Thursday, February 6, 2014

Children's Literature And It's Effect On Kids

Seminar Preparation E.G., PREPARATION FOR THE FIRST SEMINAR: The discussion question for the initiatory seminar is: What is childrens literature? on that pointfore so that you argon sufficient to raise in this first seminar you should bring along: * An academician article (NOT taken from those texts listed on the unit guide endeavor Google disciple or your Athens account) that attempts to shed light on this question, and be prep atomic number 18d to summarise this. * Extracts from applicable childrens books that obligate your argument. * every other material that you feel might be relevant or useful to discussions. Intro Seminar 1: Intro. What is Childrens Literature? * bastard Rabbit Discussion Points * Childrens books are supposed to teach kids honourable lessons and values but what if they are teaching them the wrong affaire to do? Article rubric: Early lessons in intimidate and victimization: The help and assay of childrens literature. Authors: Oliver, Ronald L. and Young, Terrell A. Summary: * 80% to 90% of preadolescents will face slightly sort of psychological torture or bullying. Its shown that childrens literature is a operative way that children learn to lot with bullying but in the wrong way. However whatsoever stories have the ability to be therapeutic. The article looks at how conglomerate childrens stories view military unit as a solution. * This supposed situation is not only when fictional. There was a 12-year-old boy named Nathan who was connaturally bullied in school, and there is a book (Kropp, 1982) that portrays the chief(prenominal) character as resorting to an rape with a metal subway system to solve his problem with bullying. The accredited Nathan resorted to a handgun that resulted in his death and that of a schoolmate (Greenbaum, Turner, & Stephens, 1989). The lesson of counterattack and revenge, reacting with the resembling behavior as that of the harassers, is similar in both ex! amples and piece by the authors to be a frequent prescription from the pages of...If you motivation to get a full-of-the-moon essay, order it on our website:

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