Friday, October 18, 2019

PR Planning and Strategy (Blogger Relations) Article

PR Planning and Strategy (Blogger Relations) - Article Example However, the turbines occupy a small land, thus the rest of the land can be utilized for agriculture. This makes this source of energy the most appropriate for farming regions. This implies that land value is increased through these dual uses. However, there can be conflicts in land usage, which can arise from the clearing of trees in water catchment areas. Moreover, many people argue that their presence reduces the value of properties. Black (2006, p. 37) argues that the turbines have rotors which kill birds, especially the eagles, when they are spinning. Electric current generated also kills these birds. Strategic planning can be done in order to eliminate the shortfalls of this source of energy. In addition, the wind industry has to liaise with the environmental organizations to resolve some of these problems. In order to avert the problems associated with global warming fossil fuels, Alternative energy simulation PLC must maintain the production of wind energy at Bidston Hill, Wirral Liverpool. These sources of energy include wind, biomass, and sunlight. Technologies associated with energy are not satisfactory in their applications, thus, there are environmental aspects, which need to be addressed with regard to these energies. The community must embrace this new technology because the government has provided renewable energy subsidies. The community should take advantage of this provision in order to benefit from the subsidies. The high unemployment rate in North Wirral will be resolved because the establishment of wind energy generation in this site will definitely provide the unemployed people with jobs (Brower, 46, 2009). The contract for the installation of turbines and the general development of the infrastructure of this energy investment will provide job opportunities for the local people in Wirral. Consequently, this will boost the livelihood of people at North Wirral. According to Westra (2008, p. 24), the use of wind energy is

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