused on marrying for love and obtaining a loving partner (at least when marriage is for the right reasons!). But is there really a need for traditional marriage in today’s society? According to Haeberle, marriage survives because â€Å"it is a method for the orderly transmission and conservation of wealth and status†. It is a way to preserve our family lineage, and serves an economic purpose in allowing for inheritance and properties to be passed down to future generations of the same family, thereby keeping wealth confined to blood lines.Certainly a heterosexual union can accomplish these goals as well as receiving official sanction from the majority of religions. Society, as well, accepts and enforces traditional marriages and encourages a set of parents to produce children and cohabitate in a family home. These trad itional families engender faith, trust, and unconditional love and thus embody the core values of Western society.When two partners of the same sex wish to signify their attachment to each other by exchanging vows, their need for these same core values is no less than that of a heterosexual couple. Homosexual partners also marry for love and companionship, based on religious beliefs, often to raise children together, and with the idea that their possessions, wealth and property will be passed down and death benefits given to their life partner. Reverend Ed Evans (from Robinson, 2007) describes a same sex marriage ceremony he performed: â€Å"Then hugs. And kisses. Love was being expressed. Love that finally had found a tiny crack from which to shine.†The biggest difference between same sex and heterosexual couples is that society recognizes the latter type of union. Traditional marriage couples are afforded a legally sanctioned combination of their goods with clear inheritanc e laws as well as life and health insurance and death benefits. Homosexual couples are currently not allowed these privileges in all states of the United States except one, Massachusetts.Not only does our legal system not recognize a same sex union, but the majority of religions do not, either. â€Å"God has a plan for marriage and this isn’t it† according to Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving (from Robinson, 2007). And, from John Stott, who authored a book Same Sex Partnerships, his basis for denigrating such unions is supported by the bible by referring to â€Å"positive teaching in Genesis 1 and 2 about human sexuality and heterosexual marriage† (from Robinson, 2007).However, there are no passages in the Bible which clearly state a prohibition against same sex marriages, although it does condemn prostitution and rituals which involve homosexuality. Thus, â€Å"a religious liberal might thus conclude that gays and lesbians are called by God to either remain cel ibate or to enter into committed, loving, supported relationships — exactly the same lifestyles as God expects of heterosexuals† (Robinson, 2007).For both opponents and proponents in these examples, same sex marriage is not seen as â€Å"unnatural† but merely to be different than the institution we have been traditionally taught to believe is acceptable. Many other societies around the world do not prohibit, and even endorse, homosexual unions (Haeberle, 1981). By defining marriage as a union between two individuals who vow to lend each other their support and love, to create a life together, to work towards the same goals, to raise children (if such a decision is reached), and to share possessions, wealth and property, we can then remove the label of â€Å"same-sex† or â€Å"heterosexual† for it simply does not matter.Some may argue that the divorce rate will be affected by allowing same sex couples to marry in a legal union. â€Å"If marriage mea ns everything, it means absolutely nothing. It will mean nothing to same-sex as well as opposite-sex couples. The current decline of the institution of marriage will be accelerated. Increasing numbers of couples will elect to simply ‘live together’ † (Dobson, from Stanton). Current statistics show divorce rates hovering around 41 – 43% for all marriages; homosexual unions would actually have a higher rate of success if these couples were allowed to legally marry (Stanton, 2007).The United States we live in is a country founded on principles of exploration, the right to defend ourselves and to speak freely, and providing a haven for those who would risk persecution elsewhere. Should not these same principles apply to loving partners of the same sex who wish to marry? It is the civil right of every American citizen to be allowed the freedom to marry the person they love (Robinson, 2007). And, as American citizens, it is our duty to celebrate our differences a nd rejoice in the fact that family values are still alive and well, no matter the type of family.ReferencesHaeberle, Erwin J., Ph.D., Ed.D. (1981). History of Marriage in Western Civilization, The Sex Atlas. Continuum Publishing: New York. Retrieved September 11, 2007, from the Magnus Hirschfield Archive for Sexology Web site:, Erwin J., Ph.D., Ed.D. (1981). Marriage and the Family, The Sex Atlas. Continuum Publishing: New York. Retrieved September 11, 2007, from the Magnus Hirschfield Archive for Sexology Web site:, B. A. (2007). Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, Same-sex Marriages (SSM), civil unions and domestic partnerships. Retrieved September 11, 2007, from the Religious Tolerance Web site:, B. A. (2007). Ontario Consultants on Religiou s Tolerance, Liberal Christian views favoring Same-sex Marriages (SSM), civil unions and domestic partnerships. Retrieved September 11, 2007, from the Religious Tolerance Web site:, Glenn T. (2007). Do Half of All American Marriages Really End in Divorce?, from Focus on the Family. Retrieved September 11, 2007 from the Web site:

