Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Matthew 17: 1-13 Essay -- The Transfiguration of Jesus

Introduction The expiration of this exegetical paper, Matthew 171-13, is the news report of the transfiguration of savior on a mountain with deuce-ace of His disciples Peter, crowd together and John as witnesses. Literary CriticismContext Matthew 1621-28, the passage before mine, Jesus had revealed to His disciples His upcoming suffering, death and resurrection. He informed them that His pursuit would have to take up their cross to be with Him. Carrying your cross in that period of time meant a torturous, painful and humiliating death, therefore, it meant being unstrained to breathe out to follow Christ. Before anyone would be willing to die for another, they would submit faith in Christ to do so. This passage provided the background mise en scene that directly affected my passage. Six days later Jesus took three disciples up the mountain to witness His transfiguration, thereby providing proof that He was the son of God. The passage after my mine, although it does no t affect my verse, it does reflect my verse because it tells what took identify after Jesus and His disciples came down the mountain. Verses 14-20 tell the story of Jesus miracously meliorate a boy with epilepsy at the bequest of his father as He descended the mountain into the town. After healing the child, Christ began to teach and as He spoke the towns crowd began to gather closely to hear. Jesus told the gathering crowd in Matthew 1722-23 that He would be delivered to die and be resurrected on the third day. This section relates to my passage because it correlates Christs preparation of His disciples then the people of his death and resurrection. Form Criticism The religious doctrine of Matthew is a historical, symbolic narrative of Jesus life aimed at the Judaic Christian community... ... J. Karris. The Collegeville Bible scuttlebutt. Liturgical Press, 1989. Book.Broadus, John Albert and Hovet Alvah. Commentary on the gospel singing of Matthew. Washington D.C. America n Baptist Publication Society, 1886. book.Evans, Craig A. Matthew. New York Cambridge University Press, 2012. Book.MacArthur, John F. The MacArthur New volition Commentary Matthew 16-23 . Chicago Moody Publishers, 1977. Book.Morris, Leon. The Gospel According to Matthew. Grand Rapids Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1992. book.Palmer, Edwin H. NIV sanctified Bible, New testament (Red Letter Edition. Grand Rapids Zondervan, 1984. Book.Porter and Coates. The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ... Philadelphia Porter and Coates, 1881. book.Zuck, Roy B. The Bible Knowledge Commentary An Exposition of the Scriptures, Volume 1. Colorado Springs David C. Cook, 1983. Book.

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