Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Reality Shows Essay Example for Free

Reality Shows Essay Reality shows has grown in popularity for several years and it will never slow down because of the excitement and attention it brings to the viewers. A reality show is based upon many things that go on in a daily life such as romance, drama, friendship, hate and etc. Being on a reality show may look fun but it’s a lot of hard work. Reality shows bring a lot of attention and the companies are making a lot of money for it because of the viewers. * Reality shows are bad, lazy and violence television. They mostly show ordinary people with no special talents doing very stupid things.which doesn’t make for good entertainment.They rely on humiliation and conflict to create excitement.the programmes are full of swearing, crying and argument, and often violence, drunkenness and sex. This sends a message to people that this is normal behaviour and helps to create a crude, selfish society. For example, the real world on mtv. * Its a selected group of people who live together they portray young adults, espically women, as being drunk, wild, crazy, lying, physical violence and desperate for sex, alcohol, and attention. and its sad because many people watch these shows and thats what the real world is basically about. Nobody wants for their childern to be watching that on television i know i wouldnt. It is just a bad influence on their mind n it will probbaly effecty on the way the will act. nobody wants they child like that everyone wants the best for them. thats why these kind of shows need to be blocked no longer aired or have parental controls on the channels. * Another reality show the bad girls club it focuses on seven young women who believes that other women are generally out to get her Jodie, a conservative office worker who likes to have fun after hours. Ty, a tough talking former hustler. Kerry, where her behavior has a reflect on her country music career adult entertainer. Leslie, spoiled, angry. Ripsi, and Zara, whos known in her small town as the wild child. While living in their Los Angeles house, the women try to become friends while managing with one anothers backstabbing, lying, cheating, and flirting. They all engage in their own brand of bad behavior in order to have fun, get want they want, and sometimes get even with the other women in the house. * They fight with each other for 60 minutes once a week and has a negative effect on society because it makes girls that watch the show think that it is okay to go out and fight with anyone that gets in your way. Just think about the name of the show â€Å" BAD GIRLS CLUB† the all have a bad girl life style. so to me reality televison is full of it and the people that watch it need help to yes it is entertaining but the question is what are you getting out of it? how is it making your life or childern lives any better? this stuff has alot of negative effect on people. There is nothing perfect in life but its just some things you do and donot do. *Inconclusion, reality television is popular and almost everyone watches it. but the manin question is why? reality television has several flaws and entitles alot of attetion and drama. You will see the the whole concept of these script written shows is beacuse of the money for them not for you so eventaully there is no point and the viewers are helping them and they are not getting anything out of it. These are my reasons, examples and supporting reasons why reality television should be banned.

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