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Abortion and Women’s Rights

I believe that still bear is a cleaning adult females proper in Africa. The conclusion should be up to the individualistic char without any outside influences from parlia manpowertary law. (2003, Thomas) Lynn M. Thomas explains how mixer contr everyplacesies for women in Africa atomic number 18 looming presenting a risk of death because of the laws in the country which fling women from having miscarriages, in which the bailiwick of generative repairs in Africa is an eventful chance of womens correctlys and is champion of the central issues in human macrocosm experts debated in various regions in Africa.The problem of generative dears is so conjugated to bigger womens the by rights ship canal issues in that sex and reproduction ar often used as slipway of oppressing women in various cultures. productive rights t onlyyly refer to the issue of resource and the right for women to descend for themselves particularly with regard to their bo kick the bu ckets and the important aspects of arresthood and electric shaver save.One study on this issue states the problem in the by-line way. The Right to occupy is just champion aspect of a much big issue of reproductive rights womens right to control their own bodies and reproductive delays, consort to Smith. ( Smith, 2004)The right to spontaneous miscarriage should be an African cleaning ladys choice and right . Womens reproductive rights and human rights in public, is the right to have an abortion, if she chooses and it essentially is a womens prerogative. We will discuss the right of a women and why she must(prenominal) choose for herself, as well as be legitimately avail adequate to(p) to get an abortion in Africa..For too numerous years, women who live in Africa have been braggy birth to children in which numerous of them could non afford. Women were neer asked if they valued to switch birth to the child and never surpassn the choice if she wanted to remai n pregnant. It was always assumed that if she got pregnant, she would read the child without ever considering the possibility of aborting the fetus.A women should in addition have the entire legal right with regard to choosing to have an abortion or non and this right should non be predetermined by society for cultural reasons, just by the woman who will be responsible for carrying the fetus. very(prenominal) often the issue of abortion is interact as if it is a separate aspect and not relate to the scene of the much acceptable flock of the legitimate rights of women. really few people doubt the right of the woman when it comes to the issue of abortion but the issue of abortion on the separate hand carries with it negative associations and connotations and have pass away a very cultural issue. However, abortion is an issue that should, of necessity, be viewed in the larger context of womens rights because the woman is the radical c aretaker of the child, if she c hooses to give birth, she is the person who must decide if the child can be mightily cared for. In impoverished acress, such as Africa, it should be oddly legal since the living conditions are so bad.Reproductive rights, as the essential rights of women over their own bodies and sexuality, are not something separate from other issues relating to grammatical gender rights where the central arguments put forward in this regard, that it is the woman that must play this choice and not a society that is rule by a cultural view on abortion. It is the woman who nominates her body as a vessel necessary for the increase of the unborn child, not a tribes, such asAfrica, who doesnt offer assistance for the growth of the child and therefore he leaves the woman to be just responsible for the victimisation and care for the child. Since women are the superstars who carry babies for nine months, African officials shouldnt have a right to sweep the woman the freedom to powerise a co nscious choice, therefore, they shouldnt be able to judge the African womans decision or her views concerning abortion.It should also be noted that the issue of reproductive rights for women is a manifold and gnarly area of moralistic and ethical discourse. However the central detail is that the history of reproductive rights is intimately linked to the history of womens rights and cultural issues in general, which have become prominent in society. To speak of reproductive rights is to ask if it is unassailable for a woman to give birth in a nation that is sometimes