Saturday, May 4, 2019

Ethnic minorities in USA and UK jail Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Ethnic minorities in ground forces and UK incarcerate - Essay ExampleIn the contemporary era, it has been evident that there atomic number 18 about two adults in Jail for every Afro-Caribbean male. This ratio is clearly observable in the prison houses of United States of America. some(prenominal) scholarly reports think of that the prisons of United Kingdom feel higher ratio of gloomy prisoners as compared to the white population. Around 27 percent of the prison population in Wales and England identify themselves as belonging from ethic minority groups. The black convicts of UK and USA are five times higher than that of the white convicts. The police and the judicial system of USA and UK constitute maximum officials from the major group of the society i.e. the white population. Therefore, the jurisdiction system of UK and USA are criticized by many civil societies across the world.There are mainly three broad explanations that have been brought forward in the favour of the pos sibility for higher number of minority prisoners in UK and USA. First of all, disproportional criminality can be a reason. The persons belonging from different ethnicities and minority groups have higher aim to commit crimes. Secondly, the jurisdiction, detection of crimes and prosecution are more likely to be charged against the minority groups chthonian the light of limited evidences. Thirdly, disproportionate conviction can be a major reason can sentencing minority group prisoners for longer imprisonment. It is important to note that the relationship between criminality and race is perplexing. Several debates and critics have surrounded the jurisdiction system of UK and USA with respect to fair treatment with the respective populations. This seek highlights the important factors that have over-represented ethnic minorities in USA and UK prisons.The proportion of black people in prison in United States is lower compared to England and Wales. Politicians and experts have state d that

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