Sunday, September 8, 2019

A critical Literature Review of academic support through tutorials for Assignment

A critical Literature Review of academic support through tutorials for student nurses - Assignment Example For one thing, the ratio between the teachers and the taught may be overwhelming and secondly, infra-structural and settings may not favour a one to one interfacing between the teachers and the taught. Besides, online tutorials, although convenient may not be readily available and under graduate students may not be conversant with the modalities of online learning, unless trained and guided by seniors, till such time, required degree of proficiency is attained. Therefore, effective academic support from tutors is an integral part of the study in order to achieve a positive result. â€Å"Tutorial, a term often used in the computer related training, refers to an instructional lesson that leads the user through key features and functions of things such as software applications, hardware devices, processes, system designs, and programming languages. The tutorial typically is set up as a series of steps that progress through levels of difficulty and understanding.† (Computer programming software terms, glossary and dictionary-T, 2010). Changes within the educational system cause many students to move out without proceeding for higher education. The components of changing educational systems bring limitations to the students and they find it to be very difficult to meet the requirements during the study. In the area of nursing, it has been found that many of the nursing students are not interested in proceeding with their study because of the current changing educational systems. They are being dropped out of the program after a few years of the diploma level of nursing. One of the solutions that have been established for those who are interested in nursing is to seek help of tutors. â€Å"Students require a higher level of personal and emotional support and â€Å"increasingly both academic and personal tutoring roles are being merged, and academic problems are often a front for an underlying personal issue.† (BMAF annual conference

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