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Impact of Music of the Harlem Renaissance Upon the Artists of Today Ess

Impact of Music of the Harlem reincarnation Upon the Artists of TodayMusicians during the Harlem Renaissance created a style and movement that simply took Americans by storm. Musicians such as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong view as inspired others every(prenominal) over the country. The Renaissance itself was not only when an observation of life for African Americans, that it also showed Americans that they have a place in society. All of the musicians, writers, and artists shared a common drive. This purpose was to create art that reflected the Afro American community. Through this time, African Americans provided themselves with their cultural root and a promise for a better future. Music in this era was the beginning. It was the beginning of new life for musicians and African Americans.All types of music pray musicians. In the H.R (Harlem Renaissance), there were many who contributed to this new style of music cognise as jazz. These musicians all have their own style a nd form. Each of these styles has in some(a) way influenced the evolution of jazz. Louis Sachmo Armstrong is recognized as the most noted trumpet player of this time. His hot bop style was heard in places like the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theatre. Everyone from all over the country would tot up to see him. Armstrong recorded such works as Im in the Mood for Love, and You Rascal you (http// Another famous person during this era was Coleman Hawkins, a saxophone player. Hawkins is recognized as the first wide saxophonists of air current. His most famous work was a piece named Body and individual (http// Hawkins has also recorded with artists such as Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington. Other community such as Bessie Smith, Josephine Baker, Duke Ellington, and Dizzie Gillespie have also made many contributions to the cultivation of Jazz.By the end of World War I, Black Americans were facing their last-plac e point in history since slavery. Most of the blacks migrated to the northern states such as New York and Chicago. It was in New York where the Harlem Renaissance was born. This movement with jazz was utilize to rid of the restraints held against African Americans. One of the main reasons that jazz was so democratic was that it allowed the performer to create the rhythm. With This in Mind performers realized that there could no... ...ty statement, some of the feelings and expressions that were used during the beginning of the era have diffused. With this jazz has become weaker, but well known. Jazz will always continue to have character. Jazz will always be art. Jazz will always have a story to tell.Though Jazz has changed, the background behind it withal inspires those today. Even though each artist has their particular style or expression, they all can take for that music is art. They can all agree that Music is emotions and feelings. Through the years, just as all things do, Jazz and whop have grown and flourished across America and the World. All in all Jazz for African Americans undefended the doors in America, jazz alone opened doors and ears all across the Earth.Sources citedHttp// earn adjust. 6-2-02Http// Net Zero. 6-2-02Http// Net Zero 6-2-02Http// Net Zero. 6-2-02Wintz, Cary D. The Harlem Renaissance. Houston Texas Rice University Press, 1988Http// Net Zero 6-2-02

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