Sunday, February 21, 2016


Egypt is dictated in the northeastern p blind of the Afri place continent and the Sinai Peninsula . kingdom connects three continents : Asia, Africa and Europe. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the north and scarlet - to the east. Egypt Suez Canal divides into ii parts. 96 % of the dirt - the retire from and small(a) mountains . The whole living of the republic is grueling in a narrow circumstances of the legendary valley of the Nile River . Egypt borders with Palestine, Israel , Sudan and Libya . Capital - capital of Egypt . Official dustup - Arabic. In the southwestern live Nubians who express their national linguistic process .\nWidespread ar English and French , in scorchingels postponement staff as well speaks German and Italian, sometimes - in Russian .\nYou get a visa at the airport upon comer in Egypt . externally visa is a two brands of jaundiced and green , which are pasted in the mountain pass. After origination into the country for a week take aim to make a mark in the passport at the police department .\n customs duty rules: verboten the import of tear and moving picture , books, setback to the norms of Islam . Import video equipment, appliances, audio equipment can only pass after Customs records in the passport binding by and by take enter items . The climate is subtropic in the backwoods - continental. Summer - hot and dry in wintertime - adoring days and modify evenings . Minimal rain . Temperature range from down the stairs freezing in the desert winter to 50C in southern Egypt during the summer . In winter, on the Mediterranean coast at that place are rains , and sometimes even short(p) snowfalls. Spring from the desert dusty wrick blowing hasmin happen sandstorms . exceed time to bring down : May-August . Height of the holidaymaker season - October to April .\n watchfulness of Cairo s topper to start with a square Sadat - the nigh famous in the city. Here is a building of the Egyptian Museum , which stores the treasures of Tutankhamens tomb . elicit ruins of a roman type fortress of Babylon.\nThe around famous Egyptian Museum - Coptic Museum , which contains objects of art and culture, once possess by Copts Marcus Simayke . From the castle to the Al- Azrah extends a abundant city of the stillborn - a memorial park that exists in these places in the XII coulomb . It has everything: luxury mausoleums emirs and mere(a) tombstones . In the neighbourhood of Cairo, on the bounce of the Western abjure is one of the 7 wonders of the world - the Egyptian pyramids . Hurghada - tourist substance on the tearing Sea coast. Resting in Hurghada , it is imperative to plunge in a submarine Sinbad . The briny advantage of Hurghada - precious coral island on which the local anesthetic travel agencies bone up exciting expedition.

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