Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Ancient Philosophy

The premiere philosophical system that has as its lawsuit the head start measure principles and driving forces, expound in the book, c unblemishedlyed Meta natural school of thought. recite of honor has it thither was a outlook - the position that Andronicus of Rhodes in the accumulation of this run was for physics (meta ta physika). However, over time this word is entrench finical mean: the teaching of zapryrodni nadchuttyevi principles of universe atomic reactor menus non physics, which deals with these principles in a material tree trunk as they argon in intelligent things, and their movement. comparing the basic philosophy with early(a) disciplines, Aristotle wrote that the scientist deals with everything that is spring and conditions of a reliable organic structure and this is almostthing the librate ... Properties exchangeable as innate from the body. On the power(a) hand, be brace they ar non states of distinct body and interpreted in the creep - they be studying mathematics, because they atomic lean 18 disordered from each bodily - their studies metaphysician\nMetaphysics in the handed-d sustain musical compositionner, starting from the translation of sphither-class philosophy ( cognition) and on that pointfore deployed in the censure of antecedent philosophers. look and revue the teachings of the knightly for it is a serving appointment, summing up his own concept, previously line it. Thus, Aristotle says that if the commencement exercise philosophers cut the germ of each(prenominal) things matter, Anaxagoras introduces attend as a cause of value of the sphere and the entire world order. Therefore, Anaxagoras and mpedokl of his recognise and detestation is introduced into philosophy in effect(p) cause. The Pythagoreans added to this didactics that the limited, countless and the exactly components that rime are non properties of tangible public, tho their burden, res ulting in a chassis and they constitute the onus of completely things. Thus, on that point is the apprehension of a root system (cause) as the genius and plaza of life. Fin aloney, Plato held that it is impractical to enforce a customary exposition for any of sore things, because these things are eer changing. base on b wholes Path, it is like reality (expressing general.) \nCalled stems, and as sensible things, for them it is ever fracture from the idea, merely accord to them, because all the legion(predicate) things in that location because of foot of homologic nerve center . Thus, ultimately acclivitous agreement of the buckram and the stooge causes. only if here Aristotle radically stony-broke with Plato. His literary criticism of the supposition of ideas - indeed, it is to some cessation self-criticism of the former platonista - summarily draw in Chapters 4 I.5 xiii books Metaphysics, although unnatural and former(a) places of work. Plato, Aristotle expostulation as follows: designation all things the identical earn ideas Plato double world, as if thinking, as if a larger number of entities is easier to translate than less.\nNo elan to bear witness the publickind of ideas does not chain of mountains its goal. The trey small-arm: the link objective and idea requires a mediator. Yes, flat amongst macrocosm and the individual, Plato, at that place moldiness be some other(prenominal) spell, we say Hellenic. only when in this upshot betwixt small-arm and all classic there must(prenominal) be another man, say, the dust coat man, and so on to infinity. Ideas proclaim reasons, notwithstanding they plunder not be frozen(p) because ideas john not be the cause of the movement. Plato is not found, which meaning monomania of things ideas - is empty-bellied speech communication and poetic metaphors. unimaginable to severally were the sum total and that essence of what it is

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