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Stakeholder Influence Essay Example for Free

Stakeholder Influence Essay Programs in the Human Service industry are directly and indirectly affected by its primary, secondary and, key stakeholders. Stakeholders could also be persons who are not directly affected by the program itself. These people can be those who have strong interest in the cause or program, those who are of political and philosophical and academic persons. Stakeholders are not just the funding companies but are also the staff members, the administrators of the program, the community the program wishes to provide services in, other businesses that may be used to serve on behalf of a company or organization and more importantly the people and families of the people who are being helped directly by the program. The needs and expectations of the stakeholders affects a program because it is important to hear everyone’s voice in the building of an organization or program. It is also important to know the expectations in order to create a working program that benefits those that should be benefitted and to acknowledge the concerns of those who will be doing the work or contributing to the program in some way. The needs and expectations of the funding agencies should be met simply because they are the funding agency and have specific drives for what they intend to fund. It is important to honor their wishes so that the program remains funded and the requirements usually shape the program in its entirety. If a funding company wants the program to include more people than what a program wants to help it is because the funding agency has done its research and want to lend more help in areas that may need more help. One of the most important stakeholders in the funding organization. Most often  the funding agencies will have their own expectations for the program and the programs evaluations. The very first need the funding agency may incur is the need for the program to fit into the requirements of the funding. The expectations are that the program does what it says it will and not misappropriates the funds given. The roles and expectations of the administrators in the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency would be to make sure that the staff are doing their jobs to the best of their ability and creating ways to improve those abilities through continuing education, seminars and necessary staff meetings. They should also do internal evaluations to point out the areas that may be lacking and help those to do better. The administrators should make sure that the staff are caring for the clients as they should be without overstepping boundaries into personal attachments that would create conflicts of interests. The program staff should be up to date in human services training and use their skills to properly assist the clients in their development of growing beyond past traumas and learning to make better decisions. They should be aware of all other human services agencies where the clients can get help to live independently. Staff should also be professional and show the clients that there is still some positivity in the world by exuding such positivity and handling the clients delicately. The community has a very differing role and expectation in this program. As a stakeholder they should be more aware of the violence and report it more often so that something can be done about it. Concerning the domestic violence between spouses the community should be more watchful and try to get those in need to help and those who are the perpetrators the attention they need as well. It is also the responsibility of those that are helped to spread the word about being helped in order to reach those who believe they have no way out. The family of the clients help should remain supportive or obtain help or counseling in order to provide such support because the lack of support to an abused family member leaves them vulnerable to returning to the same situations and the PEACE organization does  not want that to occur. It will also be beneficial for young adults and teenagers that come into the program to pass on what they have been taught to their friends and families in efforts to eliminate crime or provide a way for the friends and family to remain law abiding citizens and avoid violence and raise awareness as well. The most important stakeholder is the funding agency. This funding program is called â€Å"Supporting Families† and they seek to raise awareness about domestic violence while promoting better lives to those affected by youth violence and domestic violence by helping them cope with trauma, family members in prison and providing rehabilitation to youth who have been involved with the criminal justice system. This foundation seeks to improve â€Å"skills, confidence and personal support networks to enable them to lead fulfilled and successful lives.† (Appendix A) The role and expectations of the funding agency are to make sure that their objectives are met. If they are not the funding could very well cease and the program will end if further funding is not found. The funding agency can lead evaluations of their own and determine what needs work or a decrease or increase of funding. Keeping to the objectives put forth by the funding agency could increase the reputation of the organization and lead to future funding from other sources as well. Compromising within these roles can be as simple as being lenient with staff that develop emotional attachments to their clients but do not engage with them on an intimate level. The administrator could delegate evaluations and other tasks to other capable staff to free up more time to focus on more important matters. The funding agency could compromise with the organization by not strictly adhering to their objectives. If one objective is not met simply because it is not in the budget it can be looked over in the interest of the other programs working smoothly but with less funding. â€Å"Supporting Families† funding opportunity seeks to improve lives and the community’s lives as a whole. The expectations of their evaluations are to have documentation on all clients who are helped and feedback once they are done with the program to see how well the  program assisted them. This is to measure the success or failings of the programs intentions. The organization will also need documentation on changes, drawbacks and new information that could help the program succeed and create better areas of care to provide the clients with even more options to assist them make a positive change. Stakeholders have a great amount of influence in any human service organization and it is vital that their expectations be drawn out, developed and used to integrate differing principle so that the program can work to the best of the stakeholders abilities.

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