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Create your own christian demonology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Create your own christian demonology - Essay Example The purpose of this paper is to create a new Christian demonology within a particular period and context. The Christian demonology discussed in this paper belongs to the Medieval Period between the 5th to 15th century around the European region, where the belief in the power of demons and grimoires were widely existent during that era. This demonology evolved from the old Christian tradition, on basis of the scriptures, mentioning that the demons were the rebel angels that were cast down from the heaven by God. Though they are spiritual, immortal and immutable, like the good angels, these demons are not omniscient or omnipotent. As per the Christian demonology, the demons were intended to induce sin into the world by possessing and tormenting people in the world. The ultimate mission of the demons was to abandon the faith of God from the people and turn them into adversaries of God. The demonology of the Medieval Period identified demons as evil supernatural beings, who take control over the departed souls of men or their bodies for executing their evil schemes on earth. According to the biblical notion, they are the inhabitants of the Hell and whoever is possessed by these evil spirits are destined to do whatsoever the demons wish to. The demons were considered as the ‘elements of the world’ as supernatural being living in the air and ruling the entire universe. Paul writes in Galatians 4:3, we were in bondage under the elements of the world, which means that both the physical and spiritual cosmos comes under the power of these demons. What distinguishes this demonology is that the medieval demonology held a demonic plurality comprising not only the fallen angels as demons but also the evil spirits and souls of dead humans, in general. This is far from this demonology, as it takes the stand that the entire demonic world comprises of the fallen rebel angels, taking control over the whole world and the universe, for their evil possessions, after bei ng cast away from the Heaven to Hell. The demons exercised power over the world including the wind, water, air, sand as well as the stars and the entire universe. The peasant communities in this medieval period were particularly concerned of these demons as they hindered the nature. They comprised of various occults, witchcrafts, ritual magic and more for either abolishing or inducing the evil acts of the demons for various purposes. These demons also hold influences over the passions of mind, sexual, mania and melancholy by inflicting pain and pleasure. The witches and occultists make use of these demonic powers to perform their actions, choosing the demon with power of Hell that well suits their operations like seeing the future, seducing the object of lust, finding hidden treasure, etc. As the demons have control over the world, it possesses the humans and takes various physical forms for deceiving the world. In this Medieval Period the demons were believed to be the reason for t he pagan cults and other religious practices. It was thought that these rituals would help to expel the demons, by diminishing their evil acts and possession in the lives of humans. According to them, these cultic practices and rituals were the cause for their worshiping of demons which was indeed viewed as rebellious among the Church and Christian beliefs. Â  However, demonic administration used for handling magic, astrology, and mantic arts

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