Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Several Definitions of Feminism Essay

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Several Definitions of Feminism - Essay ExampleBesides, feminism concept is also referred to equal opportunities for women in a society in terms of education, property, and duty among others2. In this regard, Cott (1986) signified that the womens liberationist movements have assisted in providing equal rights as well as justice, within modern society and determining differences in terms of expediency. In this context, libber movements have aided in building a different cultural order based on certain logical system and tradition3.Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of several definitions of feminism as described by the authors, feminism concepts can be recognized to have assisted women to understand their rights in a society better. On the contrary, several definitions of feminism initiated more negative arguments among the male members regarding women rights in a society, which can be considered as a weakness of the feminist movements. In this context, it can be identified that feminist movements have initiated a privilege for the women to maintain gender equality with male members in the modern civilization. isolated from this, feminist ideologies implied that the dominancy of the female members in a society should have gender equality, whereby feminist theories have assisted female members to attain the desired societal and captain identity4.Similarly, the feminist concept has introduced several legal bindings in the society in order to ensure the womens rights in terms of property, voting and marriage among others. Moreover, feminist ideologies have offered reproductive rights to the women including the right of abortion and contraceptive., Simultaneously, feminist ideologies have ensured protection towards women concerning matters of violence and sexual harassment, benefitting female members of the society quite impressively.

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