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Challenges of ESL Students in American Universities Essay

Ch all in allenges of ESL Students in American Universities - Essay ExampleInternational assimilators saying more challenges than local students. Most of the ESL students, if not all, feel a sense of helplessness due to the miss of proficiency in the English row. Most ELS students come to the United States with some knowledge of the English language but not the culture or the college life. For international students that come to the United States after completing high gear school, it is especially difficult since the academic structure of colleges and universities is completely different than high school. ESL students atomic number 18 given inexorable deadlines and significantly higher standards compared to high school standards. Something must be done to accommodate international students if the confidence that the transfer learning is effective is to be considered true. Classes for ELS students should be interactive with group discussions, role plays, and with problem-solvi ng skills (Sulliman 41). It is something that is not ever so seen in classes. The U.S history or Psychology are estimable examples of classes that are typically lectures followed by tests that are scheduled throughout the semester and a final paper. Crosson says that collaborative effort is needed on the part of all staff members, teachers, and administrators to see to it that ELLs and ESL instructions are fully integrated components of the schools culture and curriculum (Crosson 1). A good fit culture is very important for it to be a good fit between student and university, but ideally in a collaborative environment as discussed above.

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Machiavelli's view of human nature in The Prince Essay

Machiavellis view of human nature in The Prince - Essay ExampleMachiavellis view of human nature in The PrinceIn chapter 15, Machiavelli writes, menand princes, are rare for some of those qualities which bring them either blame of praise (Machiavelli, 1961). The princes show those characters that will not deprive him of his state. In this case, men follow what brings them benefit even if it is a vice it will be found that something which looks similar a virtue, if followed, would be his ruin whilst something else, which looks like a vice, yet followed brings him security and prosperity.Being in the highest grade of the land, and with the highest authority, the prince should put in effect policies that will serve his best interest (Machiavelli, 1961). This shows that Machiavelli supported any serve of princes that will give them satisfaction, even if it will hurt the citizens. He believed that the princes followers are sometimes unreliable, and the prince might lose their loyalty . This is indicated in chapter 11 For such a prince cannot rely upon what he observes in rest times, when citizens have need of the state, because then everyone agrees with him they all promise, and when death is far distant they all wish to weary for him but in troubled times, when the state has need of its citizens, then he finds but few (Machiavelli, 1961). The prince should therefore ensure that at every moment citizens are in need of the state, and they will always be faithful to him.

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Pornography and Interpersonal Relationships Essay

Pornography and Interpersonal Relationships - Essay ExampleHowever, vulgarism poses a problem that affects both the personal well-being and the cultural being of a people. In the innovative days, porn surrounds all people in many arrays. Porn is not just watched by the sexually deprived, but also healthy individuals and couples are engaging in watching. Many platforms are attributable to the greater rise in porn watching activities among many individuals. Even so, watching porn is not an put of high cases of rape. Rather, porn is turning men off women. The discoveries of self-methods of sexual satisfaction are serious attributes of severance the family relationships that exist between men and women. The generation of internet has facilitated the disposal of porn at peoples homes making it easy to access and watch. As much as porn is not the main apparent motion of the social evils that exist in the today world, it provides a great portion.The negative effects of porn outstrip the positive impacts to men, women, and couples. Pornography has created a lot of impact in most of the industries especially the entertainment industry. It has invaded the media and speed up to many platforms due to the changing and advancement of technology. Pornography affects people negatively whether they watch it often or not.It is noted that porn affects men in many ways. Categorically, the case of Sarahs boyfriend indicates that young men who get addicted to watching porn result neglecting their life duties. Such life deities include neglecting their relationship responsibilities and misuse of money by investing a great amount on the purchase of pornography materials. Porn may also lead to isolation of young men from the rest of their kind (Hall 146). For instance, as much as Sarah is described as a real woman with a great form and an appetite for adventure, her boyfriend waits until she is asleep so that he can isolate himself and watch porn.

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Personal statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

personalized statement - Essay ExampleI am emotion all(prenominal)y stable, responsible, and mature in looking at various perspectives of human behavior. I have developed the skill to deal effectively with people from all walks of life. By recognizing that listening skills are critical, I became more sensitive and compassionate to others, especially those who need intelligence and emotional strength. I developed good communication and writing skills. The courses I took during my years pursuing a degree in commerce developed my leadership skills and analytical skills enabling me to critically analyze problems and prefer to choose the just about appropriate solution. I am extremely patient and persevering recognizing the fact that most psychological treatments of patients take considerably long periods of time.The skills I have developed in giving aid to details, being analytical, having leadership skills, being patient and persevering, and being theoretically equipped to understa nd patterns of behavior and affable processes would assist me in future

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The artwork of Gustav Klimt is controversial Research Paper

The artwork of Gustav Klimt is controversial - Research Paper showcasertwork, Klimt was among the acknowledged founders, and also worked as the chair of the 1997 Vienna Secession he was also a major(ip) player in the groups Sacred Spring (27). The paintings done by Klimt attracted top prices for the industrial plant of art done by artists. One of the artworks from his collection, which attracted a top price was the portrait Adele Bloch-Bauer of 1907 it was bought by Ronald lauder for the Neue Galeria at US 135 it was the highest-priced painting in 2006 (30). The artwork (paintings) done by Gustav Klimt are controversial.The principle for this Experiential Learning Project is to learn more about Klimts artwork. The goal is to educate the referee on why Klimts artwork was controversial (Whitford 57). The research contained within this paper pull up stakes substitute the thesis and provide examples for the reader.Gustav has numerous works of art demonstrating his radical ideas, w hich was deemed controversial (Bisanz-Prakken 25).This project will tension on expert and personal research by experiencing the art created by Klimt. The design of this research will be based on books, and case studies. The ELP Experimental Research Data contains the personal research of the generator of this paper. All research was conducted from July 13th to August 8th, 2014.The controversial nature of Gustavs artworks can be traced and understood after gaining a detailed understanding of his birth place, family and the work of his father and family. Firstly, Gustavs father was a silver and gold engraver living and working around Vienna. Partly, due to the influence of the fathers career, he received training in the field of arts at the Vienna-based decorative arts learning affection (Partsch 267). Later on, in 1882, together with a friend and brother, he started a studio, which specialized in the festering of mural paintings. The studio was quite successful right from the st art, and it won assignments from establishments like museums, theatres, semi-public and also

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Comparative criminal justice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Comparative criminal justice - Assignment drillI found these three aspects interesting because they aim at making a prison catch ones breath comfortable. While prisoners should not live in squalid conditions, they still seem to be tended to with great guardianship and many options to ensure that they thrive while in prison.The difference between prisoners rights and prisoners privileges is that rights moldiness be disposed(p) to all prisoners, while privileges must be earned based on good behavior. Rights atomic number 18 compulsive by government and privileges are determined by the individual prisons and are not offered to all prisoners. A prisoner has the right and is entitled to healthcare and protection from bullying by other prisoners, but they must earn the opportunities to receive additional visits from friends and family.At the reception on the first day, prisoners are checked in and assigned numbers. They are interviewed and assessed so that they understand the rules of the prison and their rights, as well as available courses and necessitate healthcare. All new prisoners are strip searched, and then given prison-standard clothing. The prisoners are then inspected by a nurse to determine if a prisoner is under the influence of drugs or prescribed medication, or are feeling suicidal. In the case that a prisoner is violent or considered a risk to themselves or others, segregation cells are made available for the prisoner to remain for a short period of time. feminine prisoners are allowed to keep their infants with them in prison if the sister is under eighteen months, or the woman gives take in while in prison, and the admissions board deems the situation required for the well-being of the infant. If the prisoner is denied their child or if the child is older than eighteen months, or if there are no available mother-baby units in any dominance prison, outside arrangements must be made for the care of the child. Such arrangements can be made wit h family or Social Services, who will see to it that the child is cared for in a

Is There a Separation of The Professions of Barrister and Solicitor Essay

Is There a Separation of The Professions of Barrister and Solicitor - Essay modellingBarristers inform the court of important laws, statutes and precedents, draft ratified pleadings, argue or support and provide assessment whichever suits his belief that justice will be served. They may also assist for a party when asked to by a solicitor and serve as intermediaries between lymph glands and counsellors. They atomic number 18 divided into Queens proponent or QC and junior barristers with the QC appointed by the Lord Chancellor. There has been seen a shortage of QC so that they fill extremely high fees making litigations cost high (Legal Directory, 2011, P 5). Solicitors on the other hand hatch directly with the clients and are allowed to advertise their service. They conduct and manage daily administration of preparing, reviewing and drafting merits of a legal case and appoint barristers. Reeves (1986) has argued that the separation was necessary to maintain a fresh and object ive perspective for client which becomes rare where the commerces are merged judges were appointed from elder and experienced barristers expected as freelancer and therefore sustain the role in the judiciary access of small firms to all specialist barristers allows them to postulate with higher chances in any legal proceedings the barristers are expected to provide a much appropriate advice to client where claims or defence may be conducted improperly. In addition, it was pointed out that the lawyer profession has expanded to being a broker, financier, entrepreneur, accountant, land agent, and others they may so wish, whereas the barrister has been limited to law and advocacy (Cohen, 1988). On the other hand, the proponents to the merge advance legitimate and strong points. The Economist of London observed that Some barristers are not specialists, some solicitors are. Some solicitors are better advocates than many barristers, (1983, p 25). In addition, the Financial time (1986) also pointed out that there is a much more rigorous training and education need for solicitors making them more qualified specialists so that it is expected of them to perform well for the benefit of their clients, which is the main reasonableness why they were chosen and paid for in the first place. The separation has been seen as historical in genius with the notion that the barristers assist generalist solicitors. One historical fact that Cohen (1988) emphasised was that, Legal historians do not discuss the question of the solicitors part in the denial of the right of audience in the courts to attorneys, (p 13). But the Financial Times (1986) insisted that, It is ridiculous to assert that, after six months pupillage, a barrister is better fit to appear in a court than an experienced solicitor, (p 20). The absurdity is highlighted further with the fact that solicitors have a right of audience in the European Court of Justice considered as a more senior court than the High Cou rt, Court of Appeal or House of Lords (Law Society, 1983). Even Sir Gordon Borrie admitted to the difficulty of the situation, himself being a barrister. It seems to me that the arguments in favour of the barristers monopoly on pleading in the High Court are difficult to sustain on their merits, (Law Society, 1983, p 193). Reeves (1986) also pointed out that that the multiplicity of legal advisers makes litigations costs higher and that there is the question of objectiveness between the solicitor who has referred a barrister to a client and the solicitor who may conduct improper actions.

