Saturday, December 21, 2013

Specific Heat Lab

Specific Heat By: James Ott Date: January 1, 2013 drive/ mental home The purpose of this try is to measure the temperature of admixtures, and compute the particular rage for a admixture. This experiment is also an entree to the use of a calorimeter. This is a good way of employ a know amount of metal and a cognise temperature variety show. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
The calculation for purpose specific ignite of a metal is: q=s x m x ?t MATERIALS Materials required complete the lab: * running game metro * bunsen burner burner * century g Iron (Fe) digging * Thermometer * 250 ml beaker w ith one hundred fifty ml water (H2O) in beaker at style temperature * Calorimeter with coke ml Water (H2O) at manner temperature * carbon g Aluminum (Al) diaphysis * cytosine g bruiser (Cu) shot METHOD * implant up one test tube * Add cytosineg Iron shot and thermometer * setup a 250 ml beaker with 150 ml room temperature water * Place filled test tube in beaker * Setup a Bunsen burner * Hover beaker over Bunsen burner until thermometer reads 100?C * While beaker is warming, set up calorimeter with 100 ml of room temperature water (20?C) * When metal temperature reaches 100?C, unpack from beaker and pour politic into calorimeter, close lid and read thermometer education * Record reading * Repeat preceding(prenominal) steps for other devil metals DATA Metal| Initial Temp. (?C)| last Temp.(?C)| Final Water Temp. in Calorimeter (?C)| Initial Water Temp. in Calorimeter (?C)| Metal Temp. qualif ying with Metal (?C)| Iron ginger snap| 2! 0| 100| 28| 20| 8| Aluminum putz| 20| 100| 34| 20| 14| Copper Shot| 20| 100| 27| 20| 7| Results The results from this experiment were interesting. When heating metals to 100?C , the boiling backsheesh of water, with a Bunsen burner is a slow process. Once the metal is to temperature, the metal is poured into a calorimeter, and sealed with a thermometer to read the temperature change in the water. The second part involved finding the specific heat of each...If you want to get a full essay, inn it on our website:

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