Thursday, October 24, 2019

Nature vs Nurture Essay

Hannibal Lecter was a young boy that grew up during a horrible time period; World War II. Everyone around him died, and was left by himself with his little sister Mischa. During this time there was people pretending to be â€Å"help† but in reality they were robbers. These people took over the cabin where the Lecter family was hiding. They take hostage Hannibal and Mischa. Over a few weeks food starts getting harder and harder to find, they are struggling to find food to eat and they must do whatever they can to survive. This is the first time that Hannibal encounters a moment in his childhood where he sees a little girl younger than him be killed and eaten; cannibalism. For many years he had to watch these men, eat things raw, with feathers coming out of their mouths and their faces full of blood. Things like these in a kids childhood are very dramatic. For over a few years Hannibal never spoke to anyone, only during his sleep when he would be calling for his sister. He was mistreated and abused at the orphanage he was in, which was his own castle. Hannibal’s uncle picked him up at the orphanage to take him and Mischa to Paris, France, but unfortunately Mischa was nowhere to be found. Hannibal, never spoke to anyone, until one day someone disrespected his aunt, Lady Murasaki. That was the day his first words came out. After that he would speak to everyone. One day Hannibal meets the butcher, the person who disrespected his aunt, and kills him with a sword that his aunt had from her father’s samurai. Hannibal took on medical school, and he worked with dead bodies. Hannibal takes on a quest to find the people who killed Mischa, and travels back to the Lecter castle. Upon arriving to his country one of the people who checked his passport happened to be one of the guys who was there when Mischa was killed. This guy follows him to Lecter castle and tried to kill him but failed. Instead Hannibal tied him to a tree and to his horse, once the guy spoke Hannibal just killed him and continued looking for the rest. The leader of the group sends one guy to go after him and kill him while he is at the medical school alone, however this plan ends up backfiring him, since he kills the guy and drowning him. After that officer Popil walks in to speak to him, but discovers nothing. Hannibal was always looking for a companion, but never found one until his later years when he meets an FBI agent named Clarice. She investigates him and tries to arrest him and put him in jail while every ime she is in trouble he rescues her, and saves her life one way or another. At the end Hannibal ends up escaping with her, since she was looking for a fatherly love, which hi provided and Hannibal wanted a woman. Overall, Hannibal grew to be the person he is because of everything he went though in his childhood, if it was not because of that he would of been fine. Every single thing that happened to him scarred him, and left him marked for the rest of his life.

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