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Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Art - Essay ExampleThis paper talks about the some of the die of Auguste Rodin in regards to their detailed compositions like texture, color, form and matrial. Auguste Rodin Auguste Rodin was a french sculptor in the modern age who did not rebel on the past. Unlike other artists who deliberately changed their ways and created masterpieces that had undertones of mockery of the previous period, Rodin remained a traditional sculptor and took a craftsman-like approach to his whole caboodle. He possesed a unique ability to work on complex heartys. Most of his storied sculptures, departed from the traditional themes of mythology allegory, were criticized that made him become sensitive towards his critics. Nevertheess, he go on on his style, far away from the used-to-be themantic sculpture of the predominant figures of the past, and celebrated realism and individualism. As time went by, come with by a series of whole kit and boodle, his stature in the artists social ladder increased a hardly a(prenominal) notches higher and gained increased favour from the government and the artists community. Modernism 3 The Age of Bronze One of Rodins works that troubled the critics and enticed them to lambast him for not having a conrete theme was The Age of Bronze. Speculations were in the air that Rodin intentionally scuplted his work without a theme. But due to its realistic and lively figure, it gained the attention of the many, which aslo fueled the critics to accuse him of surmoulage. He powerfully denied the accusation and defended his work. He wrote and presented photographs of his model to newspapers to show how the sculpture differed. The Age of Bronze became one of Rodins most famous works due to the controversy it brought to the eyes of the critics. The intricacy of the details of a mans nude person body, held an unconventional pose, was shape well-enough for it to look alive. It takes a genuinely brillant artist to be able to sculpt a bronze material and sti ll come up with a realistic form of a nude man. Tagged with utter(a) lights and shadows, they made the sculpture an intriguing work of art, which eventually led to being bought by the state. The sculpture was purchased for 2,200 francs. Rodin pull inspiration for his first full-scale sculpture from Michelangelos Dying Slave and was shown at the Paris Salon in 1877.(Rilke & Rodin, 2004, 27) St. John the Baptist Preaching St. John the Baptist Preaching is Rodins second full-scale work and again a nude man. Due to the charge of surmoulage for his previous work, he made his second piece bigger than a full-size statue. The statues gives an appeal that he is walking towards the audience while both(prenominal) feet are on the ground. The odd positions of Rodins works became his signature. The peculiar sense of movement of Rodins model was captured in his product. Modernism 4 Rodins interpretation of St. John the Baptist is a man preaching while walking. Although it may appear that the s tance of the man is a bit odd, since both feet are on the ground, it depicts a walk of a determined man, emotionally firmed on his preaching. Rodin later explained how he came up with the two phases of a stride in order to suggest a movement. It is evident in the sculpture that the man, St. John, is preaching to a a group and his conviction is noticed. According to studies, the form of the model was resplendently sculpted with an outstanding delivery of its message. The shadows on the ribs, the details on the facial expression and the

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The Honor Code by Kwame Anthony Appiah Term Paper

The Honor Code by Kwame Anthony Appiah - Term Paper ExampleBut in contrast to the emotions of love and hatred, which just changes the relationship among two individuals, keep has the capability to ignite varietys and change the face of society altogether. Through the ages, honor has been a driving force for change. Immoral economic consumptions duty have prevailed through generations, even though they faced resistance from morality, reason or religion. But when honor was brought into the equation, these practices were completely eradicated. This is the topic that Kwame Anthony Appiah, one of the most renowned philosophic writers of today, chose in his book The Honor Code. In his book, he portrays 3 such immoral customs in grim detail and shows how they were considered to be a locating symbol in society. This concept of honor inspires people to act, sometimes in slipway we find laudable and other times in ways we abhor. In his book, Appiah take 3 such examples and explains in each case how honor started a revolution that was lastly the cause of abolishment of immoral acts. The first example took place in Britain. For centuries gentlemen belonging to the dismal society of the Great Britain used to settle their difference by duelling to death. Appiah recounts one of the most well cognise duels in the British history, that which took place between the Duke of Wellington and the Earl of Winchilsea in 1829. He describes how duelling was as customary in the aristocratic British society, as having tea. In those days, fighting to death was the easiest way to determine which individual aside of the two was telling the truth. When this custom started descending into the lives of the common man, that was the time when the aristocratic high society British started finding this act a little too abhorrent to keep practicing. The second example that Appiah describes in detail is the fast-forming social consensus against slavery that gave birth to a moral revolution across the British Empire, ultimately abolishing slavery for good. The third example of how honor gives birth to a moral revolution is shown in the foot-binding custom that was carried out in China for centuries. This is the particular example from The Honor Code that has been discussed in detail in this paper. The customary practice of foot-binding was carried out through centuries in China. This practice had most probably originated in the primaeval Song dynasty and was adopted by the elite households of China. Little girls were made to bind their feet so tight that it would permanently damage their structure and cease growth. There were many reasons for this practice, but the most prominent one was that feet resound women represented the elite class of the society who were completely free from manual labour. This elite social status was non only enjoyed by women, but also uplifted the status of their men who could afford women who did not have to work and solely existed to ser ve their men and direct the household activities. The women took great pride in their feet which had achieved the desired lotus shape. This shape was the result of brutally binding the feet in such a fashion that it practically broke the bones of the toes and the arch of the foot and shrunk it down to size that was just 7-9 centimetres from the toes to the heel. As mentioned earlier, women with bound feet only belonged to the elite class of the Chinese society. They would use expensive silk wrappings and embroidered silk slippers to cover their feet. For the men, having a married woman who had Lotus feet

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Two Descriptions paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Two Descriptions cover - Essay ExampleI realize I was at a pass over park, but largely dog owners are responsible for cleaning up their dogs waste. After looking at my blank space I headed towards a park bench to clean them off. As I was wiping off my shoes I heard a sudden loud shriek. I looked up and saw that my dog was being attacked by two other larger dogs. Finally I ran over to the area and took my dog home.As I walked into the dog park I was not sure what to expect. After entering the park my dog ran to the fence and began smelling her way around the park. As I was standing there watching her slightly(prenominal) other dogs ran up to me. All the dogs large and small were in the same park and it was an interesting sight. unity small dog ran up to me and was trying to play. Other larger dogs came up and were barking and trying to jump on me. I wish I had brought dog treats for everyone. Soon later I walked to find a aspire to sit. I was excited about the park and did not look at the ground, causing me to accidently step into some dog excrement. I had to remind myself to be careful about these hazards at a dog park. I eventually found a bench and heard barking in the background. My dog seemed to have gotten into a scuffle with two other dogs. Finally, I decided to walk over and take my dog home it had been a busy day.There were a number of ways that I created different impressions between the two stories. From an overarching sentiment I wanted to ensure that the events that occurred in the two stories were entirely the same. By ensuring that the events were the same, I was able to look for the different ways that people interpret their surrounding environment. This is witnessed as both individuals encounter dogs that run up to them. The first individual describes these dogs in a threatening way, while the second person describes the dogs in a warm and engaging way. These divergent impressions of the same situation brings the readers attention to the way

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Havoc Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Havoc - Movie Review ExampleIn such cases, the immigrant is under the violence of his/her spouse. Any of the individuals merchantman become subordinate on the other individual in any way. In such cases, the independent individual has a greater power dynamic. Power dynamic of an individual is alike greater if he/she is more committed to the relationship than the other. Age also matters as the elder members of a relationship have more power dynamic. Therefore, the determinants of power dynamics make one individual dependant on his/her furnish. Q.1B These dynamics can be translated into politics. It depends on the person having these dynamics. Like a colonizer, this person can manipulate his/her dynamic to draw the other individual deeper into his/her power. Male units can often be famed boasting about what they do for their family in front of them. The persistent re geniuser of dependence on her partner has a great psychological effect on the female unit. A colonizer sine qua no ns to make himself infallible and be envied of his power by the people of his colony. In intimate relationships, the dominant partner would not want his/her power to be envied by the other unit but the drive to assert the fact of ones being in power may cajole him to translate his/her dynamic to politics. ... E rattling person should know his limits and never try to mingle with the people of upper, lower or a completely different class. Americas invasion of Afghanistan took a little time but even now it cannot be said that their invasion was successful. It is because the Afghan union is a classless society. They have never craved for other peoples possessions and envies argon very less in such societies. No ghetto boundaries are created except the ones which have been their even before the invasion i.e. between Americans and Afghans. A colonizer attempts to create these classes so that the people of a particular class can feel outclassed or superior to the other class hence maki ng the rule easier. Q.3 Alison and her friends believe that Hector and his friends are very cool and do a lot of drugs whenever they want. Especially after their first encounter, Alison is very strike with Hectors world and is drawn to him. She saw that he had a gun and a teen-ager has this image in his/her mind that it feels great to commit a crime, run away from the police and get away with everything. Alison and her friends were never capable to Hectors world before and lived in their own ghetto boundary which was away from the south-central. Similarly, Hector and his friends had lived in their ghetto boundary of the South who did not had to do anything with Alison and her friends. Hector and his friends thought that Alison and her friends showed up repeatedly to quench their sexual craving when they were doing so to fit in Hectors world and mould their lifestyle accordingly. Both groups misunderstood other groups intentions. Hector had been very keen to know what Alison wante d but she was unable to explain it to him.

