Thursday, April 25, 2019

Comparative criminal justice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Comparative criminal justice - Assignment drillI found these three aspects interesting because they aim at making a prison catch ones breath comfortable. While prisoners should not live in squalid conditions, they still seem to be tended to with great guardianship and many options to ensure that they thrive while in prison.The difference between prisoners rights and prisoners privileges is that rights moldiness be disposed(p) to all prisoners, while privileges must be earned based on good behavior. Rights atomic number 18 compulsive by government and privileges are determined by the individual prisons and are not offered to all prisoners. A prisoner has the right and is entitled to healthcare and protection from bullying by other prisoners, but they must earn the opportunities to receive additional visits from friends and family.At the reception on the first day, prisoners are checked in and assigned numbers. They are interviewed and assessed so that they understand the rules of the prison and their rights, as well as available courses and necessitate healthcare. All new prisoners are strip searched, and then given prison-standard clothing. The prisoners are then inspected by a nurse to determine if a prisoner is under the influence of drugs or prescribed medication, or are feeling suicidal. In the case that a prisoner is violent or considered a risk to themselves or others, segregation cells are made available for the prisoner to remain for a short period of time. feminine prisoners are allowed to keep their infants with them in prison if the sister is under eighteen months, or the woman gives take in while in prison, and the admissions board deems the situation required for the well-being of the infant. If the prisoner is denied their child or if the child is older than eighteen months, or if there are no available mother-baby units in any dominance prison, outside arrangements must be made for the care of the child. Such arrangements can be made wit h family or Social Services, who will see to it that the child is cared for in a

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