Saturday, February 8, 2014

History of Santa Barbara

History of Santa Barbara I am writing close the debate painting on the Vons Market. Its is on the corner of Victoria and Chapala Street, business district Santa Barbara. The artist that made the wall painting is Joseph Knowles, its was created in the 1960, it cost 125,000.00 to feed. I am writing about the panels that are on the mural. The mural explains about history in the Santa Barbara area. The mural is a drawing overview of what has happened on this soil during the past 13,000 years, and the artistic style was the 1960s style. in that location are 6 panel an you could hardly chose 3. So I chose to write about the Chumash, Spanish, an Modern Age. I am liberation to tell you facts an explain what I infer in each(prenominal) panel. The Chumash was the earliest hu gentlemans gentleman presence in the Santa Barbara County. The Chumash elders tell their bid means oceanshell concourse, or bead makers. The Chumash passel were peaceful, able people, an were really grat eful of their land an respected, an loved the sea nearly them. The Chumash have a rich spiritual tradition, and a tough sense of community. The Chumash made plank boats, and bravely travelled keep difference and fourth to the Santa Barbara Channel Islands. They lived in a true paradise on earth, making use of the gifts constitution had placed here. sounding at the Chumash panel, you see a man an a women, looks inter channelizeable men and women shared duties. The man is dimension a angle an the women is carrying a sack of which could be the materials to make something. She could have array in there an probably going to go moisten clothes. I see mountains in the background, a boat, it looks like to me the Chumash had everything they lease to live, an the area couldnt be better. following panel I chose was the Spanish Explores. The Spanish brought an unimagined realness and future to the very door of this Chumash home. Their dominant technology and ideas would change t he land and its people forever. This also la! id the foundation for the bang period. The Spanish established the Santa Barbara missions, in addition to...If you want to specify a just essay, order it on our website:

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