Thursday, April 11, 2019

Spanish Piece on Youth Fashion Essay Example for Free

Spanish Piece on Youth Fashion EssayThe twentieth century is known as the century of the technological age, the engine room is present in the lives of the people who live in this century, devices such as computers, cell ph integritys, digital cameras or terms as the Internet and social networks are very common and great importance in our lives.But the fashion is very important for people of twentieth century, the fashion became associated and changing according to different urban tribes. Membership of these groups is evident in the ideology, music, lifestyle and appearance. The use of certain brands of clothing, the use of certain items or colors, distinctive shape of the hair, makeup identifies the various tribes.Well were going to talk about urban tribes.The Emo, stain their hair red, gold or purple piers, wear their hair very smooth to cover one eye or the entire face. Their clothes leans towards dark colors, preferably black. The shirts are usually of smaller surface than normal and varied impressions. The black eyeliner and lip piercings are also characteristic features.The use Floggers locks and long hairstyles with bangs that bequeath cover their half of the face, and women makeup with strong colors. The panorama is completed with slim fit jeans, low justify shirts and jackets, all brightly colored sneakers, hats, crowns, and large sunglasses.The Darks are young people who dress in black, very much wear clothes of aristocratic style of times past. They wear crucifixes, rings and pendants concerning bats, skulls and spiders. Makeup their face to look paler and painted her lips and nails black.The punk is not a recent trend. His hair is shaped equal a pointy continue and dyed in bright colors like red and purple, use a little lacerated jeans and jackets or leather Jean pointy and shiny accessories called taches. They paint their nails dark colors.The rappers and canis use soccer teams hats. handling shoes, prefer to use the tabs unleashed an d out. They wear sweatpants, usually are broad, like t-shirts or sweatshirts.The Otakus like to dress like a character in the cartoons, especially the eastern anime.

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