Friday, November 1, 2019

Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 7

Philosophy - Essay Example It can be studied as a property of brain. All the human activities are controlled by the instructions from the brain. Cognitive capacities include; the ability to analyze a situation, the ability to evaluate the do’s and don’ts, implementation of actions, understanding and analysis of ideas to form clear pictures about an incident, hypothesis formations, generalizations, anticipation of new possibilities, ability to understand the cause-and-effect linkages among a system etc. The intellectual levels of different human beings are different and hence the cognitive capacities also will be different from person to person. â€Å"According to the computational theory of mind (CTM), mental capacities are explained by inner computations, which in biological organisms are realized in the brain† (Gualtiero Piccinini). Human mind activities are more or less similar to that of a computer. A computer is providing us the output after a lot of computations. Whatever the instructions supplied to a computer is been processed inside the Central Processing Similarly our mind also will undergo lot of computing process before taking a decision. The instructions to the computer is been supplied through the keyboard or mouse while in the case of human being the instructions are obtained through the senses, ear, eyes, nose, tongue and skin. In the case of a computer the information will be processed in the CPU while in the case of human it is processed in the brain. For computers the instructions supplied from the keyboard or mouse will reach the CPU through address buses while in the case of human the instructions from the senses reaches the brain through nerves associated with the senses. Consider the case of a purchasing decision of a car by a person. He will decide about the car to be purchased only after lot of computations such as analyzing the data about different models of cars, evaluation of price factors, fuel economy, maintenance costs, resale value, his

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