Saturday, June 1, 2019

Flipping Pages While Drinking Coffee Essay -- Personal Narrative Books

Flipping Pages While Drinking CoffeeI never really got into the world of burnt umber shops especially a coffee shop/bookstore all in superstar. When I used to think of Barnes and terrific, I thought of masses like my cousin-german who is somewhat snobbish and would spend her evenings there reading and drinking her coffee. The other type of person that seemed like they would fit there is, I guess what one would call, a bookworm or nerd. I know that seems a bit harsh, alone one tends to get stereotypes of liaisons that are unfamiliar to them.Through vi seating Barnes and Noble I realized that my assumptions were entirely wrong. There were very few snobbish-looking people there. A gentleman who works at Barnes and Noble said that one of the primary(prenominal) reasons he likes working in the coffee shop is because of the huge diversity among the people that go there. By visiting Barnes and Noble I realized that the melodic phrase and the many things that they offer are wh at draw in a wide variety of patrons.The first time I went was to meet with a group of partner students to work on a project. We went around 930 at night. After I entered their wooden doors, I looked around. Off to my right was an area that contained magazines, to my leave - the checkout counters, and straight ahead was a multitude of books followed by Barnes and Nobles most distinguishing feature, the Starbucks coffee shop.My friend and I walked to the coffee shop and purchased a juice. I hence said I would go find a place for us to sit. I figured this would give me a chance to look around. The first thing I noticed was the childrens books area. It is a large area in the back corner of the store. Of course I had to walk through it. It contained many books, but also a small ta... ...are like neighbors. The experience of coffee and music is the conduit, with the environment being the foundation. But it makes to life by the connection between our people and the custome r. As you can see by this quote Barnes and Noble stresses the idea of their environment being conducive to a place where really anyone can come and feel comfortable. It is a place that offers many things. In my eyes it offers a place where one can go, simply to buy a book, or to sit and read it while they drink a cup of coffee, if that is their fancy. It offers an atmosphere that is friendly and relaxing, while also offering a feeling of refinement. The atmosphere pulls you in, and allows you to let yourself be comfortable there. Once you combine all of their features, it becomes a place where anyone, no matter what they are looking for can go to enjoy themselves.

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