Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Crime control strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Crime control strategies - Essay Example In the current justice system, leverage can prevent an individual from going to prison. The penalty system is one of the major flaws with the current justice system. Criminals’ abilities to meet their penalties instead of serving time in prison places people with the capacity to pay at a much added advantage as compared to the poor individuals in the society (Hartley 2008). As such, rich people can just pay for their crimes, with the money that they already have in excess instead of doing hard time. Secondly, considering law as one of the highest grossing occupations, most reputable lawyers are only affordable to rich people. The poor and middle class population is then left with the inadequately reputable lawyers who, despite their efforts will never get a deal as appropriate for their clients as the exceptional highly paid lawyers always do (Hartley 2008). The unfairness exhibited by the justice system has led to protests in the contemporary society, with more people demanding the equitability of crime punishment despite the ability of lawyers to get their clients off their punishment course, or the fines that substitute punishment and predetermined courses of action with a few dollars from their bank account. This is ironic because this system brings equality to the society, justice, only further oppresses the already oppressed individuals

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