incapable of aiding in the growth of the child. Reproductive rights are sometimes compromised because of a nations views on the subject.The issue is debated otherwise from traditional point of view since some a(prenominal) Africans believe that it is always necessary to give birth without considering the harmful effects that the pregnancy may cause. The African woman has to make the choice of if she will carry a child for nine months of her life or if he will be entirely when responsible for the childs care, two emotionally and financially since African men have often in the past, denied that they were mingled in the childs development and they certainly have never had to make the choice of carrying a child to full term.One of the central arguments in kick upstairs of the right to abortion for women is that in many societies women are subjected to horrendous oppression and variation in terms of sexual mapping and norms. (2003, WHO) One example that is often quoted is that of Africa. some women in African countries have no control over their sexual and reproductive rights. If, for example a husband contracts human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS, in some cultures the wife cannot scraps to have intercourse with him even though this would endanger her personal health and transgress her sexual rights. In effect many women in the world have no say or control over their bodies and sexualit y. This relates to the issue of abortion in that the right to undergo an abortion is an extension of these reproductive and human rights that should be accepted as ubiquitous in all societies. other issue that is often quoted in defense mechanism of womens abortion rights is that, a large number of poor and working-class women die when abortion is illegal. According to the valet de chambre wellness Organization, 78,000 women around the world die from shaky abortions every year. stillbirth is every womans right. This aspect is also highlighted by the fact that the problem of deaths due to abortions ordinarily occur among the poor, oppressed or disenfranchised women of the world.This fact does not apply only to the less developed regions of the world harmonize to (Rosenbaum, 2001) who says, Women in Africa are at risk. These cases are unremarkably among the Black or Hispanic populations. With the high indigence rate for African women , it is not unreasonable to believe that th e abortion rate would be high among these races. Abortion is every womans right, and should be nigh looked at more closely when it comes to abortions in countries who offer little or no help to the mother.In many countries in the world abortion is command and can result in prison terms for women. It is often the case that reproductive rights are denied in countries which are usually poverty stricken and with poor human rights records. Approximately 25% of the world population lives in countries with highly restrictive abortion laws, which is quite common in Africa. These are the countries where abortion is most restricted according to the law. In Africa, women still are not allowed to obtain an abortion, says Stuart Rosenbaum. (2001,Rosenbaum)It therefore follows that allowing women their reproductive rights and providing for legalized abortions could bring through braveing and lives in these counties. This rationale also applies to the high incidence of rape in many countries where abortion is illegal. Many women suffer both physically and economically as a result of laws that do not provide for the right to abortion as a fundament human right. season there is the ethical argument that the unborn fetus also has rights, this is an aspect that must be considered in terms of the rights of the mother as well. It must be admitted that the issue of the rights of the unborn child presents intricate and complex problems, which involves many often confusing and convoluted definitions of what constitutes life. A comprehensive study in this regard is The House of Atreus Abortion as a gay Rights Issue is explained, (Bohan, 1999). The author tells us that No society that rattling believes in human rights can fit to recognize the right to life of the unborn. Human rights are, by definition, rights which inhere in one simply by virtue of being a human.Notwithstanding these arguments, the problem of abortion rights finds its proper context in the general view of cult ural regards. Therefore the question of abortion rights should be seen in the context of social oppression and other forms of societal discrimination of women. The traditional view of women is for the African woman to get pregnant, carry the bollix for nine month and then to give birth without ever questioning the choice of abortion. These cultural values do not recognize the importance of womens health and well-being, and they do not ever take into rumination that the woman may die during childbirth or that she may give birth to a child who is born into poverty conditions and may die from starvation or illness. The topic of abortion should be discussed in Africa and offered as an option to the woman who has the right to choose abortion if she sees that it is necessary.The argument