Friday, September 27, 2019

Statistical critique Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Statistical critique - Statistics Project Example The use of time use surveys as a statistical tool in this kind of research was very appropriate since time expenditure is a good indicator of work intensity and therefore allowed the researcher to effectively investigate the human activities and behavioral patterns. Programme) provided the author with the best national data set regarding time use. There is however a serious concern regarding the use of statistical observations that were recorded prior to 1970s particularly in countries that were once part of the former Soviet Union. This is primarily because most of these countries had not developed elaborate family policies until after 1970s. Another potential limitation of using MTUS in the research was the fact that the scale used is not sufficiently precise to accurately measure the time spent on particular tasks since it only record data on a range of between 55% and 95%. Page 1492, first paragraph under â€Å"Measures†: the researcher chose to only use the heavily performed tasks such as housework and cooking time as the dependable variables during statistical analysis of the data in the study. The significance of the author’s choice of variables was based on the fact that they were universally performed in all the countries under the survey and were generally gender specialized. The other statistical variables such as child care time were considered to be less significant as compared to housework and cooking time. The author primarily focused on the major domestic chores that are in some areas regarded as female household chores. Although this was fairly appropriate, the researcher should have made a clear distinction between the daily chores and the other non daily routines to ensure the accuracy of the statistics. Additionally it would also be appropriate if the researcher highlighted some of the distinctions between high schedule tasks

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