Thursday, July 25, 2019

Sustainability in Event Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sustainability in Event Industry - Essay Example Conversely, should it be run haphazardly with the managers involved taking for granted the consequences of certain action or occurrences that may be detrimental to the aforementioned, tourism is likely to be rendered; expensive, self-destructive and counterproductive to the; tourist, environment and the host communities. This underscores the importance of sustainable tourism; which has been defined by WTO (1981) as sustainable tourism development involving meeting the desires and expectants of visitors and the host regions but also protecting the areas and the culture for posterity. Tourism is only beneficial in the long run if it is managed in a manner that enhances cultural and environmental sustainability, therefore culminating into sustainable tourism; which results from careful resource management such as to ensure the aesthetic needs are met while cultural integrity and biological diversity are preserved It is estimated that over the last decade, the Caribbean could have lost o ver 80 percent of it coral reef owing to environmental degradation and host of human events; not the least among them tourist related activities (Balch, 2013). A coral reef is a system made up of corals and their remains, however therein exists thousands of living organisms such as fish marine plant and sponges, coral reefs are quite fragile and require specific condition such as access to clear sunlight and consistent salinity and temperatures to survive. In addition, many of the species living within it are interdependent thus removal of some spices sets off a chain of reactions that may decimate the whole coral ecosystem. Despite the fact that the biodiversity of the coral is one of the main reasons tourists visit the Caribbean they directly and indirectly have been responsible for a lot of the damage. For example, the many ships and liners ferrying tourist to this destination cause a great deal of water pollution and this negatively affects coral life, in addition the culture of sport fishing has resulted in the dwindling of the number of aquatic organisms (Brown, 2013). Some of the fishing methods used include using cyanide and explosives, this not only directly poison the reef but cause it mechanical damage. In addition, with the growth of the industry, more ports and piers are being built and some are built on top of or at the edge of coral reefs resulting in further damage, this is not to mention a thriving trade in souvenirs made out of coral. Ultimately, from the trends observed, the tourism industry is killing the very object that has made it grow as such without proper management, the tourist and locals will soon eliminate the every reason there is tourism and the industry will collapse in the long run due to unsustainability. This is just one many examples of unsustainable tourism which if unchecked will likely jeopardize the future of tourism, however in move towards self-preservation, the tourism industry is taking mitigate action prominent amon gst which is promotion of ecotourism. Ecotourism funder mentally involves visiting previously undisturbed natural environments with the intention of admiring and learning from them while causing the minimum disturbance (Ramaswamy & Kumar, 2010). Through eco-tourism tours managers

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