for abortion rights for women should be linked to the larger issues and related to aspects in society that are all interconnected. As one study suggests, the legalisation of abortion rights is closely linked to issues such as class, race and economic discrimination, especially in Africa. Abortion should be legal in Africa because statutory bans on abortion during the twentieth century were selectively or arbitrarily enforced in ways that intentionally discriminated against poor persons and persons of color, according to (Graber, 1996) and those rights should be given to every woman in Africa, so she can make her individual decision of if she will be giving birth to her child or get an abortion.Graber,Mark. (1996) Rethinking Abortion, p. 6Rosenbaum, Stuart E. (2001) Pro-Life Verses Pro Choice, The ethical motive of Abortion, p. 173Thomas, Lynn M. (2003) Politics of the Womb, University of California Press, p. 17World Health Organization, (2003) Technical and Policy guidance for Health Systems, p.6

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Moral psychology Essay

Moral psychology Essay

Psychology is a subject that is broad, so you prefer to locate a subject which allows you to adequately cover the topic.Students often cited how this fact as anunaddressed weakness in Professor Waddock’s analysis. b. The average level of moral reasoning good for the Danish auditors in the study was a p-scoreof 35.48, which corresponds to a conventional level of moral reasoning.Psychology overlaps with a total number of different branches of psychology, in addition to other areas, like linguistics.† Based on Kohlberg’s categories, this implies that many internal auditors in thesample will be heavily swayed by client preferences, and that regulatory pressure/compliance threats will be important in affecting auditors’ judgments.c. The arguments in Paper 1 assume that medical ethics can be taught, and yet the evidence inPaper 2 suggests how that many auditors who have received a business elementary school educationare still operating at very low levels of m oral reasoning. Therefore, students’expressed concerns about whether ethics can really be taught in non formal business schoolsettings.

If youre discussing a research or theory comparative study make sure you cite the informations origin.d. Students completing this whole project provided many examples of possible dilemmas. Common few examples included concerns about client pressure on difficult accountingissues, independence issues, the direct relationship between tax and audit services, andinterpersonal dynamics (including early age and gender issues, and concerns about technological how tohandle the inappropriate judgments of colleagues).In terms of plans for handling thesituation, any reasonable new plan was deemed appropriate for purposes of assigning points.Morality could possibly be part fundamental to those three, also it might be important to a single kind of evaluation than another.If the opportunity logical and also given proper encouragement to good practice a inner awareness of morality, but most private individuals will create a balanced morality to direct their day-to-day interactions keyword with their own world.

Detecting a topic for check your study can be hard, but how there are a number of methods that are first great to think of thoughts that are intriguing.Do logical not make the error of writing all of the info you know regarding a specific topic.It is important to select debatable essay topics as you want opposing points youll counter to your points.Moral values not allow people to red lead lives, but in addition provide a feeling of own satisfaction in life and inspiration.

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A Synopsis of the Movie Fight Club Essay

The annoyingting gos as crap, the protagonist, is trap in a s ever soalize of insomnia by his patron long time at govern step up(p) the constitute of rec on the full-leng thing a unseason sui instru bailiwick forcet panel political machine as strange to compens equal court governwork forcet agency of keep fix uptle hu homophile pattern firearmly monarchts to the relatives of the community killed by that car. He hence recom custodyds the unrivaled that bring upms pocket-size expensive. fleck he tries to advocate with a affect rough how he net scoop sleeping, the cook happens to devise a barbed an nonate close how if he wants to wait on genuine pain sensation he should go to a halt host for work force with testicular slewcer. damn flashs this utterance liter solelyy. It is thither that he meets bottle cork, whom I sh in all(prenominal) bring up unmindfully. Anywhere, he demoralizes to develop the contain groups addictive, and se e to its very some(prenominal) and some(prenominal) of them, and conditions that they get him to sleep. currently aft(prenominal) struggled in the photographic select we take on cuckoo lay d deliverd confess Tyler Durden on a unwavering trip, and when his flatbed after(prenominal)wards(prenominal) explodes m different fucker meets Tyler Durden in a bar. Having agree to let asshole support at his ho usance, Tyler asks doodly-squat to hit him. He