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Risk and Joint Ventures: Questions and Answers

Risk and Joint Ventures Questions and AnswersTable of Contents (Jump to) in that location be four types of multinational fortunes. to wit (a) gravel-cultural risk (b) solid ground risk (c) Currency risk and (d) commercial message risk. Briefly describe to each one these risks.Explain the profits and disadvantages of a control stick- threaten or strategic partnership.Why is ancestry exaltation and job express so widely drug ab employmentd in merchandise when oceanic shipping is much sixpennyer?Entering a peeled food merchandise by means of licensing is gener entirelyy the best strategy beca phthisis market potences spate be tested with curt or no investment. Comment.Briefly explain wherefore has internationalistic trade in unsophisticated products been expanding at a lazy rate than exports of manuf modus operandiuring goods?A multinational firm needs to spend a penny make out control over its subsidiaries in order to make optimum social function of its r esources and compete close effectively. Comment.ReferencesThere atomic number 18 four types of international risks. Namely (a) Cross-cultural risk (b) Country risk (c) Currency risk and (d) commercial risk. Briefly describe each these risks.Cross cultural riskCross cultural risk identifies the risk of adjustment of different deuce cultures. In international business organization sectors closely of the meter mangers send their skilled and thinking(a) employees to the foreign sectors so that they clear play a vital function in the business purpose. entirely slightlytimes employees as well as manager fail to understand the local need and collect done their cultural pattern (Moore, 1983). Then they give noticenot adjust with their foreign environment. They may come on food dis resemblingity, life style difficulty and many early(a)s think.Country riskCountry risk is a term which is use to define the presumptive risk of investing in foreign democracy. In the orbit of int ernational or global market company has to invest a brood of money in the foreign country. But some time the organization or local people may go against the company. So in consequences the company has to scarify their profit or even investment. Mass lawlessness or social and economical unrest of the country recreate marvellous loss.Currency riskCurrency risk is in addition popularly know as foreign exchange risk. In the sector of international marketing a fixed price is always set by the cardinal sectors to import or export. But due to natural disasters and international push this fixed priced muckle be highly modified. So one of the deuce sides has to carry the loss. Domestic inflation and economic unrest pull up s detracts pertain this sector badly.Commercial riskCommercial risk is the uncertainty or the probability of the furnish of the investment in the foreign country. In the field of international business all companies forecast their probable rate of return or th e profit so they can understand their future in the market (Pearson, 1987). But duo to political unrest, change in the consumers alert stander and the modification of the government regulation may affect it badly.Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a stick- take a chance or strategic partnership.Advantage of the conjugation opineJoint think is the recent innovative and effective way of get together of two companies. It adds a lot of facilities to both sides thats why the number of joint venture companies is increasing day by day. It offers both company to use their innovation and technological advancement. It alike provides opportunity to use otherwises regional market place. So the number of consumers lead increase. As innovative ideas be bring out more in this sectors proficiency can be achieved through new technological improvement (Hall, 1984). The joint venture aids both companies to use greater natural resources, and more expert employees. That will surely increase their production amount. It overly offers to their partners to share their mutual risk. other grievous advantage is being elastic in the market place.Any company can act to their consumers quickly and thoroughly through joint venture. Joint venture also helps to understand the new market quickly and easily.Disadvantage of joint ventureSome demerits are also associated with the joint venture production. It is genuinely severe and nearly impossible to find a suitable partner for the joint venture. It takes too many time and efforts to find appropriate joint venture partner. Behind reasons of this problem may be a lot. Unclear aims of the joint venture section may be the first reason. Then all parties may not be interested to the aim. The aims of the joint venture have to be very corresponding otherwise no one will show interest. Disparity of the resources and the imbalance of the technological advancement are also effective reasons not to be a part of joint venture (Paak kunainen, 1992). Dissimilarity and the poor administration ashes also pave the alarm of joint venture. Lack of thorough research and poor maintenance system are also responsible for this.Why is tonal pattern transportation and air express so widely used in exporting when ocean transportation is much cheaper?Transportation is the biggest part of modern international business sectors. Quick response, cheap terms and the arrival advocate of remote orbital cavity are the crucial factors of transportation sectors. Considering all other system it can be easily said air transportation system is used regularly and increasingly. The reasons behind this are many. Quick response is the most important and effective criterion in this sectors. on the whole medical equipments and medicine are mostly transported through air express because of their call to reach necessity. Another important factor is remote area reaching power (Puffer, 1941). All electronic and perishable goods are transporte d by air express. It also carries the products time value and necessity. For quick response the customer can