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1. (MT) plz see the imformation which I had uploaded) Essay

1. (MT) plz see the imformation which I had uploaded) - Essay typeThe guess does not explain why a person believes and opts for a certain action and how and what things entice these beliefs and motivates him to behave the way he does. On the new(prenominal) hand, the theory mentions clearly that characteristics of the choice situation lead decide which individual beliefs become foremost and how different motivations influence in deciding his behaviour. The scope of theory does not, however, include the study of the procedure in which the individual examines the circumstances and his perception offsets his established beliefs (AMA, 2004).A usual brand community c bothed Club Ducati initiated the trend. The passionate admirers of Ducati bikes make up this group. Ducatis fans can avail social station of two different clubs the main Ducati Owners Club (DOC) and individual Ducati Clubs. The DOC operates under the parent company and includes all bike owners collection of customer da ta is its main function. The club doesnt arrange for any event social activities, but members can have only occasional discounts and other promotions for Ducati products (Cova et al, 2007).Yet, it is the customers who set up the Ducati Clubs locally all over the city. These types of clubs exist in most Italian provinces and are also seen in other parts of the world. In total, we have forty clubs in Italy and those outside Italy exceed 70. Moto GP, the international racing roundabout relates plenty of success stories about the performance of Ducati bikes and the number of its owners has been on the increase since. In each Ducati club, the members ordinarily range from forty to more than six hundred. The management is headed by a Club president, who leads a team of few friends willing to develop activities for the group members interests. Some of these activities include meetings for motorcyclists, fundraising events, shows for charity, socializing

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Information Systems in Business Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

selective information Systems in Business - Coursework ExampleBecause it will make the ship current and historical information some the weather easily available, it will make the ship decision support possible without affecting mental process system and lastly, the information will be consistent. Since the company store a lot of information entropy mining will assist in extracting information from the volume of data in the system without intercommunicate specific questions like the food contentedness (week 7, slide 2).iii) One of IBM electronic countermeasures solution software intersection is FileNet. It is a document management engine that brings together enterprise content, security, and storage features with workflow that is ready to be used and it has process management capabilities. Its features include centralized access and better control, delivery of active content in motion, and it can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and MS office (http//www-03.ibm.com/softwar e/products/en/filecontmana). One of the Microsoft ECM solution software is SharePoint. It can manage documents, records, and digital assets. It can control the life cycle of documents in an musical arrangement and it can provide content for audio and video (http//technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff602190%28v=office.14%29).The relationship between backing entities are shown by the entity relationship diagram (ERD) and entity relationship model (ERM). When the entities are identified, it will assist the organization to clarify what they are interested in. entities are related in 11 (one to one) or 1 M (one to many). This relationship assists in linking up the information during the extraction from different tables in database. This relationship benefits the organizations in different ways, one is that it makes it easy to understand the picture of the current data, allow data to be fencesitter and enable development of logical design. Entity relationship is made up of four compon ents, namely, entity, attributes of entity, unique identifier, and relationship. Entities

The question is the topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The question is the topic - Essay ExampleThis give teach children to resolve manageable problems by assuming responsibility. Part of self-reliance means learning from mistakes therefore,p atomic number 18nts mustiness encourage the children more to keep going when things go wrong from the consequences of their action. Bibliotherapy is also an effective way to put forward their awareness and is useful in resolving behavior problems by means of reading current events to them(Miller, 2010, 260).Delaying rapture of children also assists to develop their personal responsibility and good impulse control. Impulse control is theability to wait or be patient in order to obtain something they want.Another critical aspect that parents must consider plot of land making their kids self-reliant and personally developed is to allow children to think independently and on their deliver. If children fail in their attempts leading to the right answersbut eventually find the right solutions for a given problem, praise them for their success and achievement.Generally, parents behaviors are often the childs model of self-reliance and children demonstrated this role modeling by their own actions as well.All parents want their kids to perform and achieve better in their lives, and one definite way to help them is to let parents know the importance of being independent and to execute values learned among

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Policy and Practice In the Education of Bilingual Children Essay

insurance and Practice In the Education of Bilingual Children - Essay ExampleLong-term planning for verbiage example and literacy should use official curricula, such as the Early Years Foundation Stage in England, as its launching pad, and there is no need for other laborious documentation. Schemes of work and long-term commitment to fall repeated topics ar more likely to stifle creativity than be a useful bodily structure for planning. The long-term aim for teachers is to encourage children to build her or his language in their own unique centering and leave the Foundation Stage excited and enthusiastic about their learning. Long-term planning for language ignore be enhanced by an agreed list of core books and rhymes. This will provide a barge in of high-quality texts that children will get to know well during their time in setting. These texts can be developed with dual language copies and big books, with story snacks, story props and puppets to extend childrens experience s. Core books and their props provide a strong basis for all children to develop confidence in their language through the visual support. clearly illustrations and repetitive texts are particularly supportive for multilingual children and even for multilingual children. Tower Hamlets Primary schooling teachers should use various strategies to provide a nurturing environment. Sensitive grouping of children can ensure that there is a supportive friend who will model language for the bilingual children to copy. Their friend can to a fault kick the bucket them through the various social and cultural situations that they may find puzzling. Teachers can ensure that bilingual children are placed in a position so that they can hear clearly, can observe either accompanying gestures and can always see any book illustrations or visual material that is funding the... This essay stresses that all children have an entitlement to benefit from the Early Years Foundation Stage, and context is a mainstay factor in helping bilingual children learns sufficient English to enable them to do so. Scaffolding language provides a supportive structure for them. First-hand experiences provide the context and the motivation for children to learn the language in a way that is meaningful to them. They gain in confidence and make their first tentative steps in English. Their first words are added to by staff who provide a rich commentary on the childrens play and learning activities. This report makes a conclusion that it is pertinent to note that all teenaged children have considerable redressment to make when they first encounter formal schooling. The observations of this report have indicated that teachers complicated depicted a rapid adjustment to school. Although variations were apparent from one teacher to another. overall. teachers ratings of the children tended to favor the bilingual group. The teachers themselves had to adjust to working within the framework of the research design but nevertheless. their observations support the practicability of a bilingual curriculum. Consideration should be given to the structure of curriculum experience for bilingual pupils. Particularly with regard to the presumable interaction between languages in the childrens experience. Perceptions of bilingual education varies considerably among staff in schools. The government also should support teachers by establishing systems in schools that will favor bilingual children.

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The Comission of the new Saint Peter's, and the role of Indulgences Research Paper

The Comission of the new Saint Peters, and the determination of Indulgences behind it - Research Paper ExampleThe deceit and effectiveness of papacy and priests led to foreman uprisings. This resulted to change integrity and restructuring of the cathedral. With Martin Luther of Germany, came the rebirth of another ideology of protestant church. Indulgence brought worlds supreme brain whole kit and caboodle and talents of Michelangelo, Bramante, Bernini and Raphael together. They were all working headed for a universal objective, which is creating the most magnificent and religious location in the world. Michelangelo, the chief architect of St Peters, at the time did an inspirational work even to the unbelievers. He goes ahead and says despite putridness and materialism, the basilica was worth it all. Indulgence applies only to the living (Justice 189).The church perceives its authority at faultless and self-proclaims itself as flawless and righteous yet it evidently shows shocki ng rate of power abuse and failings. In the mediaeval times the church sold indulgences to build a sanctuary. This does not justify church doctrines and in position papacy pentagram of administration of the church and magisteriums judgments. The Catholic Church exquisitely kept from dislodge of error in her ultimate teaching on matters of devotion and morality yet in those stressful times, the church fell contradictorily with its doctrines and mitigated restrictions of infallibility in papacy. The church teaches that avoidance of worldly riches, rule and possessions as an attribute of spiritual livelihood ironically. The popes and the early churchmen funded the building of the cathedral from self-indulgence, corruption and misuse of power. The church taught that entreaty and normal supplication in the sacraments might save man from everlasting damnation instead of divinity fudges grace as quoted by Luther. The church granted indulgence paid in coins authorize by Pope Adrian 1 i n 780 (Pastor 234). This meant that one could commit

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Human Trafficking Essay Example for Free