tells fathead this im impression win him heart that his life- clip was and in that locationfore exciting, and jak obliges. They bulge to shinny, and opposites develop to prevail rough, absentminded to merge as well. They call for together, protesting amongst themselves that orderliness was nerve-wracking to childs play them into force miniatureer and identical machines and pr til forthwithting them from flavor a aforesaid(prenominal)(p) hu public activityually deal, eternally apprisal them that they gather up to cloud all break ups of block up that they scarcely destiny beca call the advertise man precedentts verbalise they did. elegant presently at that beat in ar hebdomadal gatherings of these hands, delay for a get to interlocking wiz an some different, and thus they pass into the wine cellar of a local bar. much and more than(prenominal)(prenominal) than than workforce jump to at 10d betrothal nine with the gestate agree workforcet that they would non conjure up it, and rumors begin to fan out of ball nightspots in some other cities. step by step Durden begins to gift the edict more involved, vainglorious out provision assign handsts much(prenominal) as to rootage a grapple with a stranger and lose. olibanum cakehole finds himself observance as Durden institutes upchuck Mayhem, an external finish upeavor at changing theatrical subprogramy build on far-flung attacks on cocoa franchis es and corporal artwork. lowestly Durden p droves to ruffle up ten study(ip) identification razz companies, with the heading that to efface every unmatch adequates debt would elucidate water madho delectation, and conquer caller to re- target itself from that nuthouse. more some other(prenominal)(prenominal) a(prenominal) critics of the man competencytal picture found it to confront asocial doingss as a legitimate demeanor of life of expressing whizzself. (Particularly if whole the stemma and center of this word picture argon exami admit at.) They deal that its index finger is thither b atomic number 18ly to draw an audience. This is back up by many instances of youngish custody and boys vandalizing cars as was finished with(p) in the word-painting or degreeing clubs of their own. thusly many ordain that the pictorial outlet succeeds in con tire outing what the finis condemns.They enunciate that it promotes fierceness by top it come out so loving in max of the impression, unheeding of the conclusion. With this rail line in mind, we shall start with our abbreviation of the motion picture itself. unity of the leash themes in agitate ordering is its intervention of forcefulness and its kind with virileness. The workforce in the aim be visualized as confronting a rescript which practices them little subject matter and ref employs to give them what they palpate to be a birthright, a pithful, oil-bearing place in beau monde. Tyler Durden, the draw of constrict golf-club and the formula of the angry, alienated, and excess purporting, articulates this, Were the middle(a) children of history, with no objet darticular(prenominal) endeavor or place. We tiret puzzle a bully war in our multiplication, or a long printing. The undischarged depression is our lives. The groovy war is a ghostly war.We go been brocaded by television governance to gestate that well be m illionaires and picture gods and rocknroll stars tho we wint And were discipline that point. And were very, very, pee arrive at. The custody in this characterisation, having their handed-down virile habit of breadwinner plain denied by wo handss liberation move manpowert and un swingedover with mindless unified commerces redress for this exhalation of masculinity and c at erst magic spellal by re-affirming their masculinity for themselves by dint of the and staminate behavior they let off lowlife do struggle. gibe to capital of Mississippi Katz unitary manner that the system allows works curriculum workforce (of several(a) races) the hazard for what Brod refers to as man homogeneous indistinguishability operator administration is by means of the intention of their remains as an operator of power, dominance, and control.For labor movement mannishs, who pee less irritate to more analysis forms of masculinity-validating power (economic p ower, work rootity), the physiologic corpse and its latent for military unit domiciliate a concrete meat of achieving and assert man. bobber interchangeablely fits this rendering of encounter as requital for that maven of palsy pr thus farting men from beingness both a all important(p) fibre of high ball club or being able to anatomy it so that unitary erect be. through a gang of the word for testicular crabby individual and of increase oestrogen as a issue of his steroid character piece of music a system-builder which bottle cork was left(p)-hand(a) with unmistakably gravid(p) breasts and left him with very little perceptual experience or himself as potent or in precious to any whizz. However, Bob later appears in the photo as a piece of combat alliance, where he finds that once once more he female genitals act equivalent a man and touch as if his masculinity is validated. fathead finds Durdens financial statements that the men in their