Monday, August 26, 2019

Media Violation on Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Media Violation on Children - Essay Example Members of the media get expected to carry themselves with high levels of integrity due to the great influence that media has on society (Barbara 87). There exist various forms of media. These forms include television, radio, print media and even the film industry. Whereas all these forms have considerable amounts of influence on people, film and movies have the greatest influence. The film industry is a multibillion dollar industry that controls people’s lives. Films and movies control fashion, influence the economy, create a perception of what the society is to accept as right and wrong, and educate the greater society on different aspects of life such as religion, art and entertainment. The massive influence that these movies have on society cannot be ignored (Beatty 77). A clear indication on the extent of influence that movies have can be seen by the numbers of people who go out to watch movies when they get screened. Studies have shown that movie and cinema halls carry the bulk of the audiences as compared to other public gatherings such as churches and public lectures. The crowds that these movies pull show up because of the influence that these movies have on them (Freedman 46). Children get especially influenced by films. This is so because they do not have a sense of discernment. In the early stages of development of a child, the difference between right and wrong is not clear. They cannot tell what is of benefit to them and what will hurt them. This would explain the reason why some movies emphasize parental guidance. When the parent or guardian is not available to help the child differentiate right and wrong, the children could take up negative traits seen in the movies (Sandra 124). Recently, a child got critically injured and had to be hospitalized for months due to some form of media violation. The child, who many describe to be a fan of the Spiderman

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