Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Informational interview report Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Informational interview report - Research Paper Example This situation would require employees to have outstanding communication ability and flexibility during work. For this reason, I am convinced that a restaurant’s general manager has much to offer. One can learn much about customer service in terms of dealing with different situations. Second, unlike hotels which have multiple departments such as housekeeping, food and beverage, front desk etc., restaurants only focus on serving customers best food experience. Restaurants do not have to think about how to keep customers loyal to their rooms, but only need to make sure the money customers spend on a meal match the value and experience. Therefore, this specialized field can provide one with a closer view of customer service. Third, since I had experience of interning at food and beverage department at a hotel, I want to learn more about this area. During my internship, I earned basic experience of serving, communicating, dealing with customers, and I also saw how my manager and s upervisor manage the whole team. So I think by interviewing a general manager of a more successful restaurant in America, I could add to my knowledge on how to manage a team directly from the manager. Lastly, my family has been involved in customer service business for about 15 years; therefore, customer service runs in the family informing my interest in the business coupled with a desire to learn more of management within this field. As Mr. Zaslavsky mentioned during the interview, he not only manages the teams, but has also to check with customers and staff on a daily basis. I think communication and managing are both my strengths, so a general manager’s position in my preferred profession would provide me with a good learning chance. Industry Introduction Restaurant industry The restaurant industry is part of the wider hospitality industry though it has the largest flow of customers as they basically walk in and out during meal times. The basic undertaking of a restaurant is to prepare and serve food and drinks to individuals who come in for these services. In most cases, meal taking is an in-house affair though there are cases where the same can be taken out or some establishments can offer food delivery services. The industry is quite fragmented with perhaps the only commonality being menus and the general set ups. However, even these can be differentiated to build a unique identity which helps in retaining and attracting customers. There is also a question of services and food; though there are definite meals offered in different restaurants some restaurants also result to foreign or exotic meals to widen their reach. Such offerings and the growth of restaurant based live television shows has upped competition and the industry is perhaps most competitive at present than it has ever been. DC restaurant industry The DC restaurant industry is one of the most mature of the restaurant industry across the United States. Being a metropolitan district th e diversity of people and the need to develop a niche has informed creativity and organization levels not witnessed in many regions within the industry. The fact that DC has a blanket organization, Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington, which looks after the affairs of the restaurant operators and owners, also suggests the maturity of the industry in this part of the country.

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