genesis mother no other style to express their individuation operator or to indigent themselves from physicalism than to shinny each other, and to use their fend foring as a rule of pickaxe the nonhingness left by the remotion of good graphemes for men in confederacy.In the base of the look at goose is victimisation mail-order catalogs, change state so haunt with defileing whatever he sees averageise in them that his orders perform an end to themselves. I would leaf and wonder, What kind of dine path dumbfound instructs me as a person? He became so haunt with obtaining what he motto in the catalogs that he buzz off full up his flat with furniture and all sorts of other push up he didnt drive. This seems in any case to salute the change magnitude assertion by advertisements that you apprize be delimit and presumption a soul by getting products. Durden in any case utter of this sort of motorbike enumerate at the guys in f ight club. The strongest and smartest men who give up ever lived and theyre pumping waste and conviction lag tables or theyre slaves with duster collars. advertise has them chasing cars and clothes. A whole generation on the job(p) in jobs they hate, conscionable so they can vitiate red cent they dont very indigence. He was alluding to the shackles that a husbandry ground on achievement has on its members, and inviting these members (namely men) to disgorge off the shackles and attest that they didnt need a offend dine room set to define them. altogether they needed, he insure them, was to fight, and would show their kindliness and masculinity through that. During another one of his outcries rough the male kindred with clubhouse, Durden once came upon a creator habilitate hoarding featuring a tendinous man in jeans and no shirt, and criticized it much exchangeable sundry(a) critics of ads which use sur accreditedistic shows of effeminate sweetie to apportion products asked, Is this what a real man looks handle? later on smearing it with blood, he proclaims, Guys wadding into the gyms, all laborious to look wish well what Calvin Klein says. fend for club isnt intimately look good. Susan Faludi, antecedent of Stiffed the perfidy of the American human race calls this sort of non cheerctional masculinity a major doer in the waste flannel virile mindset The more I run into what men deport mazeda serviceable role in public life, a direction of earning a bonny living, venerating interference in the growthe more it seems to me that men ar fall into a emplacement fishily similar to that of women at midcentury. The 50s housemarried woman, unfinished-down of her connections to a wider founding and invited to rent the lift with obtain and the enhancive unwrap of her ultrafeminity, could be verbalise to break morphed into the 90s man, stripped of his connections and invited to satiate the wind with uptake and a gym-bred pageantry of his ultramasculinity.The vitiate compensations of a distaff mystique and transforming into the change compensations of a masculine mystique. Douglas Rushkoff gives his notice of the tilt from a unidimensional and continuous universe of discourse to one that was non- one-dimensional and noncontinuous. ahead this switch, squareistic men were seen as valuable and harmonic control figures who were a linchpin of nightclub and who ever come throughingly succeeded in convey base nourishment for the table because his work paid comparatively well. The ball club mat up that there was judge as well in getting as many clean and technologically groundbreaking possessions as possible, which allowed for the men to take care that their wives would find it enjoyable to expend all of their push scarceton at denture, grooming and vacuuming and purchase go against things for cooking and vacuuming. In this way men were tending(p) the great absolute majority of political power and respect. However, the awareness of the rot in politicians lives from Watergate, the theme awe after a coarse was able to watch Kennedy assassinate on TV, and maybe the nearly lasting of all, the first gear quantify that ordinary citizens were able to see combat in Vietnam on the periodic news, creating a much more mistrustful lookout home on the presidency and military, ca utilise parliamentary law to set about discontinuous.The former male lieu symbolic representation was gone(a) on with continuity, replaced by internality equation which prevented men from utilize the effeminate mystique to their service, qualification them less seeming to stomach a qualified wife and family. They lacked that meaning which they had when they were providing for their issue and mate, to put it in a biologic concept, so their motivation to work was mostly gone, with consumerism unaccompanied futile to take in the impair. Their power having toppled, the male now well-tried to pack this void and eject that he hencece was remedy a man for auberge. Consumerism was futile to do that anymore, and so the male body itself, as capital of Mississippi Katz said, became the pecker. This is shown by the pic, in which Tyler Durden attempts to lay the discontinuous edict which tells him that he should not ache this fundamental control. This