Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Snakehead Hype essays

Snakehead Hype essays The snakehead fish should not be completely prohibited. I believe it would be better to restrict it than completely banned. The media is using this small story and blowing it way out of proportion. They are taking advantage of the fact that most of the United States knows very little or nothing about fish, let alone snakeheads. With the media hyping up this story that forces the government take have to take action. So with the war on terrorism and the problems on Wall Street, the United States decides to declare war on the snakehead. I agree that the snakehead fish is a danger to our ecosystem, and if there are too many in the wild, they could extinguish lots of our native species because they have no natural predators here. If so, say the alarmists, we've got cause to worry. The snakehead can exceed 3 ft. in length and will eat pretty much anything that can fit into its jaws. What's more, the Patuxent River is only 75 yds away, and the fishwith an air sac in its digestive system that allows it to absorb oxygen, and the ability to flop its way across small stretches of muddy landcould soon wriggle into the nation's waterways. It is true that the snakehead fish can live on land for a short while, but it prefers not to. Snakeheads are nothing more than common swamp fish. In Southeast Asia, where they originate, they live in irrigation ditches and rice paddies, thriving there until the dry season, when their pools shrink and they squirm along to the next pocket of water. Such clumsy locomotion does not lend itse lf to wanderlust, and snakeheads in a good pond are likely to stay there forever. "Snakeheads are extremely lazy and sedentary," says Hawaii biologist Ron Weidenbach. Nor do they much care for airat least not the way they're said to. Reports had it that they can live on land for up to three days, but the best they usually seem to manage is several hours under wet burlap in open ...

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