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Napoleon and the French Revolution; Explain in what ways Napoleon has come to be considered the greatest enlightened despot. Make sure to include a definition of an enlightened despot.

Some of historys owing(p)est rulers such as Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great, and Joseph II chump been considered to be instruct despot. single of these was excessively snooze Bonaparte. They ways by which forty winks has been considered to be a despot argon through his economic policies, religious and educational policies, and the Code Napoleon. The boundaryination tyro despot has been used to describe m any huge rulers, but it might be misinterpreted. The word enlightened articulatio cubiti room to be influenced by the values and ideas of the Enlightenment. Also, the word despot is define as to exercise dictatorial authority. Considering the definitions of these two words, the term enlightened despot would be defined as a mortal who believes to be influenced by the ideas of Enlightenment and exercises authority akin to that of a dictator. Napoleon had many accomplishments through his economic policies, such as establishing the stick of France and reorganizing and centralizing tax collection. He as well as established the Continental System, which attempted to block England from continental trade. Napoleon also fix up into effect the Berlin law in 1816, which prohibited trade with England. In 1807, the Milan Decree was passed which stated that any ship which traded or even been stop by the British Navy was to be confiscated. French manufacturing was wholly unable to typography for the loss of British cheeseparings. Soon afterwards, the French manufacturers and merchants began to resent the restrictions. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Napoleon regarded his allies and con quered territories as a start for raw mater! ials, conscripts, and a market for French goods. Eventually, Napoleons economic policies contributed to his fall. Religious and educational policies were also part of Napoleons accomplishments, which lead for him to be the greatest enlightened despot. One of the religious policies was the Concordat of 1801, which gave the Catholic... Its a pretty good essay, although I dont think that the Continental System really support him universe an enlightened despot since it did lead to his eventual demise... If you motive to bring about a full essay, order it on our website:

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