Friday, October 4, 2019

Case Study 4 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Case Study 4 - Research Paper Example There is need to embrace analytics in the health care sectors with the intention of shunning medical experts’ diagnosis opinion without statistical learning approach. The predictive analytics is accurate, and has an arithmetical learning approach because one only needs to acquire knowledge on how to use the analytics (5th European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership Forum, 2010). Question 2 The predictive analytics plays a significant role in the provision of intelligent decision support that helps in lowering the healthcare treatment costs. Combination of effective DSS and smart analytics can help in preventing costly diagnostic errors because many sources of data can be processed and changed into meaningful information with time (Chih-Lin, Nick & David, 2000). This is especially vital in the current world where the demand for health care is higher than the supply. This means that the DSS helps improving the efficiency of health process. For examples, it helps in reducing test duplication and unfavorable events. ... Question 3 The DSS has played a vital part in the EuResit projects in various ways. First, the project deals with huge patient and therapist data. Besides, the DSS combined with predictive analytics has been helpful in the projects because they help in the faster data processing. This has helped is saving time consequently shortening the projects duration. Through this system, the medical experts could easily compare subjects’ data in the project. Additionally, DSS has been helpful in the projects since it has helped in reducing the project costs. Reduction of costs occurs due to the shortening of the data processing time. DSS is also used in the ViroLab in the projects to prevent the researchers from conducting the same tests twice (Michael, Kai, & Rema, 2007). The DSS has been valuable in determining the right combination of drugs in the projects. This is vital since it prevented the overdose of patients that could lead to drug resistance. The system did this by creating sta ndard datum. The use of the DSS has also been helpful in providing immediate feedback, and conducting diagnosis in the project. This has been supportive in preventing the medical errors that result from poor diagnosis that eventually leads to drug related toxicity. However, the DSS has enabled the researchers to create precise patient model that has been helpful in reducing the occurrence of the toxicity. Additionally, the prevention of toxicity has also been achievable in the projects because of the DSS’ ability to predict the response of patients to the treatments used in the project (Peter, Mark, Brent, Swarna, et al, 2001). Question 4 The EuResists might face resistance from both medical expert and patients. Many

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