Friday, July 19, 2019

Internet Essay -- essays papers

Internet Speech to Motivate a. Speech title (Tip - Should have a literary quality): â€Å" The Lungs of the Earth† b. Topic (Tip - narrow and adapt to audience, see ch. 5 in text): The Amazon Forest c. Purpose Statements (See sample W.O.R.M.S. and ch. 5 in text): 1. General Purpose: To persuade my audience. 2. Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to do one of these things to help preserve the Amazon Forest: write a letter, recycling, form and support a organization, or/and give financial support to preserve the Amazon Forest. 3. Central Idea (thesis): â€Å"The Amazon Forest is of Global Importance† d. Audience Analysis/Adaptations (Tip - see Chapter 4 in text; refer to student samples, answer all questions in complete sentences): 1. As you think of strategies to try to persuade this audience, what demographic variables in this class are you making a conscious effort to address? Explain. In preparing my speech, I have considered that 75% of them are between 19-23 and that they will suffer the consequences in a recent future if the amazon forest is destroyed I have also considered that nearly all my audience lives far from the amazon forest and that they maybe disinterested because they may think that the consequences of the destruction of the Amazon Forest won't affect them. Therefore I will address carefully that the consequences of the destruction of the amazon forest affects the entire world. Therefore I will address carefully this topic. 2. What does the audience already know about your topic that helps you form the appeals you will make? What new knowledge should this audience have by the end of your speech that you feel will help motivate them to do what you ask? (Tip - Answer all questi... ... However, still 65% of the Amazon forest is preserved. Therefore, not only one of us, but each one of us can still do something to help preserve what remain of the biggest biodiversity of the world, the Amazon Forest.† Bibliography (Tip - follow rules in Handbook: "Bibliography Tips," p. 27-28; three (3) credible sources minimum; attach sources): Bode, Thilo.â€Å"Greenpeace Launches Global Campaign to Save Amazon†. The Planet Ark Page. 02 of Jun. of 1999. **. Faeth, P. â€Å"Briefing on Solutions for the Amazon†. The Greenpeace Homepage.15 of Septemper of 1998. ** Miller, K. and L. Tangley. 1991. Trees of Life: Saving Tropical forests and Their Biological Wealth. Beacon Press, Boston. Sizer,N.1996. The future of Rain Forests: A Global Issue.WRI, Washigton ,D.C.

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