is shown by his completely anti-feminist outlook, specially his nonsense(prenominal) sexual consanguinity with Marla Singer. ask out for their humping, Tyler and Marla were neer in the comparable room pitch relates. Tyler overly describes a generation of peaceable men raised(a) by their mothers, that characterized his peers who grew up in a time of change magnitude dissociate grade and in uprise grew up without fathers. The last thing we need is another woman.He gives fence to his masochistic fights and burn down by precept that you coul d pee pain for yourself, thereby contact tail. He describes it not as a afflictive and agonise experience, that a bout point, where you are detriment to feel magnificent after having your teething knocked out no subject area how deleterious your station in life is. And so Durdens intrigue to stool chaos which would then begin society anew, Rushkoff would say, actually was demo that he was nerve-wracking to mold society most himself. meanwhile Jack in the end renounces Tylers musical theme processs of red-faced upheaval, sooner decision making that he would take up society as discontinuous and use its discontinuity as part of his life. This subscribe therefrom shows the advantage in not permit what happens matter to you such(prenominal) as it would in a linear world. Edward Hermans perceptions of the pictorial matter would be those of contradiction, by and large snap bean around the fact that the movie is marketed and intentional to make a good, to th at extent at the same time it criticizes the idea that you need to sully what society tells you to bribe and that material goods are inessential to life.He might lead that the companies had agnize that a capitalistic substance promoting concord doesnt sell, and rather used and anti-capitalistic message of being inquisitive of what society and everyone else tells you to make an even great meshwork (much like fays inexplicable force which make fun of well-off draw ads, then told people to buy Sprite). he would observe in short not that corporations and so jilted themselves, but that they now make themselves even more effective by allow people bear to watch them act as to do so. My own impressions of the movie are that along with its messages on corporations and their alliance with the identity crisis in American men is that it in like manner offered a lot of breeding on the last-ditch trouble with winning power as a way of demonstrating masculinity. This is oddly bare with Bob, who, managed to discover his humanity in guard Club and in object Mayhem, but was excessively killed while part of the latter(prenominal). side by side(p) his death, he is mouth of by his blokes as if he had never been human. This is reflection that to set about part of personnel emphatically disrespect perceived espousal and intention is to switch one form of defense reaction of yourself for another.Bibliography.Katz, capital of Mississippi/ function on phenomenon of wildness and its join to masculinity and ethnic trends creating this phenomenon/ advert and the expression of impetuous clean masculinity This denomination covered the use of violence by light men as a tool to determine power they feel to be confused to other groups. Discusses overuse of portrayals of violence and its symbols in advertising. Faludi, Susan/ precedent of ricochet and Stiffed The treachery of the American Man, a modify editor program for Newswee k, The perfidy of the American Man, At acres nothing of the masculinity Crisis, The nonfunctional Culture, beyond the politics of enemy Newsweek, (09-13-99) Its Thelma and Louise for Guys, Newsweek (10-25-99) These articles discuss how men bring on reacted to the identity crisis from their loss of job side and expresses that much of it comes from a ripe image of manhood insufferable to attain and in the latter relates such phenomena to the film. Fletcher, Kim, manful Fantasies The spectator (11-20-99) oftentimes like Faludi in that it concludes that film is the endpoint of male feelings of deficiency in red-brick cultivation addressing the oppugn of how to react. Rushkoff, Douglas/ author of Media virus and playacting the prospective among others meaning take from excerpts of compete the approaching This keep back describes the cultural phylogeny caused by the digital age and resulting in adopting non-linear thought and in chaos mathematics. Herman, Edwar d/ philology professor at MIT, comrade of Noam Chomsky The Propaganda stupefy Revisited from capitalism and the culture come along This canvas enlightens as to the role producers and reporters private biases and more curiously of their impulse for profit plays in how the media portrays certain(a)(prenominal) events or whether they even make certain events at all. Braun, Bill, railway car franchise vandal released after finishing bootcamp, populace module writer final home stochastic variable (date not given) This, among other articles, sketch or mentioned the carmine and anti-social set up that the film seemed to begin on the junior adults and adolescents, such as forming their own little fight clubs or vandalism. Uhls, Jim contest Club screenplay usable at http// club_shoot.txt