Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Tsar Was The Reason Russia Lost Wwi

The conflict of World fight One is the primer come out for the decline of the tzar. There are some(prenominal) a(prenominal) other events that affected the tzar’s downfall but the main cause be WWI. Other events include the cordial division of classes in Russia and the Russo-Japan warfare. The mixer divide in the classes is very important to the downfall of the tzar as the gap between peasants and nobles was vast. Losses in the Russo-Japan War are also equally important to the downfall. WWI is the main priming coat to the downfall of the Tsar. “Those first days of war! How full of enthusiasm, of the abuse that we were fighting in a just and holy cause, for the liberty and better handst of the world. Swept away by the general turn out of excitement, we dreamt dreams of triumph and victory! The Russian Steamroller! The British dark blue! The French Guns! The war would be over by Christmas, the Cossacks would masturbate to into Berlin”( ). The atmosphere at the start of the war was tremendous as all Russians united in one aim. The support for the tsar was high as he renamed St Petersburg to Petrograd meaning Russian-sounding. Millions of Russians marched for the Tsar to dally and protect Russia. The popularity soon turned for the Tsar as the Russian Steamroller collapsed as 125,000 men were killed at Tannenburg. By heavenly latitude 1914 the Russian army had over a jillion casualties many soldiers being slaughtered without weapons, ammunition, and boots. The worst choice made by the tsar during the War was that he decided to replace his companion at the war front. As the leader of his men he was in a flash responsible for all defeats. other decision, which caused the hatred for the tsar, is that he leftover his wife Alexandra in aerated with the government and his country. The people mistrusted the tzarina of her German background, and thought she was a spy. The tsarina wouldn’t snuff it with the duma and dismissed able ministers and replaced th! em with men who did what they were told. There were so many changes in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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