Friday, May 24, 2019

Job Analysis and Selection Methods Essay

For this order to be effective the interviewer is required to ensure the interviee fully understands the reasons for the interview to avoid such(prenominal) interviews to be viewed as efficiency evaluation which may hinder them to describe their job accurately.The method can be use efficiently for top guidance job analysis for example the position of the managing director of a company. This would enable acquisition of vital information such as general purpose of the job, responsibilities, duties, education, experience and skills required. (Henderson, 1985) Advantages * Its simple and quick hence its the most used method in the world. * It can reveal all-important(prenominal) information that might not appear in written form and information on activities that does not occur occasionally.It provides a chance for the interviewer to explain the importance, take in and functions of the job analysis. * Can be used to generate qualitative data. * Suitable for jobs with long job cycles . (office of human resources, 2008) Disadvantages * Employees may distort information by exaggerating received responsibilities and minimizing others. * Sometimes to obtain valid information can be a very slow slow and time consuming * Experienced interviewers and properly designed questions are required.Data gathered by the process is subjective and requires to be verified. * Combining data from discreet interviews is sometimes difficult. (office of human resources, 2008) STRUCTURED QUESTIONNAIRE METHOD This method involves designing questionnaire and having employees fill them to describe their job related duties and responsibilities and rate them. Questions can be structured and employees given a list of specific duties and asked to indicate whether or not they perform them. Questions could also be open ended.The method can be used efficiently for job analysis involving low level management posts and junior employees for instance office assistants and semi skilled employees. Thi s could offer a quick way to gather information from such large group of employees. (Henderson, 1985) Advantages * Its a cheap way to gather information from a large numbers of schoolers than interview for instance. * Its quick and efficient method. * It does not require a handy interviewer. * Data collected is standardized. Disadvantages * Questionnaire partment and testing is both expensive and time consuming.This provides quality and instant feedback on descriptive information of a candidate such as their strengths and weaknesses. Applicants are also given work sample which is a replica of the job and are required to demonstrate that possess the necessary skills and talents by doing the actual job. This offers a good evaluation of applicants abilities in actual job activities and thus helps to reduce discrimination. (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) Weaknesses To develop good and accurate work samples for each job is difficult and time consuming.Work samples are also difficult to app ly in managerial posts where its not possible to develop a work sample that can cover all activities. The process also requires highly qualified and assessors which are expensive to maintain. (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) Validity Employment tests has been extensively used and shown to be an accurate method to predict a candidate success. The method is also very relevant to the job at hand and wherefore widely accepted as compared to other methods. (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) ReliabilityEmployment tests are a reliable way of obtaining vital information about applicants abilities, and skills in actual job environment. They therefore tend to be accurate predictors of applicant later performance (Patrick Hauenstein, 2005) * REFERENCES Henderson, R. J. (1985). Compensation Management Rewarding Performance. Upper buck River, N. J. Prentice Hall. office of human resources. (2008). Compensation & Classification. South 2nd Street, Minneapolis The University of Minnesota. Patrick Hauenstei n. (2005). Employee Selection Part 2 Interviews and Simulations. Navient Corporation.

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