Friday, April 19, 2019

Information Systems in Business Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

selective information Systems in Business - Coursework ExampleBecause it will make the ship current and historical information some the weather easily available, it will make the ship decision support possible without affecting mental process system and lastly, the information will be consistent. Since the company store a lot of information entropy mining will assist in extracting information from the volume of data in the system without intercommunicate specific questions like the food contentedness (week 7, slide 2).iii) One of IBM electronic countermeasures solution software intersection is FileNet. It is a document management engine that brings together enterprise content, security, and storage features with workflow that is ready to be used and it has process management capabilities. Its features include centralized access and better control, delivery of active content in motion, and it can be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and MS office (http// e/products/en/filecontmana). One of the Microsoft ECM solution software is SharePoint. It can manage documents, records, and digital assets. It can control the life cycle of documents in an musical arrangement and it can provide content for audio and video (http// relationship between backing entities are shown by the entity relationship diagram (ERD) and entity relationship model (ERM). When the entities are identified, it will assist the organization to clarify what they are interested in. entities are related in 11 (one to one) or 1 M (one to many). This relationship assists in linking up the information during the extraction from different tables in database. This relationship benefits the organizations in different ways, one is that it makes it easy to understand the picture of the current data, allow data to be fencesitter and enable development of logical design. Entity relationship is made up of four compon ents, namely, entity, attributes of entity, unique identifier, and relationship. Entities

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