Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Intro to business Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Intro to business - Assignment ExampleThis all new process will reduce the embody of production greatly and make this elicit economical for the consumers as well.The shell had in the past suffered from a production stoppage due to the fire blast at their Bintulu, Malaysian plant in 1997. This resulted in the discontinuity of the Gas to Liquid process because at that time only one plant of the Shell was operational. still now they have developed a new GLT plant that is ten times more in its production capacity, as compared to the Malaysian plant, in Doha, Qatar. By the way it is the worlds largest GLT plant, Shells forty years of research has paid back to them in an impressive manner. Qatar has the largest reserves of natural grease-gun in the world as well.Second thing the Shell should use cheap transportation methods in order to make it (fuel) affordable for the people globally. lifelike gas is mostly available in the remote areas and it costs a lot to transport the final prod uct from those areas to the reach of the people.The Shell should also switch over to the direct production method for GLT. This will help them to reduce their production cost greatly. This reduction in production cost would be then transferred to the eventual(prenominal) consumers.Over the last forty years Shell has poured billions of dollars in their new GLT technology in order to provide efficient and cost effective fuel alternative to the people. Five year time to judge the success or failure of this project is like a pinch of salt in flour. These clear up of projects require sometime to reach the breakeven and also in reaping profits. GLT will be really fruitful for the Shell because of the price hike of petroleum products globally. Moreover they hit the hay that they will harvest success as more and more people are becoming conscious to minimize their footprints on the planet

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