Thursday, June 20, 2019

Print Advertisement for Product Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Print Advertisement for Product - Assignment ExampleThe advertisement of the product by the company has been strong in influencing the customers informing them about the various quality features and natural ingredients used in its production. In this respect, the company with its quality ingredients and other essential characteristics is effective in attracting customers and changing their preferences from national to local branded products. Contextually, informing the customers about the quality and natural features of the product was able to evoke their preferences for natural ingredients and their health concern too. centre on the concept of an informative advertisement, it also promoted regarding the user convenience feature, which also attracted quite a considerable number of customers (Batada, Seitz, Wootan & Story, 2008).3. Consumer conclave that the ad excludesIrrespective of the widened attempt of the ad, customers of reliable age group can be observed to have been exclu ded from its group of targeted audiences. In this regard, the Impulsive group of customers can be identified as the group excluded from the dais of the ads targeted audiences. This is because of the fact that these set of customers are unplanned buyers and prefer discount as variable to choose between products that is not beingness offered by the brand owing to which, the ad apparently misses on this aspect. Moreover, the ad does not show any time limit in buying the product, to claw this particular group of audiences, and thus, the ad can be said to exclude the unplanned. buyers from its ad campaign (Karbasivar & Yarahmadi, 2011). 4. Evaluation of the advertisement and its relationship with cultural value

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