Monday, September 23, 2019

Business policy-strategic management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Business policy-strategic management - Essay Example Internet ticketing is another long-term objective in the strategy of Southwest airline. It arranges its bookings online for its reliable customers to save time and the hassle involved in seat reservations. This long-term objective seeks to make it continue to run its resources efficiently and ensure a stringent approach based on qualitative customer participation and estimated future occurrences. Southwest airlines seek to have extended operations (ETOPS) documentation to fly over water. They already have an airplane to achieve this goal, and just need appropriate documentation to start their services in Hawaii. The airline plans to adopt a new seating arrangement that has a new design and more row seats. This will help it generate additional revenue. The seating arrangement will be adopted in several airplanes, and customers are already showing their satisfaction in the new development. Another long-term objective that involves safety is to provide Ramp Employees in its system with hands-free wireless headsets. This is in the quest to make it possible for pilots and the ground crew to communicate and synchronize the push back of planes from open space gates in an efficient manner. The airline seeks to improve its fuel efficiency in the coming years. It seeks to achieve this through power conservation on the ground, development of optimum cruising speeds in order to cut down emissions. Next generation fuel-efficient jets seek to replace their traditional aircrafts (Panchuk,

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