Human Trafficking EssayHuman trafficking is a very everyday issue in todays societies throughout the world. Human trafficking is the illegal muckle of valet de chambre beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced push back. The extremely high demand for sex and cheap labor ar two of the leading factors in the expansion of valet trafficking. Despite efforts from various individuals and organizations, millions and millions of men and women argon illegally traded each year. many another(prenominal) agree that human trafficking is a horrific injustice but miscarry to acknowledge the underlying conditions that enable the growth of this industry. The various reasons most individuals fail to think deeper than the surface issues to ph adept the underlying issues ar discussed in depth in The Sociological Imagination by C.Wrighr Mills. Until the underlying issues be acknowledged and corrected, more and more humans will be illegally traded.According to T he Sociological Imagination, umpteen problems of society atomic number 18 overlooked because the issues do not directly impact the individuals life. Many individuals do not study the tie between their own life and the colossal picture, in this brass the relevance of human trafficking. They fail to see that although human trafficking may not directly impact ones life, the illegal trade of humans may indirectly impact their life. The humans illegally traded, not only face sexual and labor exploitation but many are forced into marriage. Others are forced to become street beggars or child soldiers. In some of the worst cases the humans trafficked are killed and their organs are sold on the organ black market. Individuals not aware of these alternate forms of human trafficking usually fail to see how common it is and do not see the indirect impact human trafficking may have on their life.another(prenominal) condition modify the crook and expansion of human trafficking on the glob al scale are the efforts to stop human trafficking are being concentrated on the misemploy principles. Organizations like SafeHorizon, Called to Rescue, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and Deborahs Gate all focus on rescuing individuals from trafficking or destiny individuals assimilate back into society after being trafficked. I acknowledge these are very effectual tactics but these organizations are only addressing the victims after they have been traumatized instead of addressing the underlying issues of why at that place is human trafficking and developing ways to prevent it. Some of their efforts should be transferred to implementing procedures or strategies that prevent individuals from becoming victims instead of for after they become victims.The corruption of giving medication officials and police force in countries where human trafficking is most prominent, alike play a large role in the growth and expansion of human trafficking in genuine regions. Bribes ar e taken so certain businesses are not investigated or raided. These businesses are known to illegally trade human beings but they are allowed to continue their illegal actions. Authorities are aware certain individuals are partaking in human trafficking but merely look the other way. Until this changes or the corrupt government officials and police officers are removed from power, the number of humans illegally traded will continue to rapidly grow. yet even honest government officials and police officers face difficultly in combating human trafficking. Human trafficking is such a lucrative business because of the high demand for sex that even when authorities are able to collar individuals who are trading humans illegally, new individuals pop up and pick up where they left off. Another obstacle authorities face is that many individuals who are involved in human trafficking operate at such a small scale, it is very difficult to know about their actions. Numerous individuals illegal trade humans in small rural homes or small businesses and keep their actions very discrete. Authorities difficult to end human trafficking face almost insurmountable odds.The Sociological Imagination touched on the cerebration that individuals observe trapped by the problems of today. They are unable to look beyond the immediate troubles and issues. Humans are too consumed with the struggles off everyday life to invest time in correcting large-scale social injustices. Individuals feel as if their vision and powers are limited to the smaller scale of their jobs, family and neighborhood. This idea is another condition enabling the construction and expansion of human trafficking on a global scale. If one feels as if they are powerless and cannot change or do not have the time to change large scale issues, therefore change is not brought about. One individual can make change no matter how big or small the injustice they are trying to combat is.Until one internalizes and begins to be lieve they can make a difference, their efforts usually are consumed by irreverent problems of everyday life. Another condition enabling the construction and expansion of human trafficking is that many individuals are distracted from the larger social injustices. The media chooses which stories to shed light upon and in turn decide the importance of issues. If an individual is exposed to the same story numerous times, they are given up to believe that story is more relevant and important than a story that receives less coverage. Some forms of media designedly give more coverage to celebrity drama or irreverent issues to distract individuals from the larger issues. The larger issues can more easily be swept under the rug if the people are not addressing them.If the horrors and alarming statistics of human trafficking where displayed in the media more often, people would be more inclined to correct the conditions that enable the construction and expansion of human trafficking. The Sociological Imagination opened my mind to the conditions that prevent individuals from dealing with the troubles and issues that matter. Individuals are seldom aware of the intricate connections between the patterns of their own lives and the course of the world. Because they do not make this connection most individuals cannot cope with their personal troubles in an efficient enough way to be aware of the morphologic transformations that lie beneath them. Sociological Imagination is having the ability to grasp reality by putting everything into status to make sense of the non-sense by thinking below the surface. Until more individuals possess this sociological imagination, things will not change.

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Power of Women Essay Example for Free

Power of Wo body of work force EssayBehind e real great man is an even great fair sex. This certainly hold true in many cases. Woman can be the driving force in any successful man. However, a cleaning lady can also engross her strong influence in a negative way. Woman do have creator, lots of it. But Im not just public lecture about the power within the family, or power in the workplace or even power in higher political office. I m talking about a more fundamental kind of power Power over Men. If a woman recognizes her power over men, she can avow a man. I dont care who the man is but if she wants him and hes at all attracted to her, she chan own him. Feminine attract is one of the element of this power. It can stops a man on his tracks even when theres no raise physical attraction. Theres also a spiritual power that women have, especially with men who instinctively repect or idolise women. Men acknowledge a womans power. They may welcome it at times. But always remembe r that men always want to feeel resembling a man. So women should be really careful. This power needs to use wisely. In the absence of man, can woman really be like a man? I think yes. There are woman who is dependent in finance, even being a capable single parent and bread winner. In this respect, a woman will have to be like a man.Of course she cannot match the physical strength of him. This just only mean that nowadays, a woman can do what man can do. Things back before, they were very strict for women. They had no rights no rights to vote, no freedom of speech, they did not work, they stay at home and took care of their household and wifely duties. Thankfully that the court-ordered status of them changed since the 18th century. Things have changed due to eomen actively becoming contributors as a breadwinner of their household. Some of the factors of this are, they work in full time jobs and some of them occupy the best position. Some also dont want to fall married and have a traditional family. Others are changing to openly raise a family with another(prenominal) woman where the societys critism is becoming less harsh everyday.Maybe because they already now their characteristics and find it more matched thats why they chose to have a relationship with the same gender. Compassion is one of the characteristics within women that tends to be greater than men. They give a better undstanding of a person and feel what they feel. This allows people to trust and have a good relationship. Because woman have good communication skills, they can use it by showing their judgement whichencourage openness in relationships. Men as we all know are not very vocal when it comes to showing their feelings thats why woman are there. They are the ne whos in charge in teaching their children, managing the expenses and more.Wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers are important people in everyones lives. People should know how to respect them especially men. In to days world, theyre not below level of anyone but considered as great women with great responsibilities aside from bearing a child. Ill end this talk by saying a quote which is The beauty of a woman must be seen in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

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Media coverage of Big Brother Essay Example for Free

Media coverage of Big familiar EssayAn analysis of how the notorious figure cloy Goody was represented in media coverage of Big Brother.Despite macrocosm the s appearh last evicted from the pornographic brother house, and apart from being popular in the public viewers eyes, Jade Goody has been portrayed by the media as a very objectionable individual whom is probably denominate as the worst housemate ever.In The sunshine Jade has been exposed, as a stupid and drippy demonstrator who they strongly feel should be evicted from the house as soon as possible because of their stereotypical ship centering of commenting virtually an individual. The language in The Sun is very inadequate, Dated 18 June an clause in The Sun uses other contestants in the house as their main evidence of her mouthy manners, which has effected and brought a commotion into some(prenominal) of the media press for Big Brother. Jade aimlessly, is not aw ar of the outside world.The sun uses slang to ge t messages cross styles to the reader which puts the readers mind in a state of informality, some topic they too can score a express joy at. In member the press go a little too deep into her individualised flavor and use a coverage about her jailbird dad to pull her outside life. They use this public figure in order to create tension and prejudice about jades conduct in the Big Brother house. Jade here is represented as a hard girl from a bad family who perchance has a lot of things that she can be contrasted too which stereotypically is the way The Sun label pack.Being called a pig and being voted out, as a pig is not a very satisfying way to find out what the press has said about you. Jade in conditions written by The Sun.another(prenominal)(prenominal) headline that starts using her versedity is the article dated June 19 in which the headline metaphorically refers to the sexual innuendo they make about her and PJ sleeping together, toe-job to blows job is connotation of her sexual life. In that particular article the writer tried to create jade as a person who is annoying as she is referred to as mouthy jade, tearful which doesnt show her as a strong participator at the beginning of something that can alter her way life.Using Jades mothers sexuality lesbian mother affects the public as they are put in screw where they are hypnotised to think that it is wrong to not be heterosexual. To the public reading an article about the sex life of celebrities amuses them and brings entertainment to their minds, however it can be a very sad thing to where the celebrity feels betrayed by people around them. The articles written by The Sun use many personal terms and stories to attract attention that it seems that the media manage to exploit her private life to the public for personal rights. only if it seems to be lacking in justice because doesnt jade have her rights as an individual?Her mother is expound as an unmarried Jackie Budden, which adds to the pile of personal matters. Does it really matter if her mother wasnt married and it shouldnt really have an effect or change o the way jade will carry on fetching to second place.The Sun seem very bias, they dont seem to like jade goody because of the fact that her dads in jail, her mothers sexuality and the way it differs from jade. Being a dental nurse has been contrasted to the way she doesnt seem to have helped people like her because in the sun she has been nominated as the nations most hated. It shows that they use her occupation too to describe her ill luck in the house. galore(postnominal) other types of comparisons are made about jade, for instance in an another article her yawing caught by a camera is contrasted to a baboon mimicking jade which is quite dry about her nature.Many pictures that are put into the articles by The Sun portray her as an unflattering person, big boobs all cautiously selected to make her look unattractive and not someone youd particularly want t o follow in tone wise.In the Jade should keep her big mouth shut article a picture of revoltingly easting a pizza fits with the heading. Underneath they use an alliteration to bring out the pun in her.another(prenominal) form of imagery apply by The Sun is a picture of her breast falling out of her bikini which has a heading of Jade Boobs again which could be a attire about her pitch which isnt a nice way of representing someone.Throughout her time in Big Brother The Sun used many atrocious, narrow-minded comments about Jade to in a sense entertain the readers. However by presenting her as a pig, dimwit and many other forms of pessimistic and notorious descriptions the sun created a unlovable and bitter side to jade. Because of the homophobic, stereotypical reputation that The Sun holds it fits the nature of the articles written by them to comment upon her like this.However in The Daily Mirror they use another way of presenting jade. Despite the fact that she may have been nam ed a pig, a cow it doesnt stop them creating the anti-Big Brother campaign, which they take total, sides on Jade. The front scalawag of the Daily Mirror has 3 pictures of Jade looking rather depressed and isolated. She is wearing a rood with a white top, which could be a technique, this paper uses to bring out another side of Jade. Her naturalness most likely. The headline starts off with Nobody Loves me, and underneath the picture the reporter has added his feelings simply I do. which creates fear as well as excitement to the readers of who could be the person who does, and why.The page 10 coverage is rather different to the Suns reports on Jade as here she has been described as not the sharpest pin but who cares. This is a turning point to a debateable question of whether jade is a good or bad contestant.The article includes better pictures of her smiling, looking like she can have fun and as an innocent person.The article itself is optimistic about jade Kevin OSullivan admits that he has sympathy for the divine ms Jade which is rather ironic in sense for those who have just read the sun articles on jade goody. The article uses antonyms from the articles that are very pessimistic about her. The language here is more sympathetic and close to the heart. It seems more well-provided because the reader doesnt have to feel like they are pushed to believe each word. However here she is placed as a poor girl who richly deserves to win. However there are mocks about how she drug abuse win beauty contests and how she is a blonde bumshell- sorry bombshell which shows that the writer in a way does see her as unpleasant he tries to keep it discreet.The article states how the reasons why they have created an anti big brother campaign was because they thought that they too fitted the crowd therefore it was time for a change. This represents jade as another person, here in this article she is not diversely exploited but mildly commented upon.It in any case seems tha t because of the fact that the sun has been commented upon by many people the Daily mirror needed to avoid being commented upon too. By creating a kind image to the reader they can help attract more readers.The passing(a) mirror by adopting the title The anti-Big Brother campaign seems to have distanced them from war, since September 11th. By placing another anti subject apart from it helps readers get away from tension and to having some form of gentle entertainment.Both article pity jade however in the sun they use personal comments to create subversion by the readers for jade goody whereas in The Daily mirror they try to create sympathy and warmth. It really is a matter of decisions made by the readers of whom they take sides on. Jade has been presented rather poorly throughout her time in Big Brother due to her looks and personality. By creating her as a person that is ironically a failure in the show they have been able to capture a form gossip column for their readers to enj oy.

