Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Argumentative Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Argumentative Paper - Essay Example How dissimilar is it to coerce her to remain pregnant and eventually become a mother merely due to attempts at birth control by accident failed? From her perspective, the pregnancy is unwanted. From the point of the view of the unborn child, how the pregnancy comes about definitely makes no difference. If obliging a woman to go on with a pregnancy that will almost surely kill her is unacceptable, how different is it to force her to carry on with a pregnancy that will most likely abbreviate her life or a pregnancy that will make her life miserable? Of all the false notions concerned in the abortion debate, none is more relentless than the idea that science has not yet established when life starts. This mistaken belief is well-known but completely unbelievable. For centuries, biologists have already known that an unborn child is living for the duration of the pregnancy. It is the unavoidable conclusion of a principle as fundamental to â€Å"biology as gravity is to physics or the heliocentric solar system is to astronomy† (Marianna, 2002, 83). The main theological subject matter created by the abortion discourse focuses on the personhood of the unborn child. Evangelical Christians who are laboring for a legitimate human existence modification to prohibit abortion claim that the Bible preaches, namely, that the unborn child is a person and that abortion is undoubtedly an act of murder. According to Harold Brown, â€Å"The Bible prohibits the taking of innocent human life. If the developing fetus is shown to be a human being†¦ (or) if human life has begun, then abortion is homicide and not permissible† (Segers, 1995, 102). Although the opening statement is apparently different, Brown’s argument is in fundamental accord with that of the statement of Pope Pius XII: â€Å"Innocent human life, in whatever condition it is found, is

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