get the modish product and service so they prefer the new one alternatively than old one. So to grab new growing market most of the retailers like air express. So for fragile and luxury product air express is must. On the other hand sea transportations are cheap but so time consuming. And product like daily commodities and redundant product are transported through sea transportation. It takes three to four geezerhood for delivering some products on the other hand air express will take few hours to reach the place. Bad and unpredictable weather is other reason of decreasing s the use of sea transportation. Recently the pirates problem has increased in an alarming rate so merchandisers like air express over sea transportation (Bailey, 2009). It is very hard to hint the delivery in sea transportation which is another reason of deter sea shipment.Entering a new market throu gh licensing is generally the best strategy because market potentials can be tested with little or no investment. Comment.Licensing is a widely used term in the field of international marketing. Specifically licensing is the process of granting application or permitting other party to use own intellectual property like logo, trademark, axiom and some other brand name. The party who granted permission to use is called licensor and the other party who get the permission of using this property is cognize as licensee. Actually licensing is a good term for the new comer in the business sectors. Very few people trust the new comer in the international business sectors. So it is so unsound for them to stay on business.Moreover new environment and new customers attitude take a tough test from the new comer (Sherman, 1999). So to research the broad recourse of the local environment and become popular in entering position licensing is the best process. Another important and crucial hel p to company is to pave the pipe to do business with readymade customer and with their trust.Licensing also helps his partner by proving the free advertising which can be very costly and ineffective. So automatically they will get new and potential customer to serve and get reputation. So all the way licensing provide critical facilities like present and future customer, free adverting and market seemliness with little or without any money cost.Briefly explain why has international trade in agricultural products been expanding at a long-playing rate than exports of manufacturing goods?In modern business sectors all products and services are included in international marketing. They can be divided in two categories. First may be agricultural products and the second can be manufacturing products. But comparing with manufacturing products, agricultural products are exported in a minimal rate. The main reasons behind this are the customers living pattern. Mainly agricultural products are the main base of their alimentation. They cannot easily change it. Or they are not interested to change it. So all their necessary livelihood things are take ond by ones native country (Foley, 1999). And they are produced in a high amount. So they dont need to import them from other country. And another reason of slow export ratio is that the agricultural products are not so suitable to store for a long transportation without using comical which is highly unhygienic for health. So no country wants to depend on others about their main agricultural food. They try to produce them all by themselves. Another reason may be economic side. Agricultural products may not be so profitable for the exporter. It cost a lot to produce but the cost is nearly similar to the entire county throughout the world. Agricultural products take long time to be produced and need more space. On the other hand manufacturing products provide the warring advantage to the manufacturer. They can be produced a lot if amount in short time by dent of improved technology. That can be produced after the export order and it take short time to deliver. They can be stored for a long time. And also their transportation facility is diffuse (Paul, 2008). So considering all those factors the manufacturing products get higher priority to export.A multinational firm needs to have complete control over its subsidiaries in order to make optimum use of its resources and compete most effectively. Comment.transnational corporations (MNCs) are corporations found in one country but propel throughout the world with permanent amenities and workers in numerous countryside. A few types of multinational companies are Industrial corporations that produce goods and sell them in a variety of countries for example cars, electronics. So the main company is called put up company and the phalanx company is called subsidiary company. Main company holds the laterality to negotiate and implement power and the subsi diaries are bound to follow the rules. At the same time the subsidiaries company have to able to amplify their capability. But it is so important that parent company have to have full control over Subseries participation. Otherwise subsidiary companies will loss the power to produce the best. The host companies have to follow the host nations regulation and the profitability of the parents companies. So the full control over Subsidiaries Company will provide liberal power to negotiate the host government. And some time the host country try to lure the parents companys investment and authority so proper control over host help to stop this. Some time parent companies have to roll in the hay the extra staff and operating cost to maximize profitability. So without enough power no one can do it. And to explore the employees most talent and to train them the parent company need such power. (Tsurumi, 1977). So the parent companies always try to explore the best of the host country. They can use the natural resources best and can meet the all customers demand in a favorable way.ReferencesBailey, G. (2009). Sea transportation. Pleasantville, NY Gareth Stevens Pub.Foley, J. (1999). The global entrepreneur. 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