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In Defense of Gun Control Laws Essay Example for Free

In Defense of Gun deem Laws EssayGuns amaze always been associated with execrations. The engage of blasts may either work in the dogmatic or the negative way. On the positive side, it could help in deterring the pro deportmentration of crimes. The unstained use or presence of it is equal for other criminals to stop their criminal intents. However, this is just one way of looking at gun use and ownership. If guns could be used for combating crimes and criminals, it could excessively be used to the proliferation of criminal acts. Many evil minded masses would utilize firearms in order to compel people to do as they desireincluding unlawful acts.The mere presence of a gun is sufficient to threaten an individual and to put ones life in danger. Any wrong move in using a loaded gun office be the end for anothers life. It is due to this reason that the ownership, monomania and use thereof argon strictly regulated by the state. For anti-gun control advocates, they feel the n eed for less strict mandates on gun control and ownership. They argon advocating that the laws be relaxed and for the law makers that gun ownership is essential in fighting criminals and crimes. It serves as the ordinary mans protection against abusive individuals.In this day and age, there so some(prenominal) crimes that are being committed and a great number of criminals causing chaos to society, thus, the need for greater protection against them. such(prenominal) advocates also invoke that it is their constitutional to own guns. However, in a case firm last June 2008 by the fall in States Supreme greet, it was upheld that reasonable efforts under of controlling the proliferation of firearms on the hands of unavowed individuals is allowed. The law enforcers and makers however should be guided that there should be no outright ban on handguns (Newsbatch, 2008).This ruling of the Supreme Court would indicate that ownership of guns is not solo limited to the military provided it also extends to ordinary individuals so long as there is proper regulation. Indeed there is nada wrong in the ownership and possession of guns as long as there is proper regulation thereof of the enactment and recognition of gun control laws. Blackstone, a former US District Court Judge also shares the view that the public should not be prohibited of their right to bear arms. They should be accorded this right especially in a country where there is a vast militia power.The cathexis of firearms is the security of the people against abuse and their mode of defending themselves. However, this should be done in moderation and should be properly regulated (Guncite, 2007). In opposition to the claim that the ownership and possession of guns help deter criminalness in the country, this cannot hold to be always true. As previously indicates, the use of guns may work positively or negatively. Instead of stopping crimes, it could even be the means of committing thereof. According to th e article of Deborah White (n. d. ), the coupled States has the highest number of private people owning guns.There are about 80 million Americans of 50 part of the total homes which own 223 million of guns. Attached with this figure is the fact that more than 30, 000 men and women in the United States die each year due to gun shoot wounds, this is the highest homicide rate from guns around the world. Moreover, it should be noteworthy that among the 30, 000 deaths indicated above, only 1, 500 of which are caused by accidental killings. This is a very alarming figure since it would allude that the high per centumage gun ownership and gun shot related incidents render a positive relation.The more guns there are in the streets, the greater is the number of people dying with a hummer on their bodies. Policy Almanac (n. d. ) also reported that there has been a 173 percent increase from 1985 to 1993 and 126 percent from 1993 to 1999 in the number of homicides which are annually comm itted with the use of a firearm by persons who are between the ages 14 to 24. The figures should serve as a wake up call for law enforcers and motivate them the need to properly regulate the ownership of guns and the use thereof. There should be more restrictive laws to be imposed by the state.Stricter measures could lead to lesser crime rate as well as crime related incidents. In order the address the issue on gun control, several laws were enacted federally and topically or by state. On the federal level, the first major mandate was enacted in 1934. Based on this initiative, the cut-rate sale of machine guns and other fully automatic firearms will be regulated. Four years later such legislation, another law was passed requiring gun sellers to have a license. In addition, the law also prohibits the sale of guns to those who have been convicted of violent crimes.The next law which addressed the issue on gun ownership was passed in 1968. This law is the Gun Control Act of 1968. Bas ed on the said law, imported guns are to be regulated and gun-licensing requirements will be increased. The list of people who should not own and should not be sell with firearms was extended to individuals who have been convicted with any form of non-business related crime, those who are incompetent mentally d those who have been using illegal drugs. After the said legislation, another federal law was again passed in 1986.Such mandate indicated mandatory penalties on the use of a gun to commit federal felonies. Included in the said law is the prohibition on the use of bullets which have the capacity to penetrate bulletproof apparel. make and importation of semi-automatic assault utensils were also banned in 1990 (Newsbatch, 2008). After the said law was promulgated by the Congress, another federal gun regulation was passed in 1994, the Brady Bill. The said bill is considered as the most countywide federal effort on gun control.Through this law, a five day waiting intent is nece ssary before purchasers can have their guns. Such period would give the law enforcement agencies to investigate the desktop of the purchaser. However, this law did not last as it was declared by the Supreme Court to be an irreverence on states rights. The law was re-drafted and provided that the conducting of background investigation will be accomplished through a national computer system. The provision on the five day waiting period was also removed. In terms of the state or local laws, there has been variance in the enactment of the laws.However, the popular provisions include Child Access Prevention law or the prohibition on go away a loaded weapon which could be easily accessed by a minor. Another is the concealed weapon law or the need to obtain a license which would allow one to carry a concealed weapon. Others include the following regulation of private sale to minors, regulating all secondary market sales, ban on assault weapons and the one hand gun a month laws, among others. Despite these ostensibly comprehensive laws, there is a need to impose stricter measures in order to regulate the ownership, use and possession of guns.Although it is recognized that there is a need for guns in the society, the continued sale thereof to private individuals and the developing number of people who own such should be carefully studied. Guns are very dangerous. It carries with it an self-assurance which no other object could possess. The mere presence thereof is already a cause for alarm. People who have such may use it to protect themselves or to threaten other people. Given the extraordinary authority accorded to firearms, people who are not properly oriented with the use thereof may abuse such authority.Thus, there is a need to regulate the use, possession and ownership thereof to have proper charge and to eliminate the bad effects thereof to the society. The authority that comes with any firearm carries with it the responsibility to utilize it only to p urposes to which it was intended and not to create abuse. Despite the high funding that come from anti-gun control laws, politicians should comply with their primary responsibility to uphold the common good in the society. They should not be easily swayed by the sources of their bullion during the last elections.

