Saturday, February 8, 2014

Management of Long Term Condition – Type 2 Diabetes

Introduction This case study will entail virtually a patient role with Type 2 diabetes. holistic implications on patients life will cerebrate physical, psychological, social, and spiritual as well as the sense of public assistance and the total lived experience. In order to master(prenominal)tain patient confidentiality, pseudonyms pro farseeing been used for call and places, where necessary. Conclusions reached will emphasise the key points and main assumption on the patients life and wellbeing. The superior and Outcomes Framework (QOF) was introduced in 2004 and provides financial incentives to general practices for the provision of mettlesome quality c are. It registers the act of commonwealth with diabetes and therefore prevalence figures are available. These figures are published annually. The figures are applied to current populations; an omen of the number of the great unwashed with diabetes can be calculated. In the UK, the average prevalence of battalion with diabetes is 4.26%. Therefore the known diagnosed population is now 2.8 cardinal people according to Diabetes UK, discovers and statistics, diabetes prevalence 2010. This statistics shows that the wellness related state of diabetes is increase at a misfortunate rate (Diabetes UK, 2010). Diabetes is one of the recollective full term conditions that makes up a fifth of population, ages over 60 and the over 85s are the speedy developing sector. At the moment, 15.4 million people in England report living with a hanker Term condition and this is conceived to leaven to 18 million by 2025 (DH, 2008). Background to Long Term condition Type 2 diabetes is the almost common, with the calculation of 85% of diagnosed cases (Dunning, 2003). From this statement, the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes has a compelling feign on life of the person and their family. maintenance with a long term condition like diabetes is challenging and needs a good understanding regarding the cond ition. Fidelity and pertinacity is very se! rious to accommodate in the activities of daily living. The...If you call for to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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