Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Argumentative Essay: Women Are Better Politician Than Men

There is a mindset in the current society that men make remedy politicians than women. In fact, that didactics is non true. Women make good politicians too, some be even remedy than men in many aspects. Women politicians make stop politicians because they compromise better, are to a greater extent faithful and cooperative, plus they are to a greater extent stubborn as compared to men. One of the best example is Christine Lagarde the first fe manful Minister of economical Affairs in a G8 economy which is the governments of eight of the worlds largest economies(Christine Lagarde, pars. 3).She is also voted as the worlds 9th most powerful woman according to Forbes magazine. Women politicians have a more compromising and friendly nature than men. This ultimately becomes a highly reusable political tool for political campaign. They tend to face difficult situations with a calm attitude. For example, Ms. Indra Gandhi, the first feminine prime minister in India chose a peaceful way to rule her country. When her country was at war with Pakistan in 1971, she signed the treaty of friendship and cooperation with Pakistan to avoid financial hardship and instability in her country (Palekar, pars.2-5).Thus, resulting a stable economy in India. She govern her country effectively by getting moral support from entirely the ministers and maintaning good relationship with the other countries which helped in the economic growth of India. This would not have happened without her compromising and friendly nature. Aside from that, female politicians also are more cooperative and trustworthy than men. Research shows, women are more adept at making people work together.This is because women are better at communicating with each other during work, they implement successful strategies thereby achieving high results. On the other hand, men tend to excel more at bamboozling and cheating. This is proven by the studies of Rolf Kuemmerli and colleagues by repeating a mettles ome called Pris sensationrs Dilemma. This game involves two people, they need to cooperate with each other to obtain a win-win situation. Studies shows that men do not cooperate as well as women because women have a better ability to interact and comprehend messages that one is trying to deliver (Highfield, pars.5-11).In addition, women are found to be more trustworthy than men. This statement is proven by Professor Roger Steare using the Moral deoxyribonucleic acid test by measuring a persons morality and changes in their honor system when they enter the workplace. According to results, women have more moral set , proving that they are more trustworthy (Knight, pars. 3-5). Making them better politicians. Besides that, scientists claimed that male politicians are more decisive than female politicians (Men more decisive, pars. 5-9) .However, that doesnt mean that female politicians are not good at making decisions. In fact, female politician are slight decisive but more strong-mi nded than men as they consider their decision thoroughly before finalizing. sooner making a desicion, they examine the consequences towards an individual, society and the country and seek for a win-win solution. They search for long-term solutions by using retention strategies as a way to improve the results. Thus, they have the capacity to be more equilibrise in decision-making.Not only that, women are more precautious and they tend to make less mistakes in their work. This is because women always think twice and recheck their work before complemental the final touches. This indirectly proves that women are better politicians than men. In my opinion, women politicians make better politicians because they compromise better, are more trustworthy and cooperative, plus they are more strong-minded as compared to men. They have more good aspects when compared to men. Thus, women are better politicians than men.

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