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Spanish Piece on Youth Fashion Essay Example for Free

Spanish Piece on Youth Fashion EssayThe twentieth century is known as the century of the technological age, the engine room is present in the lives of the people who live in this century, devices such as computers, cell ph integritys, digital cameras or terms as the Internet and social networks are very common and great importance in our lives.But the fashion is very important for people of twentieth century, the fashion became associated and changing according to different urban tribes. Membership of these groups is evident in the ideology, music, lifestyle and appearance. The use of certain brands of clothing, the use of certain items or colors, distinctive shape of the hair, makeup identifies the various tribes.Well were going to talk about urban tribes.The Emo, stain their hair red, gold or purple piers, wear their hair very smooth to cover one eye or the entire face. Their clothes leans towards dark colors, preferably black. The shirts are usually of smaller surface than normal and varied impressions. The black eyeliner and lip piercings are also characteristic features.The use Floggers locks and long hairstyles with bangs that bequeath cover their half of the face, and women makeup with strong colors. The panorama is completed with slim fit jeans, low justify shirts and jackets, all brightly colored sneakers, hats, crowns, and large sunglasses.The Darks are young people who dress in black, very much wear clothes of aristocratic style of times past. They wear crucifixes, rings and pendants concerning bats, skulls and spiders. Makeup their face to look paler and painted her lips and nails black.The punk is not a recent trend. His hair is shaped equal a pointy continue and dyed in bright colors like red and purple, use a little lacerated jeans and jackets or leather Jean pointy and shiny accessories called taches. They paint their nails dark colors.The rappers and canis use soccer teams hats. handling shoes, prefer to use the tabs unleashed an d out. They wear sweatpants, usually are broad, like t-shirts or sweatshirts.The Otakus like to dress like a character in the cartoons, especially the eastern anime.

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Bmw Swot Analysis Essay Example for Free

Bmw Swot Analysis EssayLogo-BMWs white-and-blue logotype is recognizable worldwide, and recalls the ac confederations start as an aircraft engine manufacturer. It symbolizes a pilots consider through a propeller as emasculatenating white and blue fractions. Most sure-fire multi-brand aid machine manufacturer-BMW has three brands, BMW, MINI, and Rolls-Royce. They delivered 141,952 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce automobiles in 2007 and gross revenue increased by 7. 4% from the previous division. noblely luxury Rolls Royce simple machine-The Rolls-Royce phantom holds the number i position in the super-luxury car segment.The Phantom was launched in 1993, and the final examination assembly, as intumesce as all-wood and leatherwork argon custom made for each guests individual specifications. The botany where they argon produced, the Goodwood plant in England, contains all deuce robots to paint the space frame body all early(a) work is done by hand, in keeping with the R olls-Royce tradition. Spends one of the highest revenues on RD-BMW Group go fors close 8,000 people worldwide within the research make growment (RD) network and has invested millions of dollars over the years.They employ engineers, designers, sticker builders, estimator experts, and scientists of various disciplines FIZ co-ordinates and optimize research activities across the group to create the BMW cars of the future. Brand-BMW ranked in the top 20 most recognized global brands. BMW is now the only multi-brand automaker that utilizes a pure, premium brand strategy. The quarry behind this strategy is to generate higher income per vehicle on the basis of products with a high inbred value and a strong brand image. Their brand ranked number 15 in 2006. Longevity-Bavarian tug Works (BMW) was formed in 1916 after two small aircraft engine manufacturers merged. In 1923, BMW began to build motorcycles, wherefore its first car in 1928. Driving School-Many manufacturers reserve a ssociations with driving schools BMW runs its confess. The BMW Performance Center, adjacent to the BMW Manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, attracts owners and prospects from around the country for an ultimate brand experience. Sales-BMW is one among the leading players in the premium cars segment. It achieved a videotape gross sales volume of 1,373,970 units in 2006. BMW is ranked among the ten largest car producers globally. Awards/Recognition-Reflecting BMWs commitment to developing quality and forward-looking products, the company has been honored with several awards in the past. For example, BMW was presented with the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany in February 2006 for the BMW 6 serial publication Coupe and Convertible models. Presented by the German Design Council, the award was the highest official German design award. pursual this, the MINI model of the company won the Golden Steering Wheel 2006 award in septenary out of 15 categories, ten days ahead o f its official commercialise launch in November 2006. traffic pattern 1-BMW won its first Formula 1 championship in 1983 using a four cylinder, 1. 5-liter proceeds based engine. Of course it was turbocharged and could develop well over 1,000 horsepower, some say over 1,500 for short periods of time. BMW continues to firmament a Formula 1 team because it provides the ultimate in competition and thus the ultimate in learning for BMW. Excellence through quality innovation-BMW Groups success is its strategical focus on developing customer-friendly innovations, coupled with an approach to innovations management that is unique within the motor pains Customize your own car-BMW has the option of seeing a sample of the car youd desire by selecting divergent options such as the color of interior design and exterior design, the wheels, the model etc. Intelligent processes-the COSP(Customer oriented sales and production process) bases production on the customers customized version and not by company standards. They employ 70,000 workers in 23 different locations to build the customized cars. A customer force out change or alter the options and style of the car right in the lead it goes into production. Environment-friendly-BMW considers environmental and recycling requirements.They use recycled products to build cars. They have environmental standards for all the plants throughout the world. They build cars that lower the amount of fuel consumption. Superior technology and development of crude products BMW is doing this is by developing a hybrid engine as part of a global alliance. The count of this development is known as a two-mode hybrid vehicle, combining a combustion engine with two electronic engines. This design is aimed towards improving the performance, fuel consumption, emissions and range of conventional hybrid vehicles.The primary goal of ripe hybrid systems is to save fuel. Commitment to customers BMWs main goal is to focus on getting the pro duct to the customer as quickly as possible. BMW has a program known as the Customer oriented sales and production process. This steering, the customer is able to make any last minute changes to the equipment and accessories theyve ordered shortly before the vehicle goes to assembly-without delaying the date of delivery. Design Work design process of building vehicles is done by atomic number 20 Innovation Triangle.This state of the art firm uses computing devices to help aid the process of design. The highlight of this facility is what the industry has begun to call the model plate. The model plate is a measurement system that transfers the contours of the object being exhaustned to computers where a 3D model is produced. The designers can then go in and make changes to the object through the computer in order to make the part as suitable for its intended use as possible. What makes this tool so r atomic number 18 is the size of object that can be scanned. The model plate can scan very large object, up to the size of an omnibus.With the use of this technology BMW and California Innovation Triangle be able to layout and design inbuilt vehicles piece by piece. Involvement in community atomic number 16 Africa serves as good example of BMWs social commitment. BMW works to bring change from within by enacting equality in the workface, and investing not only in the seam, except also in education, healthcare and unskilled facilities for employees. The factory at Rosslyn, near Pretoria, evolved from a CKD facility to serve the old South Africa, into a advance(a) facility that is now part of BMWs international production-distribution network.This risk BMW took provided South Africa the ability to export. And in 2002, the South African factory captured the J. D. Power and Associates gold award for initial production quality. Environmental commitment BMW factories come across the leaseing ISO 14001 environmental standards worldwide. This is not only true for the oldest BMW factory in the city of Munich and at 10 year old American plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, but also with new factories in rising and less regulated food markets like Thailand and Russia. Excellence through quality innovation-BMW Groups success is its strategic focus on developing customer-friendly innovations, coupled with an approach to innovations management that is unique within the motor industry.From features like the twin-flat motorcycle engine, V-shaped overhead valves, and hemispherical combustion chambers introduced on the classics of the 1920s and 30s, to modern technology including ABS brakes, atomic number 54 lights, smart airbags, the head protection system, Valvetronic and iDrive, BMW constantly reinforces its credibility as a premium manufacturer Management-Chief executive, Norbert Reithofer, who took occasion on September 1, bequeath be seeking to build on the Bavarians global momentum. Reithofer has a superb track record as head of production, such as combining lean manufacturing and Japanese-like continual return with benchmark flexibility for a premium automaker which gives BMW a jumbo cost advantage over leading competition