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Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Art - Essay ExampleThis paper talks about the some of the die of Auguste Rodin in regards to their detailed compositions like texture, color, form and matrial. Auguste Rodin Auguste Rodin was a french sculptor in the modern age who did not rebel on the past. Unlike other artists who deliberately changed their ways and created masterpieces that had undertones of mockery of the previous period, Rodin remained a traditional sculptor and took a craftsman-like approach to his whole caboodle. He possesed a unique ability to work on complex heartys. Most of his storied sculptures, departed from the traditional themes of mythology allegory, were criticized that made him become sensitive towards his critics. Nevertheess, he go on on his style, far away from the used-to-be themantic sculpture of the predominant figures of the past, and celebrated realism and individualism. As time went by, come with by a series of whole kit and boodle, his stature in the artists social ladder increased a hardly a(prenominal) notches higher and gained increased favour from the government and the artists community. Modernism 3 The Age of Bronze One of Rodins works that troubled the critics and enticed them to lambast him for not having a conrete theme was The Age of Bronze. Speculations were in the air that Rodin intentionally scuplted his work without a theme. But due to its realistic and lively figure, it gained the attention of the many, which aslo fueled the critics to accuse him of surmoulage. He powerfully denied the accusation and defended his work. He wrote and presented photographs of his model to newspapers to show how the sculpture differed. The Age of Bronze became one of Rodins most famous works due to the controversy it brought to the eyes of the critics. The intricacy of the details of a mans nude person body, held an unconventional pose, was shape well-enough for it to look alive. It takes a genuinely brillant artist to be able to sculpt a bronze material and sti ll come up with a realistic form of a nude man. Tagged with utter(a) lights and shadows, they made the sculpture an intriguing work of art, which eventually led to being bought by the state. The sculpture was purchased for 2,200 francs. Rodin pull inspiration for his first full-scale sculpture from Michelangelos Dying Slave and was shown at the Paris Salon in 1877.(Rilke & Rodin, 2004, 27) St. John the Baptist Preaching St. John the Baptist Preaching is Rodins second full-scale work and again a nude man. Due to the charge of surmoulage for his previous work, he made his second piece bigger than a full-size statue. The statues gives an appeal that he is walking towards the audience while both(prenominal) feet are on the ground. The odd positions of Rodins works became his signature. The peculiar sense of movement of Rodins model was captured in his product. Modernism 4 Rodins interpretation of St. John the Baptist is a man preaching while walking. Although it may appear that the s tance of the man is a bit odd, since both feet are on the ground, it depicts a walk of a determined man, emotionally firmed on his preaching. Rodin later explained how he came up with the two phases of a stride in order to suggest a movement. It is evident in the sculpture that the man, St. John, is preaching to a a group and his conviction is noticed. According to studies, the form of the model was resplendently sculpted with an outstanding delivery of its message. The shadows on the ribs, the details on the facial expression and the

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