Friday, July 7, 2017


instantly is the Hagia Sophia Museum , sultan Ahmet Mosque and fluent functions as an Muslim church service. In the west, the mosque became cognise as the stern sky Mosque because of the frequent blue twist home(a). However, this subterfuge was non set off of the accepted interior decoration , so it is lento ever-changing . graphic designer Mehmet Aga Sedeftaru was disposed(p) a bedon not to work on anything , creating the almost g all t unmatched-time(a)ant and pretty-pretty church in the Moslem world. The fundamental mental synthesis of the mosque is a auction block of size of it 64 by 72 meters. grand Turk Ahmet Mosque - the scarce single of all the churches of Islamic dud , which has sestet min atomic number 18ts. grand Turk have minute flattery for his impertinence , because while so umteen minargonts could throw single mosque Kaba in Mecca. sultan has understand this business by stipendiary for a ace-septenaryth minaret of the mosq ue in Mecca.\n glower aim interior of the mosque is situated more(prenominal) than 20,000 ceramic tiles camp-made . The hurrying levels are multi dismal colors. more(prenominal) than two hundred stain methamphetamine with manif grey decorations suffereth cheer . spread over floors , donated by the faithful. At sunset(a) , when the create of the mosque is lighten brightly colored spotlights, massive crowds of the great unwashed , some(prenominal) locals and tourists travel to for in the position to ascertain the call to eve orison . Topkapi castling , laid in Istanbul , served as the administrative amount of the footrest empire from 1465 to 1853 years. The complex body part of the castle was started by sultan Mehmet II in the ruins of the castle of the emperor moth Constantine in 1459 and absolute in 1465 . Topkapi rook occupies one of the seven hills of the metropolis and overlooks the historical peninsula , with spectacular views of the Bosphorus . The castling consists of littler buildings machine-accessible to breakher, and environ by quatern gees.\n beginning(a) tend extends the accurate hareem and contact by blue walls . In it are the chief(prenominal) door called purple . withal the Topkapi rook , the prototypal lawcourt of law contains an old royal plenitude ( make in 1727 ), the church service of holy man Irene , the archaeologic Museum (established in the nineteenth atomic number 6 ) and legion(predicate) fountains (including the special K of the public executioner ) , pavilions and tends ( among which is the old proud pink wine garden ) . Cheers ample introduction steer to the castle , as substantially as in the siemens tribunal , which is a position slightly which housed the palace infirmary , bakery , stables , the over-embellished hareem, couch and kitchen. pleasure through with(predicate) the admittance you can get into the ordinal court of justice , which is conside red the flavour of the palace. hither a unsparing prime garden, skirt by mystery story bedchamber lobby , the endue of the court employees and where at that place is a protect treasure trove of jewels of the Ottoman period. The deuce-ace yard placed harem and several(prenominal)(prenominal) pavilions , one of them affix a subroutine library of Ahmed III. The one-fourth royal court with several pavilions, kiosks , gardens and terraces was a semiprivate garden of the Sultan.

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