and making it tough for competitors like Mercedes to gain any ground. Young customer base-With the miniskirt and series 3, BMW has a significant dvantage of gaining younger and first time purchasers over otherwise luxury brands. The callowness market is critically important because if a young buyer chooses a particular brand for a first car, he or she is to a greater extent than likely to buy others with the same name plate as they mature and move up in the market. Even though buyers in the 16-35 age category only accounted for a small percentage of overall sales it is important to gain there sales because as the old marketing principle goes it is easier to keep a customer than to gain new ones. WEAKNESSES New Models-Is it authentically worth developing new models?It entails ex penses along with shipping prices. Each day BMW is striving to produce and develop new cars to satisfy the customers. In the long run, who actually knows if these cars are going to be a big hit. The company might actually be wasting their time and money in producing a model that go out not be worth enchantment. When developing and producing cars it is important to decipher whether or not the car will become one that is popular on the market. BMWs heavy cost German base. -More and more competitors are shifting product development activities to lower cost countries.BMW could be forced to negotiate a way to offer cost competitiveness and its reputation for German engineering excellence made in different countries. Price-Another weakness of the BMW industry is getting the customers to buy these cars. Yes, the hybrid vehicle will save you fuel, but it will be so expensive that it might be hard trying to find customers to buy them at such a high price. Another reason the price of the ve hicle is so high is because they are shipped across the United States and also come from a factory in Germany.The expenses of the vehicles and the shipping rate are two key weaknesses that many companies must work with. Motorcycle Sales-The European market accounts for more than 60% of BMWs motorcycle sales on an average. The group is heavily dependent on this region with Germany being one of the largest markets for its motorcycles logical argument. With the demand in Germany being highly inconsistent in the past six years, this high habituation on a particular region can have an adverse effect on the companys sales, during periods of demand stagnation in the region. For example, BMWs motorcycle sales in Germany declined by 9. % to 24,064 units in 2005, which further declined to 23,617 units in 2006. corporal image-too serious ad tradition-bound. Hybrid Prices-These types of cars will save you a lot of money on fuel, but the problem BMW is having trouble with is pricing the hybri ds. It would be hard for BMW to find customers that would buy the hybrids at a high cost. Shipment Cost-Most of the cars are shipped from Germany to the United States. The shipping cost would affect the price of the car. This is one the expenses that the BMW companys would have to deal with in pricing their vehicles for the customers satisfaction. Online Strategies-BMW is not winning the information war in the market place about its own customers, their attitudes, complaints, wishes, etc. BMW is not operating in a manner, which acts to include its customers including their brush and information sharing sources. Existing online efforts do not meet consumer needs. There is a lack of mankind intelligence and an over-reliance on visual marketing in BMWs on-line strategies. Dealer Networks-BMWs bargainer network is in the midst of great change. Overall basic product margins are down while business infrastructure requirements are up.Many dealers do not chance that the field reps are t here to help them build their business but rather nevertheless to comment arbitrarily and deliver business change requirements from BMW headquarters. There is a problem with two way information flow in the distributor-dealer relationship. Dealers feel that they are not being listened to and are also not being serviced in critical areas of their business by BMWNA staff. Management-Dealers want to be able to discuss key elements of their business given their limited working capital resources. Given the size and nature of he motorcycle market many dealers feel that BMWs accredited policies are overly restrictive to the healthy development of their business and that BMWNA should operate in a more flexible manner which could be seen as co-development of a dealers franchise not just top-down management by memo. Changing Consumer Environments-Also, as it appears that BMWs dealer strategy is to move to big centralized corporate style stores, many of the smaller mom and pop dealerships t hat historically or shortly serve a key segment of the BMW owners/riders are being alienated and/or eliminated.By interest this policy of upgrade or be eliminated BMW is removing both the habitat in which the consumers live as well as the knowledge base and support structure from which they engage in BMW oriented motorcycle commerce. OPPORTUNITIES India-The come with has been launching several new initiatives and has been widening its product base since 2001. The company expects ample growth opportunities in India, and it is keen on expanding its bases in these countries. The expansion of the euro. -In May 2004 more countries adopted the euro making it the worlds biggest trading block.This offers ample opportunities for BMW to leverage its strong European position in the premium car segment to gather more market share across new and expanding markets. A Chinese luxury car market-Rigorous attempt to get into the Chinese luxury car market signifies an increase in the earnings of the company over the coming years. China already ranks as the third largest market for BMWs 7 Series luxury limousines. BMW predicts that vigorous growth will place China among the companys seven largest markets in a few more years. Diesel Power-BMW foresees an immense opportunity in the diesel-powered cars segment. Tourism-the Zentrum building is located in South Carolina. This gives tourists the opportunity to take a look at the history of BMW, also at the cars, the fixedness and innovation free of charge. It is the only BMW museum in the United States. It is also located next to the only BMW manufacturing plant in the United States. BMW should take a look into building more museums throughout the world. Expansion-although BMW is very successful they should think about expanding their manufacturing plants throughout the United States and other countries.They only have one location in the United States which is in South Carolina. Have the vanquish and most current technology-It is i mportant for BMW to have the best research and development staff where they can keep the company up-to-date with technology. With the latest technology and supplies, BMW can create the best cars the fastest and most efficient way possible. Broaden information sharing -BMW should cover information sharing amongst their dealers, distributors, and factory. This will improve product repair knowledge resulting in improved customer service and satisfaction. Improve and run their business based on their business plan-Improving the capabilities of dealers to sell more BMW products in the marketplace through refinement of their business plan Utilize the Internet more-Multiply the value of the human capital in the BMW network by e-knowledge and e-training. Better training of their salespeople-Development and implementation of business practices that harness the best of each individual dealer and make their unique market position/skills a valuable part of the entire network. Partnering with Sirius Radio-In 2005, BMW partnered with Sirius Satellite Radio to promote its new 3-serious car for 44 days. BMW used Sirius to promote its new car because the radio station had 1. 24 million subscribers and still growing. On the final day of promotion it broadcasted a live concert with various artists. Acquiring Volvo-The chairman of BMW, Dr. Norbert Reithofer, is plan on expanding the business with a quaternary brand name, Volvo. Although sales of Volvo has been slow in the North American and Europe, its brand name focuses mainly on safety and its fashion appeal is not attractive to the eye.BMW could help out by acquiring the company to make it a more global brand, also in the Asian Market. orchard apple tree iPhone-The new Apple iPhone is one of the next best things of phones. It is a touch screen phone with a built in iPod. This would give BMW the opportunity to integrate the iPhone into their cars. China market-An opportunity for BMW is the increase in the luxury automobile m arket in china. The most significant growth of the luxury market can be attributed to Jiangsu province which has created an 84 percent increase.Next to Jiangsu is Guangdong, making 79 percent recorded growth in the market. On the other hand, Zhejiang province also bagged a 54 percent increase. THREATS Demand Patterns-BMW operates in an industry that is prone to alternating(prenominal) demand patterns due to consumer wants and needs. Currency-Any unfavorable trend in Euro valuation against major currencies can hurt BMWs performance. dismiss Efficiency-While BMW continues to work on high performance, clean and efficient gun for hireoline engines, the company is also committed to a green-house-gas- free hydrogen powered vehicle as a long-term strategy.At this time we have an active development program that will enable us still to bring to market a full size automobile, propelled with hydrogen, before the end of the decade. The continuing decline of the dollar against the euro-This t hreatens to undercut BMWs top-line thereby tempering its profitability. The euro to one-dollar ratio has dropped from 0. 702626 euros to 0. 690376 euros from October to November. The rising price of raw materials -Materials such as steel threaten to call off the companys earnings.BMW continues to face the rising cost of raw materials as the key challenge to maintain and improve their growth performance. The annual average market price of aluminum, copper and plastic rose by 34%, 76% and 13%, respectively, in 2006. Likewise, the price of industrial raw materials also increased by more than 30% in 2006. Rising gas prices with a weak U. S. market, steadily rising gas prices and gaining popularity in non-luxury vehicles there is the temptation to move down market.

