Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Not using plastic grocery bags Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Not using plastic grocery bags - Research Paper Example Such matter is non-biodegradable when disposed in the environment because it does not break down, dissolve, or rust at any timeframe. The bags could also be made from biodegradable polymer, polylactic acid derived from Lactic acid. The amount of plastic that the world consumes has steadily risen through the past years due to increased industrialization (Freinkel, 2011, p.7). Attribute to success Due to the excessive environmental degradation through the constant use of plastic grocery bags, other alternative measures were incorporated in order to reduce environmental pollution. Use of paper bags made from synthetic natural paper for carrying of goods from one point to the other. Such papers are biodegradable, can easily dissolve, and they are destroyed by water hence causing no harm to the environment and the living organisms. The governmental legislation policies on plastics ensured that there was a reduced production of plastic bags until there was a total ban on plastics, this led to decrease in the demand, and use of the plastics, and hence the adoption of alternative means for carrying goods. Increased production and introduction of biodegradable bags into the market at a manageable cost in the first place promoted a quick adoption of such carriage materials, which were convenient to carry and use. The national environmental management authority (NEMA) giving out stern policies with respect to using plastic bags and the hazards caused by carrying goods in them promoted a change of heart to reduce the health hazards and risks coming with the constant use of plastics. Challenges The other bags used for carrying goods are expensive compared to the price of plastics, because they are made of expensive synthetic materials. Such bags are not as durable and tough as plastic bags, which are made of combination of tougher material. These other synthetic bags cannot be used to cover and safely store certain contents unlike plastics, which could be used to cover cert ain contents. It takes a lengthy period to adapt using other paper bags after the drastic decline of using plastics. The plastics were available in a variety of sizes to accommodate numerous goods, but the introduction of other paper bags in limited sizes has impacted the way a variety of goods are carried and sometimes extra costs are incurred purchasing more than one paper bag for carrying goods that would fit within one plastic bag. Such biodegradable bags are not readily available in the rural settings because of poor communication channels that would enable effective transportation and shipment of such consignments to be available to the consumers. Environmental impact Following the decline of using plastic grocery bags, there has been a variety of impacts to the environment. Since plastics litter the environment, there has been reduced distribution of plastic litter (misplaced solid waste) within the environmental surrounding; soil profile and aeration have been improved due t o limited non-biodegradable plastic material. There has been reduced water pollution and infections to animals and human beings caused by the consumption of unpalatable plastic material, and air pollution caused by the burning of plastics, which eventually produce chlorofluorocarbon elements that contaminate the air, and causes global

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