Thursday, August 22, 2019

Effective Habits Worksheet Essay Example for Free

Effective Habits Worksheet Essay Review Phoenix Career Plan results of Career Plan Building Activity: Work Culture Preference, respond to the following in 50 to 100 words each: 1.Describe your ideal study environment. My ideal study environment has to be in a quit and organized place. I like to listen to soft classical music in the background while I study. My dominant intelligences is Visual, Verbal, and Interpersonal. Learning while I listen to music helps me focus. Having my desk organized, I spend less time digging through files and books to find the information I need for my studying. 2.List some of the distractions that might hinder your study progress or your performance in an online classroom. There are few distractions that can hinder anyone’s studying progress. With the online classroom, you need to go on the internet. There are many interesting pop-up ads and web site that will get your attention. Social community web sites such as Facebook can also distract your studying habit. The internet can be helpful in many ways, but it can also hinder your studying progress. 3.What actions can you take to manage and eliminate distractions? The best way to eliminate distractions is to set your homepage to the University of Phoenix web site. You should also bock any pop-up advertisement through internet options settings. Keep your desk organize for you to easily locate the things near your surroundings. This will help you focus on the subject your studying. 4.How will you apply your personal learning style? How does your personal Learning style affect your study habits? After finding out my VARK score, this gave me the best way for me to learn using different strategies. I have learned that I am better with Visual learning strategies. I will be more focused with underlining my notes, use symbols, charts, or graphs to display my notes. This will be more effective and going back to my notes will help me remember the lesson I have learned. 5.List 5 effective study strategies from this week that you will use. Explain why you selected them and why they are effective strategies for online learning. 1.Making studying into a part of my daily routine. Even with the busy schedule that I have, having it as my daily routine will allow me to go online and follow my syllabus and stay on track with my learning habit. This is also effective for online learners because, it is self-studies and you need to manage your time wisely to achieve your success. Your professors are not there to check up on you daily. 2.Collaborate with others will help me with the understanding of the topics. They can provide with the ideas that I haven’t thought of. Going into the discussion form, you can chat with others and express your own opinions to get feedbacks. This will help the online learns since they are not in the class room environment. 3.Trying to get more sleep daily. This is something I really focused this week. Sleeping will reduce your stress level and help you focus more on the topic. Online learners might be busy with their schedules. This is something they all should consider. It will improve your personal as well. 4.Following a regular exercise program is something I am going to try. Exercising is also related to stress level. It is very difficult to focus when you are stressed. The best way to release stress is to exercise. Exercise will help everyone who are studying online. 5.Getting a tutor will be something I will use later in the difficult courses. With my current busy schedule, it is very difficult keeping up with the subjects. Having a tutor will help me with the things I missed. This will help the online learners in the same way that I did. 6.Identify one change you can make immediately to increase the effectiveness of your study habits. Explain how this will help you become more effective. Making studying into a part of my daily routine will be the most effective way to increase the effectiveness of my studying. Set myself with a fixed time schedule and always committed to the studying schedules, As long as I follow the schedule well, this will change my daily routine and I will always make an appointment around my studying time. 7.How does your personal learning style relate to your ideal workplace and your personal work competencies? With my personal learning style, I am likely to gain more from visual, verbal, and interpersonal environment. With my work culture, I am better with teamwork centered and leadership intensive. This relates to my interpersonal skills and I share information with others and teach the information as well. This can also relate to my competencies strengths. I have well organizing skills which tells me that it also relates to my personal learning style, 8.How is understanding your ideal learning environment applicable to selecting your ideal workplace? Understanding you ideal learning environment, you will have the knowledge how to make it more effective and how to learn in a stress free environment. Everyone has a different ways to learn. Once you have mastered how to effectively study with you learning habit, you can look for a position which will allow you to work more effectively and produce the most profit for the company.

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