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Idea of Progress Essay Example for Free

Idea of show up EssayIm going to talk about the notion Idea of progress. To begin with, Id like to give a definition of progress. The idea of progress basically consists in believing that the world can become let out in terms of art, science, technology, liberty, and quality of feeling. However, sometimes progress causes more problems than it solves . Consequently, we are going to weigh the supportive and negatives aspects of progress, in science , in medicine and in new technologies.The idea of progress basically consists in believing that the world can become better in terms of art, science, technology, liberty and quality of life and has shaped most of Western civilisations vision of history . Progress implies change, some evolution from an old put in with old traditions to a new order which is not necessarily embraced by all . Its at the bosom oh a heated debate between those who approve of these changes and those who resist and criticize them in the name of tradition .As the rythm of progress seems to have accelerated these last few decades with an ever faster increase of study technological and scientific breakthroughs, the cult of novelty and progress is now being questioned . Indeed, a growing heel of people voice their concern about the ethical, social and environmental consequences of such development and about the excesses of todays consumer hostelry .

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Service Delivery Essay Example for Free

armed avail Delivery EssayThe goals of this paper argon to research diagram expediency sales talk processes, and so describe how the process would be effective in the given situation. A research and define attend delivery processes in different disciplines or argonas to capture the best processes. A profit culture will be defined and a comment will be given as to why it is authoritative. A description will also be given as to why service employees are critical to the success of delivery in whatsoever service constitution. Using the writer on personal examples, the writer will discuss the general importance of guests in the successful creation and delivery of service knows. Last, an internet search will be done to locate three run that the writer is interesting in exploring. The service will be described and outline the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing these services via e-commerce as opposed to the traditional market. The implications that purchasing onlin e has for the service culture and customer experience will be given.Service Culture Organizations arrive at different culture and service culture is one thing that has a study impact on customers and their decision. Service culture consists of many components with each impacting customers and helping to establish the success or failure of customer service proposals (Lucas, 2008). Organizations sometimes over-promise and under-deliver due to their cultural and internal systems and do not have the ability to support customer service proposals (Lucas, 2008).For example, assume that the management of an organization has their marketing department adopt a slick piece of literature describing all the benefits of a new product or service fork outd by a new corporate partner organization (Lucas, 2008, p. 1). A special 800 number is then launched for responses but the company is unsuccessful when it beats to hiring extra staff or sufficiently trained current employees to palm the cust omer calls. The venture is prone to be unsuccessful. A service culture al low-spiriteds the business to accomplish paint business goals, solve vital problems and amplification capabilities to aim at future prospects.Customers also have an important role in the success of a business. A business cannot be successful unless there are customers. Several work expanses requires customer input for service creation such as or haircuts, annual exam, and full service restaurant. The clients input customize a standard service. The provision of the service requires the customer purchase. Customer input (information material) is incumbent for an adequate outcome, but the service firm provides the service. Jobs where customer presence is required during service delivery are airline travel, motel stay, and fast-food restaurant.Customers play a variety of roles in the service experience. some(prenominal) of those roles are productive resource, contributor to quality, satisfaction and value an d as competitor to the service organization. Customer as a productive resource for example, in contributing information and effort in the diagnoses of their ailments, patients of a health care organization are part of the service production process. If they provide accurate information in a timely fashion, physicians will be more efficient and accurate in their diagnoses.Thus, the quality of the information patients provide can ultimately affect the quality of the outcome. Furthermore, in most cases, if patients follow their physicians advice, they will be less likely to return for follow-up treatment, further increasing the healthcare organizations productivity. (Bitner, Faranda, Hubbert, Zeithaml, 1997, p. 3) E-Business In todays economic marketplace, E-business has transformed the way that businesses functions. Businesses have the ability to grow and embellish beyond their local market because of the technological advances of the past few decades.So that small businesses can in crease their sales and profits, the Internet now allows small businesses to reach national or global consumers with their products and services. However, some disadvantages come along with these advantages such as creating higher levels of economic challenges not formerly seen. (Vitez, 2013) E-business has one big advantage, which is the low startup costs considered to begin business operations. Once small companies have increased their operative capital after starting their company via the Internet they expand into traditional brick and mortar stores.Companies whitethorn drive to simply expand their Internet footprint rather than creating a physical storefront, depending on their business success. Businesses need a computer, website hosting service, and Internet connection as the main operating equipment, which makes internet storefront relatively cheap. (Vitez, 2013) E-business has two major disadvantages and they are the increased levels of competition and the difficulty of c reating positive goodwill through a website and computer.Sellers must(prenominal) limit a competitive advantage over more competitors than usual, because individuals and traditional businesses may enter the e-business marketplace. Customers primarily place high value on customer service in the brick and mortar business environment. E-businesses mostly have a hard time trying to creating the same type of positive customer service, wear in mind that their customers may be miles away from the e-businesss operations. Since impersonal email is a jet form of communication in e-business customers may have a problem understanding mistakes or errors. (Vitez, 2013) motorcar insurance has begun mandatory in today society and getting the best price is necessary. There is something miss even though anyone can find and obtain car insurance quotes online or even find a life quote. When doing the quote online the person will be missing the personal and professional experience of someone behi nd the desk that is hope to be acting in his or her best interest. To completely overthrow the critical thinking part of it rather than relying on a possible expert in the field (if not an expert someone that does it daily) they depend on a website to ask certain questions.More reporting for less money maybe there are riders or slight tweaks on the policy that may be provided. Legal Service Legal service is needed in any businesses. Legal services can be obtain either online or the traditional method. There are pros and cons to online services as well as the traditional method. There are as follows* No driving. Simply jump online and you are there * No waiting. Your services are all available for you once you register. Just find and click. * clear Attorney provided legal advice. You dont just purchase the legal product, you get the service to go with it. Superior service. perchance you do have to get your own coffee, but you have the option of getting it whenever and wherever yo u expect * Save money. Less overhead, and more focused legal services means you save money over a traditional law firm. * Your data and information are protected by bank tell encryption when you enter the protected and secure area. * Secure and private communications. Not even the secretary has any idea why you need the services. (Inlawcenter, 2013, p. 1) Conclusion A business involves many different things in fiat to make it successful.The service delivery process is different in every company but necessary for a company progress. This paper has defined service culture and described why it is important. A description of why service employees are critical to the success of delivery in any service organization was given. Examples of how customers play a role in the successful creation and delivery of service experiences. Final a search was done and three services where describe and the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing them online versus traditional was given.

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Is Single Life or Married Life Better Essay Example for Free

Is Single Life or Married Life Better EssayIn my culture, you used to be required to be wed in order to be treated as a grown up or an adult. That concept had been in my culture for more than a cubic yard years. As time changed, that concept has somewhat changed too. Nowadays, being married in an option. Many commonwealth pick step up to stay individual(a) and argon living happily with their choices, but many new(prenominal)s disagree. They think that you take up to be married to achieve ultimate happiness. So, what are the differences between being married and being single? The common chord close to popular arguments between a married life and a single life are salvagedom, social ife and finance. Lets start with the first difference freedom, since it is the first thing you give up when you marry to someone. Coming along with marriage is responsibilities, it means that you subscribe to take care of your mate, your children, you cannot safe influence to do anythin g on your own anymore. You cant take off and do anything you want anymore, because most of your time will be dedicated to your family. So, whenever you want to go out with your friends, you study to lease your partner for permission. Things are ifferent when you are single. When you are single, you necessitate full control over your life, you are not move to any responsibility but your own. If you need to take a break from the stress from your work, you can just take off by yourself.When you want to go out with your friends, you dont need to ask anyones permissions. In contrast, you have busy life pickings care of you produce and your children, and you dont get enough time to go out and enjoy yourself. If youre married, you dont have to worry about your social life. It wont be a hassle if you ecide to go out or need someone to hang out with because your partner will always be on that point. Since you and your parent have become a package, your amount of friends will become dou ble concluding your partners source of friends. You get to meet more people with more choices of activity. But, things are much more difficult for a single someone than a married mates in social life. People who are single always have to worry about their companion whenever they are out. They dont have such a stable friend or partner every time they go out.Instead, they need to call many friends before they find a suitable partner for the night, or they need to dangle more time making new friends. Also their choices of activity are limited and predictable since there are only some activity for single person. So in comparison, people who are married will still time in finding a partner for their social activity with a lot more choices. Last but not least, finance. It is very controversy topic whether you will save more money staying single or earn more money being a married couple.According to Tom Van Riper on Forbes. com, married couples have the advantage in the short marge c ompared to single life, where only 9. 3% of monthly gross income goes for rent compared with 23% for single, 5. 6% vs. 8. 3% for food, 1% vs. 1. 8% for cable television, and 1. 2% vs. 2. 8% for telephone bill. In addition, auto insurers place married couple in a lower risk class, saving them money on car insurance. On the other hand, once the children enter the picture, which can bring a married couple in financial trouble, a childs cost can goes up to $4000 per onth ascending in ages. Despite the expenses, single people actually do better in buying houses. Annually, standard deduction for a single person is $4,750 per year, where married couple stands at $7,950 per year. Moreover, married couple tend to start saving for retirement first on, while singles generally wait until theyre 40, which means singles have more free cash in their pocket than married couple.As I stated in the introduction, nowadays, being single or married is a choice, which many eople choose differently accord ing to the perks they encountered. But beyond the perks, you need to choose wisely with another point of view where you can acknowledge advantage and disadvantage of being single or married. Married life comes with responsibility, where you need make the correct decisions every day and taking care of your partner and your children while single life offers freedom, escape from the burden of responsibilities, but lonely in the late years of your life. It has been always a tough decision.

Implications for Marketing Organizations Essay Example for Free

Implications for Marketing Organizations EssayAmong these, the shift in the nature and growth place of the world community has perhaps drawn much more attention of the business leaders because demographic variables reflect changes in consumer patterns and behaviors (Martins Brooks 2009) which can impact their business practices. This report will examine the chief(prenominal) trends in succession structure of the global population and their implications to business st cropgies of marketing organizations doneout the world. The increase in get oning population is an essential trend in many parts of the world, especially in genuine countries (Madalina 2010), resulting mainly from the decline of fertility and increase in life expectancies ( unify Nations, 2011). After World War II, on that point was a sudden rise in the population which was termed as Baby Boom (Tombs Seamons, 2010). They form an all important(predicate) target group for marketers. However, Tombs and Seamo ns (2010) pointed out that following the baby boom, the birth rate declined significantly in some(prenominal) nations such as Australia and New Zealand and a low fertility rate has existed since the mid 1970s. According to United Nations (2011), the get alongd population in the developed world is increasing rapidly and the number of old battalion will probably have outnumbered the young for the first time by 2050. People now privilege smaller families and this has led to a sharp fall in the birth rate.The improvement in lively standards has a contri moreovered to an increase in life expectancies. These factors have caused major changes in market patterns as surface as in the type of goods being bought. For example, Gumbel (2008) demonstrated that the generation of lacquerese women antique in their twenties who drove the growth in sumptuosity fashion groups in most of the 1990s have by and large settled down to start families and buy apartments. As a result, the sales of lux ury goods in Japan have fallen sharply. The age brackets which make up different proportions in the demography as a result of the changing age structure, have influenced the targeted markets and marketing strategy of companies (Tombs Seamons 2010).The authors distinguish 6 different age groups within the Australian population, wherein each one has specific growth rates. The first category consisting of children below the age of five accounted for 6. 2% of the population in 2007. It is a promising market for companies who provide childcare work and children-related products. The population in the second group consisting of 10 to 19 year olds had declined at the beginning of the 1990s, but is gradually rising. This bracket is a targeted market for education, garment products, and entertainment. Post-teenagers and young adults aged 20 34 years constitute the grown-up category which was affected by the low fertility rate during the 1970s, causing its reduction through the 1990s.This group with a high disposable income purchase a variety of technologically advanced electronics on with branded garments. The fourth group of early middle aged people consisted of 13% of Australian population in 2007 and is predicted to increase to 23-25% by 2056 (Chandler 2008, cited by Tomb Seamons 2010). The subsequent category is Late middle age (Tomb Seamons 2010, p. 161). Both these segments will have more importance for companies in the coming years as its apportion of the total population will grow gradually and consume a variety of high-priced luxury products. The last group comprising of senior citizens will also have a positive growth rate during the coming years similar to the two previous groups.These aged people are more arouse in health care services, travelling and relaxation as opposed to the younger population which is well attracted by technological commodities providing a positive social experience, creativity, innovation and uniqueness (Cuddeford 2012). A very important methodology behind television advertisements while targeting the middle aged groups is portraying celebrities in middle aged characters in order to please them by creating a sense of familiarity and thus, affinity (Diaz 2012). This is especially effective when several(prenominal) marketing ploys propagate youth culture. This approach is targeted towards expanding this segment which is attractive not only because of its increasing growth rate as the world population is ageing, but also because their exhibition of a loyalty related to service industry is considerably higher compared to the younger age groups (Paul Patterson 2007).