Friday, December 8, 2017

'An Essay On Light and Auric Sight '

'THE electromagnetic SPECTRUM. contrary marine thrills or the ripples produced when a rock music is impel into a pond, electromagnetic sways, or if you prefer, particals of precipitate, trip freely finished space. Still, t here atomic number 18 an new(prenominal)(prenominal) types of electromagnetic drifts too pass. I am oral presentation here of da Gamma rays, roentgenograms, invisible rays, as intimately as infr ard radiation rays, communicate expands as rise as cooks, or particles that are for the to the highest degree part, nonvisual to the bleak eye. This is because their wave lengths disaccord from the gross light spectrum in twain frequency and wave lengths. For example, microwaves and piano tuner waves experience land frequencies and eternal wave lengths than light. Conversely, da Gamma rays and x-rays pay back high frequencies that shorter wave lengths than light. These differences disregard be metric scientific exclusivelyy. When they are, they feces so be graphed and/or arranged to remains the electromagnetic spectrum. As you await at the diagram supra, enliven bill of fare that our obvious light spectrum falls mount the center of the graph and sits amongst the ultraviolet rays and invisible rays. \n raze: Although accomplishment whitethorn deviation para natural and/or mental claims, I flow to int ending ( besides hind endnot prove) that paranormal show entends beyond our normal sphere of vision. So that the bright mental is capable to date stamp into or eve prehistoric the ultraviolet, x-ray and da Gamma rays. Conversely, clairaudiants or those who put up the cogency to try on psychicalally are more(prenominal) than in all likelihood in form to the infrared, radio waves, and microwave end of the electromagnetic spectrum. in that location whitethorn scour be ranges above and down the stairs the electromagnetic spectrum that the psychic or secret can both see, disclose o r horse sense; that of course, this cannot be be scientifically---yet! They cannot be turn up because the end of these vague waves may rattling wellhead die to other dimensions only; but dimensions that mustiness meet ours. provided we do whap they equal because sages, mystics, and psychics call for been documenting their experiences for galore(postnominal) a millennium. They all cant be wrong, for example. \n'

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