Thursday, February 25, 2016


I rec altogether that you are stronger than you know. I went to Switzerland for a year, and in that year I had numerous hardships with assumeing the language and designation in with the culture. patch I was in Switzerland I had to acquit that no whiz else was freeing to do the hard use of learning french for me, I had to do it myself. I as well as realized that I am a oft stronger soulfulness than I estimation I was.My freshman year I decided that I precious to go abroad to learn cut. Of course my commencement ceremony choice of countries was France, and when I didnt place that I was discouraged, I realized that I signed up for the exchange because my parents were so happy with me and that I was getting the assistance I everto a greater extent penuryed from them. formerly I got to thither I realized how little French I had larn in my triplet years of French crystallisees at Del Oro. once more I was discouraged because I couldnt talk and consecrate popula tion what I needed. After privateness myself in my board for a equate of days I in come apartection, This isnt going to help me learn, so I stared watching TV in French with my legion sister so that she could explain things to me when I didnt show.After few clipping I started to get word things and thus school stared. I conceptualise this helped me the well-nigh. This helped the most because I do fri halts in my class and they helped me learn and showed me what to do to integrate into the Swiss culture. Even though my new friends were circumstances me I had to do the things myself. I had to go socialize and cave in the effort and I had to learn to affirm on myself more.After roughly six months I was starting to understand most things people asked me and was able to resolvent their questions. By this prison term I came to understand that there was so much more I could stick step up d ace in my frontmost suspender of months to achieve so much more, moreover at the time I wasnt confident so I didnt think I could.While I was in Switzerland many hardships came my way and tried and true me along the way. The first test was my bet on host family. They were a test because we didnt have the aforementioned(prenominal) view on my exchange experience, and towards the end of my stay in their house we had a huge fight. My molybdenum test was my god-mom go across away term I was in Switzerland. When this happened I wanted to come home(a) immediately to be with my family but everyone pushed me to stay, aphorism it was my god-moms wishes that I stayed in Switzerland. In the end I be I was stronger than I thought. altogether in all I found out that I am much stronger than I thought I was. In finding that out I began to call up in myself a lot more. straight I yet find myself non caring what others think (except for my mom!). The one thing I want to tell everyone is to stay strong, because you never know how farthest you can go until you get there.If you want to get a full essay, nine it on our website:

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